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  1. Melite Well-Known Member

    I was holding off on making this post awhile, in hopes that our content update would bring changes in this form, since it has not I am going to just put all of this information out there. I would love an answer/reason that these differences exist, and the possibility of our compass being updated and more worthwhile.

    I will start this post with a screenshot of our wheels, both versions. (Please keep in mind that I have saving up my kindred insignia for about a month.)

    Please take note of not only the cost to spin the different wheels (25 and 500), but also of the item quality on the wheels. After playing around and checking out the TW client, I realized there is a major difference between their kindred compass and ours. Below is an image so you can look for yourself.

    Notice the cost for their compass is 10 and 100, significantly lower than the cost for us to spin. Not only is it cheaper, but the quality of the items within their compass is significantly better. You can also notice some icons you probably won't recognize, these are items that have been added to their cash shop on the TW side.

    All this being said, I know that we have control over what goes onto this wheel (and apparently the cost), so why are we being given mediocre rewards for higher prices? I attempted to ask about this in the last live web cast, but it went unanswered. The only response I got was from another player in chat who simply told me that "it's harder to make friends in TW".

    Comparing the number of players in TW to NA, will let us know that it's going to be significantly more difficult to gain friendship and earn friendship gift packs on the NA servers. As I said, it took me a month of saving to get to my current number of kindred insignia. Even with 16 people at friend reputation (I can collect 6 bags a day max + the achievement bag) I still only receive 2 bags, and that is while people are leveling/questing in Wintertide! So many people have stopped playing this game, that it's become a very slow process to gain kindred insignia.

    To sum this up, I would love to see some adjustments to the kindred compass that are more appropriate for our player base, as well as some items that aren't ... well, junk.
  2. Azula Member

    mod status for melite.

    in all seriousness, it is pretty sketchy that we are being jipped on this rng wheel (especially now that we only get 1 friendship bag a day).
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  3. badbrad Active Member

    i support this thread very much.
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  4. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

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  5. WWWilliam Active Member

    I don't understand why we don't have certain items in SOE version, Sucks where getting a worse version of the wheel because I actually thought it was good deal.....

    You can get 1-2 spins a day (if your lucky with bags and left over insignias) getting two training whips or dragon skill removal, which for me takes 2+days of dailys to get, So its the best way for a F2P to get marketplace items atm imo.

    SOE has said the wheel is subject to change on SOE whim so I was spending it all before it changed. (Which I assumed when it inevitably changes it would change to worse prizes, Idk what that says but it says something)

    I hope SOE's version gets up to par though.
  6. Rider Well-Known Member

  7. badbrad Active Member

    well to follow th pattern. +3
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  9. Phoenix Active Member

    I much prefer the items we get in our kindred compass. The TW compass is a nerf not a buff despite the spins being cheaper.

    You'll notice they took out key cash shop items such as catalysts + whip of loves out.

    Keep the current compass.
  10. Zeshin Active Member

    Ill take the chances for Dragon Drive pots and Seal-Breaking powders over catalysts(these are not hard to come by) and whips along with it being cheaper.
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  11. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Plus FIVE
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  12. Melite Well-Known Member

    Daily reset tickets, seal-breaking powders, dragon drive potions, repair hammers... those are just a few that I actually know what they are. In addition they added things that are new to their cash shop that we don't even have on our client yet.
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  13. Phoenix Active Member

  14. Phoenix Active Member

    Seal breaking powder, really? Dragon drives are useful but not that important. Daily reset token is useless and basically equals 20k gold and 100 shells. Hammers I have an abundance of from achievements these 3 items are useful but come nowhere close to what the wheel currently offers. From what I've been told the chests are basically gear chest which will be NPC food in relation to gear we actually use. The others are gold, Adv insignias, Kindred, shells obviously.

    In relation to Catalysts, whips, stat resets, dragon elixir, phantom dolls, teleport runes, friendship puppet, baubles??

    The chest between the gray and blue one might be interesting, not sure. I'll ask later tonight. All in all, the TW wheel is 95% crap. Use your kindred.

    Ideally they should just take the fries out and put in something that is at least useable, and change .
  15. Melite Well-Known Member

    Not sure why you think Catalysts are better than any of those things. Also, perhaps you aren't attempting to level right now, but having daily reset tokens right now would be amazing. Not to mention, the shells can be used to do attribute transfers instead of using SC. Seal-breaking powders are expensive and a ton of people have a lot of sealed flutes saved up they would love to use, but refuse to drop the $2 or w/e it is on 1 powder. Repairs are expensive and when you are bashing your level 63 character against level 68s to do quests, these are helpful in saving you some gold.

    We don't get Adv Insignia, sure those might be somewhat useless right now, but possibly not in the future. Gold - saves me time farming instances because I can't get gold from anything end game, except daily quests... another use for the reset. TW receives 3x the kindred insignia they used to spin, we lose 10 insignia. Shells, just more money saved at endgame. Gear can be used for people who can't craft their own, or can't run the end dungeons to get their gear up to par. It can also be used to extract and receive materials for those who do craft, or simply turned into costumes.
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  16. Phoenix Active Member

    I'll be level 70 tomorrow night or the following day with no resets, it is only like 10% exp turning in blue quests. The reset token is better then a number of items on our wheel and I'd be happy when I got one, but not worth a fuss over.

    Catalysts are easily the most important item on the wheel. Try crafting an ideal end game set without them.

    10 Adventurer insignias is almost as bad as Fries. 500 gold actually is.

    Repair armor through NPC, but it's usually the wep that breaks. It is manageable to almost have no repair fees with just the no sweat hammer.

    Not much to comment on gear because of minimal info. But new players will not have many wheel spins regardless, and a new player can still do a dungeon at his level to get gear like we can at max level. Seal powders are cute but not that useful. There are a few items on the TW wheel I'd like to see also. Honestly, they should just make a new wheel. Without fries. Or at least something that can be used and not npced.. even changing it to pesto bread would nice.
  17. Melite Well-Known Member

    I have managed to craft (at level 60) ideal gear for "end-game" (if that's what you want to call it) without catalysts. I've also farmed for gold and gotten catalysts almost every run, in fact, I got 2 today from 4 napo ore extractions. Catalysts aren't even very useful while crafting, I've tried both ways, got more purples without them and none while using them.

    Also, my biggest complaint here was always that they charged significantly less for spinning their compass. 10 and 100 is very different than 25 and 500.
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  18. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    I may be wrong, but doesn't the items on the compass randomize every once in a while, aka, not static. Though i saw this in a video.
  19. Phoenix Active Member

    A couple catalysts a day from extraction is nothing considering it takes 20 per crack Heck, even the 5 from the wheel isn't much but adds up quickly. Although end game gear may be changing with the npc by Ironfang. You can spam green recipe to get purple and is what I will be doing most likely, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The wheels of 500 vs 100 is definately better for the TW wheel as 500 is way too much and spamming 25 gives far better results.
  20. Melite Well-Known Member

    The items on the wheel are the same, they simply move places.

    Your theory on catalysts is fine, if we are getting catalysts from spinning, however it seems like crispy fries and negative kindred insignia are more frequent than even catalysts. And yeah 20 per craft is not worth doing, if you watch the % go up you will see that 10 catalysts is just as good as 20.
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