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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Pendragon, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Pendragon Active Member

    To begin with, you need to grind to complete several of the levels after 35(ish). The mobs don't give much xp. You will need to farm for a good chunk of time to get the next level.

    Second, quests are easy enough to do but they don't give nearly enough xp. even boosting them by 20% won't give you your level. At most the quests at later levels will give you 1/2 a level and you will have to grind the rest. (if you are below level, which is the entire game lol). Either add more quests or adjust the amount of xp you are given when you complete a quest.

    Third, we have to grind mobs to level and the xp from the mobs is TRASH! it appears that the mobs have a set amount of xp they give if you are under lvl, at level, and above lvl. It doesn't scale with your level at all. I'm currently a lvl 47 farming lvl 60's and they give 297 xp. A level 50 gives 250xp..... that's unbelievably stupid.

    Please fix some of this. Two of my friends already quit cuz they felt that they shouldn't have to start grinding at lvl 37. I know many more will follow them.
  2. Bones New Member

    I just hit 39 and the leveling sure drops off hard now like you said. They really need to add more exp somewhere, either quests, mobs or maybe up the amount of dailys or even make more dungeon exp.
  3. Sartor Member

    havent grinded even once yet. make sure to do the full public event to get the exp at the end.
  4. Norleigh New Member

    Judging as its the same company who did Runes of Magic, this seems the same.
    At high lvls mobs would give about 5k or so xp when you need 65 million xp to lvl. It would also take like 60 to 100 quest for a lvl.

    My opinion but I like the slow leveling cause then max lvl means more to me. I don't think it should take you under a week to reach it.

    I hope you aren't the type that will complain about no endgame when you blaze to max lvl 5 days after start of open beta (soft launch) :)
  5. Pendragon Active Member

    imo it should take about 100-150 hours of game play to reach max level in a new game. ROM has 5 chapters now. You're not going to be able to do it in a week for sure but you could in chapter one. You had a small road block at 38 and another at 49. no biggie. This game makes you grind for just about every level after 37 or so ( im guessing cuz I used about 10 50k orbs so far.).

    On a side not, I noticed that the level 50 5 man dungeon mobs don't give any xp. Kinda sux since you're xp starved and it takes a while to solo.
  6. Kediec New Member

  7. Seryss Active Member

    There is a level 60 on the NA server now. I and 2 others in my guild are already level 55 so it's not that hard. Grinding isn't event that bad either 1-1.5% per pull in the 50-60 map. They nerfed experience from higher level mobs, but quests give far more experience than they ever did.
  8. mmoblitz Member

    Welcome to the standard eastern mmo. Grinding in mmo's is acceptable in that gaming culture and that is not going to change. Yes, the western culture doesn't tends not to like grinding to level, but the game wasn't made here and it's not made by SOE. I don't see it changing.
  9. Pendragon Active Member

    Just an update. You are expected to do more than just do quests and grind mobs. Each zone has 12 events. When you complete the event you will get bonus xp. You can only do each event 1 time per day. If you do the events while questing you won't have to grind as much.
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  10. Twostep Member

    YES!!! And they give oh so much more experience than quests, you just prioritize doing the ones that are within 15 levels of your level, and in most cases putting their priority ABOVE questing.

    I leveled 38 to 41 simply from events in about 2-3 hours, they each award about 15k until you start doing events below level 25.

    It is so easy to level in this game, im baffled by the idea that people are upset, they should be complaining that it is way to easy!
  11. Bones New Member

    That was a mistake on my part as well, I just recently realised how much exp the events give.
  12. Draculthemad Member

    The people having problems are playing very conservatively.

    At 36 I can pull full camps of mobs my level or slightly higher and kill them all with relatively little difficulty.

    The rewards are on a good level for their difficulty. The quests are ridiculously easy. If it is not an annoying fetch-quest, its usually only like 5-10 mobs. That is not even a middling sized "pull".

    Sure it gets a little grindy picking up the slack, but once I realized just what I could handle its not that bad.
    I mean, I was daunted when I was halfway into 33 and started seeing level 35 quests, but catching up literally only took me like 20 minutes of grinding.

    I just did it with my daily quests and it was no problem.

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