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  1. ArcaneTrixter New Member

    Hunting Stance
    Gives Active skill "Hunting Stance" which increases damage done by 2% per point, and increases damage taken by 25%. Hunting Stance has a 30 second duration, 60 second cooldown.

    Gives active skill Dexterity which increases movement speed and ferocity by 6% per point, but reduces AP regeneration by 50%. Dexterity has a 30 second duration, 60 second cooldown.

    Heavy Blow
    Gives passive "Heavy Blow" which says that it increases crit chance. This change is not reflected on the character screen.
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  2. Vedrix Member


    Intelligence Aria: Grants a passive skill that provides 2% intelligence. I assume it increases by 2% each time I train the skill. Will update when I get more points.
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  3. Papa Member

    I'd just like to take the time to thank you all for contributing to this thread; it has come in handy multiple times when newer players ask me in-game what their Mastery skills translate to.
  4. Vedrix Member

    I can't edit my post. For the SORC:

    Intelligence Aria: After purchasing the second rank, there has been no change. The passive skill is still 2%. I assume it's a bug.
  5. DragonMaster001 Active Member


    The follow is a thread I just started in the Reportable Bug section. I figured it would be wise to take note of known broken skills as well as those that work.

    I can/will edit this post within the next 29 minutes to simply provide a link if this information if this is something the OP would not prefer to be in here. Just let me know in the next 29 minutes and I can simply form a link. But thought it would be good recording keeping to show it here as well.

  6. Vedrix Member


    Hurricane Flame (from top left corner, one row down, one column right, red icon [theres no label atm]): Changes you previous combo which was LM+LM+RM to be Hurricane Flame! Does the same thing as before but also grants a 5s run speed buff.
  7. Vedrix Member


    Earthquake?? (from top left, one row down, looks like earthquake): Doesn't do anything. No passive, no active, no combo. I assume it does something with my earthquake but nothing is noticeable with just 1 point in it.
  8. ArcaneTrixter New Member

    I haven't messed around with Earthquake to tell you exactly what it does yet; the most noticeable effect is to reduce the cast animation for Earthquake. I know that full points into it makes it instant cast from before wipe, but wasn't diligent about testing what else it did.
  9. Papa Member

    I thought that I would note, the amount of armor reduced does not increase with the investment of more Mastery points. In other words, if you're getting this skill just to increase the damage output of your other physical damage (like Shield Bash) abilities? You only need to invest one point.
  10. Papa Member

    This Mastery has since changed.

    Survival Instinct
    Increases the damage output of your left click attacks (such as Bash).
    (This Mastery is quite possibly bugged. Tested before and after (0/5 then 5/5) with no change in damage output as listed by Combat Log.)
  11. Niami Active Member


    Passive Skill
    Additionally increases your max AP - each rank increases Action Points by 20

    Physical Exercise
    Passive Skill
    Additionally increases your max HP - each rank increases health points by 20
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  12. Papa Member

    Love your signature, Niami :3
  13. Papa Member

    Active (Cost Action Points 0)
    Valid Range (50) Casting Time (Instant Casts) Cooldown Time (45.0)
    (Berserker seems to raise your Physical Damage for 15 seconds with no visible detrimental effects (i.e. Defense, Constitution, or Health Point Reduction via Character Sheet).)
    (Although Berserker has a Range, it does not effect anyone but your character.)

    Shield Attack (SYS31005531_NAME)
    Active (Cost Action Points ???)
    Valid Range (???) Casting Time (Instant Casts) Cooldown Time (0.0)
    (Shield Attack is confusing. Once you achieve Shield Bash you'll notice that using the ability will change your Left Click to another Shield Bash, making it a two-hit combo. Well, Shield Attack adds a third attack to this combo (making it Shield Bash > Left Click > Left Click). Shield Attack does not show up under your Combo Skills, seems to cost an identical amount of Action Points as Shield Bash, does about 15% of the total damage that Shield Bash does (making me assume that Shield Bash is actually supposed to do the same amount of damage as Shield Attack), and regenerates 20 of your Action Points upon usage. So, in the end... you're spending 150 Action Points to regenerate 20 Action Points and do less damage instead of spamming Shield Bash.)
  14. Bovanshe New Member


    Gives Blinding Strike
    Active skill (Cost AP 50)
    Valid Range 150
    Casting Time : Instant Cast Cooldown 10 sec.

    Uses strong winds to slow down the target's movement speed.

    just invested. not tested enough but seems to put a little tornado around your target which definately slows them down.

    Note: the ability is active .. but is red on my bar for some reason as if its out of range or something
  15. Niami Active Member


    (level 25)

    The 5th of the level 25 masteries for oracle splits out into 2 options - blood scythe and blood moon scythe. The first increases your physical damage when a scythe is equipped, the second your magic damage when scythe is equipped. You will have to choose one or the other.

    Blood Scythe
    Increases additional physical damage when you have a scythe equipped.

    Blood Moon Scythe
    Increases additional magic damage when you have a scythe equipped.
    (Boosted me from 437.15 magic damage to 441.52 with 1 rank. Unknown if it is a fixed amount, or percentage-based)
  16. Wind New Member

    im new and im a level 16 ranger and just wondering if the left and right click skills can be leveled up and if so how thank you and i most likly in the wrong forum lol
  17. Rezignator New Member

    A few things I've noticed with ranger masteries in this patch.

    Heavy Blow

    No longer increases crit instead it adds the passive Heavy Blow, reads "Permanently increases the maximum of health + 2% of Ranger"

    This does not seem to have any effect as I did not see my health raise when I first put a point in it nor when I swap specs.


    Reads "Makes your Spreading Shot heal [system note variable string(presumably heal will go up with additional levels)] after hitting the target. Once every 7 seconds."

    After using Spreading Shot you will get a 19 second debuff preventing the heal from going off again. If you use spreading Shot again while the debuff is still active the timer on the debuff will reset to 19 seconds without the heal activating.

    Still trying to figure out what magic arrow does, it adds a system string passive. Swapping between a spec with it and without it yields no changes in magic damage or any related stat I can see.

    Also not 100% related to masteries but might still be helpful.

    Arcane Spell

    Gives you the active ability "Arcane Spell"- Turns a portion of your Physical Damage into Magic Damage.

    When used it puts a 30 minute buff on you that persists through mastery swaps. Below are my attack stats normally and while under the effect of Arcane Spell. Also while under normal conditions and while the dragon soul ability Blood Pumping was active(Reads, "Burns dragon blood to increase Yourself and PetPhysical damage by +30% for 15 seconds seconds," exact wording, yes the word seconds is used twice) . In case someone wants to do the math on it.

    Normal Blood Pumping
    Physical 937.27 > 1337.51
    Magic 525.43 > 683.06

    Physical 700.98 > 987.46
    Magic 630.52 > 819.67
  18. Sujuro New Member

    Electrical Energy Charge
    Level 25
    Extends the knock down effect of your lightning strike by 0.3 seconds

    Next level
    Extends the knock down effect of your lightning strike by 0.6 seconds

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