My experience trying to catch dragons

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Luttiano, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Luttiano Member

    1. Enter Aryna's Lair.
    2. Remove all my clothes.
    3. Jump on my trusted sidekick Thornlash.
    4. Run, sprint through everything, making sure to jump over the dragons.
    5. Go around Aryna's offspring.
    6. Find an empty cliff.
    7. Sob.
    8. Sob some more.
    9. Jump off the cliff and dismount Thornlash with style.
    10. Commit Suicide.
    11. Click Revive and leave the instance.
    12. Reset the Lair.
    13. Rinse and Repeat


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  2. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Join the club, this has killed all my interest in the game. It was my one main goal. Started looking the first week of OB.
  3. Resurrection Active Member

    Yep I know what you are saying and it's killing my interest really quick as well. I did have some friends who were playing the game with me but they maxed out. So I suggested running Nyrol's for Balge who they thought was cool as well. They gave up after 2days, and told me they were going back to their old game. Each day they msg me up asking if I got him and how many hours / days I have invested, and each day they remind me how bad the games RNG is and how much fun it takes out of the game.

    I can't believe I'm working hard to get a dragon then I did getting my 60 gear set collected and polished or even camping ancients for hours / days to encounter them.

    This is a good example of me dreading what other "dragons" might be tossed into this game with such a rarity, and then getting it to just have it only have 4 slots. ( If I'm even lucky to get it at all since I still fail to believe Balge exists after weeks of hunting him. Actively might I add with hours upon end. Prove me wrong by spawning for me please. )

    Only insight we do have on this dragon's rarity among a few other things has only been provided by the EU staff. As of now I refuse to believe that this dragon is RNG only for your character. In fact I believe that the dragon is a server wide RNG spawn and the one person who just happens to be stupid lucky enough to rush in at the time that RNG is in favor is the one who gets them. Thus putting the spawn on CD for everyone else until later.

    If that is the case, it most likely wouldn't even come to light anyways because it would make this game look even more bad in my eyes and I'm sure others as well. ( Those of us who are actually investing a lot of time into this instead of being a lucky lvl 30-40 who just rushes in 5 times and gets him. ) Also I rather just know anyways, so I'm not wasting my time, because if this is the case, I find it messed up I have just flushed down well over 2 weeks of ACTIVELY hunting this dragon because no one wants to actually answer many of the questions about this dragon floating around forums.

    What is his actual spawn rate? EU supposedly announced it at .01% ( This is terrible and very believable because of the amount of effort I know that I have put in alone )

    Does the dragon actually have individual RNG or is it server wide based?

    If it's server based, is there a CD on the dragon showing up again in that dungeon?

    Does he actually spawn in Gaesis? No one has screenied him actually being there yet.

    Can be be fluted out via blue or purple flutes?

    Also Tai had an increased spawn chance of him showing, are we getting this? When?

    These are questions that should at least be addressed so people know what they are getting into and if their efforts are in vain if it does turn out the dragon was capped recently and it's a server wide cap / channel cap RNG and not individual.
  4. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    I believe it's server wide across both servers and channels. Remember, dungeons, aka instances are cross server.
  5. Resurrection Active Member

    No replies from the GMs on this, how am I not shocked...
  6. Bugznmike Active Member

    no ones forcing you to farm for a rare dragon -_-

    thats like blaming a casino for never letting you win when you spend the entire day gambling LOL

    I understand the frrustration of farming to no amends but still don't let anger turn off the reality switch in your heads
  7. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Look at Balge, wonders why it has an ugly grin, goes back to ancient stalking.
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  8. LordofBones Active Member

    People should stop acting like 0.01% is good enough that you pretty much HAVe to of found him after 10k runs...If you've ever played Ragnarok 1 you know what I'm talking about. You can make mobs of 20 all day and not get the silly card you're looking for. 20 mobs per 1-2 minutes compared to 1 run per 1-2 minutes...I'm not surprised at all that people are having trouble finding him. I'm glad we do have a rare that the whole server doesn't have.
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  9. Kelrift New Member

    I'm totally with LordofBones on this one.
    After grinding guild rep every day you walk into Nyrol's and boom theirs exciting would that be?
    I like the fact that the rarity of Bulge is so low ..
    Though i do have to admit 2 of my guild mates have caught him, but I'm not going to farm for him ...
  10. Aurora New Member

    Game's only in Open Beta, and you're complaining that you don't have the rarest Dragon in-game yet after games only been out 4 weeks lol...
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  11. badbrad Active Member

    considering we weren't even supposed to be able to get in the first place be happy theres a chance now.
  12. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering why no one has brought up Gambler's Fallacy yet. Whether Balge is a game-wide spawn or an individual spawn, no matter how many times you run the dungeon, it's still a 0.01% chance of him spawning each time. A 0.01% chance of spawn does NOT mean he spawns every 10k runs no matter what. It just means at the time you start the dungeon, each time you start it, he has a 1 in 10k chance of spawning. That chance does not increase the more times you do the dungeon.

    I feel like it really can't be that low of a spawn rate though, so many people have him I feel like it must be more like 0.1% or even 0.05%.. Even I found him in around 200 to 300 runs, though I do have a guildmate who is probably over 6k runs by now and has not found him as far as I know. I do know she was at 5k with no luck last I heard. Maybe I am just that lucky? Perhaps I should buy a lotto ticket..

    By the way, to the OP, I'd say running Nyrol's Nest is probably a lot faster than running Aryna's Lair.. why do you run Aryna's over Nyrol's?
  13. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Tell me how you feel when you's spent 2 weeks dedicated farming of 10-12 hrs a day and 3rd week on and off. Seriously, don't judge people who you have not walked in their shoes.
  14. Aurora New Member

    I have spent time like that farming on other games, but farming like this and complaining you haven't gotten the RAREST Dragon in-game after just 4 weeks after launch is just silly.
  15. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Sorry, no it isn't, works been put in. Benefit should be gotten when people get him in just 10-12 hrs of looking. Stop trying to justify it.
  16. Aurora New Member

    Lol games 4 weeks old and you're complaining that you don't have the rarest dragon yet, that is the silliest thing I have ever heard, if everyone got him their would be no point in having him, you need to realize it is a RARE Dragon, it is based solely on luck, not justifying anything, just stating the facts. #DealWithIt
  17. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Stop invalidating me and everyone else who put in long hrs hunting a dragon, it's infuriating and rude. 4 weeks and half the population is capped at 60. What's your point? I also have 7 ancients. So, your remarks are invalid. He's common, 4 people in my guild alone have him.
  18. Aurora New Member

    You're all wanting basically everything in the game handed to you instantly at the start of launch in an open beta, take a break from game and just come back and try another day, only you're to blame for the hours you wasted farming, no one else.
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  19. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    No, we want what we worked for. That's not being handed anything.
  20. SonjaArashi Active Member

    A guildmate of mine found him just by waltzing into Nyrol's. They weren't able to catch him though for whatever reason. Charisma was too low or they didn't weaken him enough, I'm not sure. I have no evidence of this but I'm going to hope they weren't pulling my leg (although I see no reason for that). How's that for RNG?

    Honestly if I didn't have him by now I'd have to take a break for the sake of my health. When it's RNG you're not working towards anything, you're just hoping to get lucky. That's the reason I quit TERA, grinding for hours to get money and materials to enchant gear and failing constantly was very disheartening.
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