Kindred Compass - 100 Spin Results

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Xerxes, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Xerxes New Member

    Finally got around to posting this, but after a week or so I wrote down every spin result and if you were ever curious what the actual item chances are here you go.

  2. Thronne Active Member

    interesting,, So much for RNG! lol i still like phantom dolls though hehe
  3. Rave Well-Known Member



    There seems to be some discrepancy between the visual aid you provide and the one I'm using. I think the size of my wedges need adjusted. Anyone know if that would qualify as a "bug report"?
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  4. Melite Well-Known Member

    lol rave

    also, I've actually gotten mastery reset and the xp baubles and never gotten friendship puppets
  5. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Your results seem to fairly similar to mine, never gotten a mastery reset or a bauble. Might have gotten a technique reset somewhere down the line and I used to get runes fairly often but not so much in the last few weeks. That was also for the last six months or so.

    This is a good testament to the fact that the RNG is quite deviant to a properly functioning one. A fully functional RNG would at some point curve back and give you more of those rarer items. This is the same way I have summoned over 60 of the same ancient and only one or none of another. This isn't a surprise though, but more of a reassurance at to how much something does not work.
  6. Lelein Well-Known Member

    I refuse to believe you only got 1 set of transport runes. I seem to get them way more often.
  7. Xerxes New Member

    Yea, only 1... i literally spun the wheel and recorded as i got it. I'm doing the 250 wheel now.
  8. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    I have gotten at least one of everything on the wheel. And that was back when I only had one friend farming and never got all 7 bags in one day, but spins cost 20 insignias. Now I have like 50 friends, and when level 80 cap was made I got a million(not literally) bags, but I want to wait til I'm level 80 before I get a million armour boxes, so I have been saving all my kindred insignias since then.. I've got almost 4,000 saved up now. I'm really hoping they put in that horse mount on the kindred compass!
    also very interested to see the results of the 250 spin. I've been afraid to do it because I feel like it would land on the dragon elixer more often than not and that's only worth 50sc, basically 25 cents for me since I only buy double sc.
  9. Xerxes New Member

    It's going take a month for that one!
  10. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    oh, phooey =(
  11. A Dragon's Prophet Gamer Member

    A question I have about the kindred compass is the tab for the 250 spin listing only 6 of the 12 options listed on 25 spin tab:

    If landing on one of those 6 options, is the reward only 1 of the item? And if using the 25 spin tab, is it also only 1 item?

    I kind of expect to get at least 10x of the item, since the cost is 10x more, but I am not sure how it works, and I am not prepared to test it at this time. I would like to know before I test, or rely on trunsting someone else's evaluation/test.
  12. Melite Well-Known Member

    Yes, you only get 1 item in the 250 tab and it costs more because they're the "more rare" items on the 25 tab...though I don't personally think they're worth 250 KI
  13. Bisdie Active Member

    And this is why i dont spin, it was obvious after 10 spins. Saving my insignias for the horse, they better put the horse there at least at 15% chance freaking rip off game, random... my a$$
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    EU just replaced their horse with umbral glare, perhaps we will get it in their place.
  15. PanzerGoddess Well-Known Member least you guys have many friends...I only have 9 actives on my list and only half of them give me gifts :(
  16. Bisdie Active Member

    pretend that you are a girl, you wont have that problem
  17. PanzerGoddess Well-Known Member

    I am ROFL!!!

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