I just caught Balge on video.

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Adena, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Adena Well-Known Member

    I just found Balge after 28 hours /over 1000 runs of searching for him. I cannot express the joy when I first saw this being down the corridor of Nyrols Nest in Adventure mode.

    It's got 20 minutes on the upload processing so you guys might have to wait a bit before viewing.

    I'm hoping the video debunks the fears people have about Balge, such as where to find it in Nyrols nest and about it's buggy capture. Thanks so much to everyone in Dragonspine who supported me through these long hours of searching and to my close friends.


    First of all, Balge is incrediably easy to damage. I'm only running with a 60 blue scythe and for what I hit on the frogs is about the same on Balge.Be real careful killing the adds around him and don't do what I tried to do in the video, mount him while I had adds murdering my soul. That's what adrenaline does to ya.

    The mounting animation is bugged, he doesn't try to 'resist' the capture and even at full charisma he wasn't too hard to capture. I'd suggest coming prepared anyway though, since doing a couple of hundred, maybe thousand runs does waste a lot of time and it'd be for nothing.
  2. LordofBones Active Member

    And proof, thank you...the glitch is just a random thing. On another note, Welcome to the BAGEL* family!

    Kill adds first silly. :p
  3. Elmo Member

  4. Adena Well-Known Member

    That's what adrenaline does to ya.

    I was so crazy excited I died twice. 3:20 is when the capture begins if anyone wants to skip the faff.
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  5. LordofBones Active Member

    Any skills?
  6. Newb Well-Known Member

    I know its mostly a run in die reset but its just funny how you come out with him and all these "naked" people are gathering around going ooh or ahh like cavemen would if you said I am from the future!
  7. LordofBones Active Member

  8. Adena Well-Known Member

    It has no skills at all. In fact, it's only a 6 slot as well, which certainly isn't good. But 824 phys versus 603 magical makes it clear to me that mine is most definitely a physical.

    I think this is the image you want to see.


    Yeah, coming out of that cave was halarious. During my capture a lot of guildees flocked to Laedis Ch4 Nyrols entrance to see it in it's buggy glory. Goddarn thing is huge, fills my screen, and mounting it puts the camera way too high above your character. I also think it's funny that when flying, your character is saddled into the side of it, and your name and guild are far offset to the side.

  9. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Congrats! If you don't mind me asking did you ever encounter the bugged Nyrol's nest in your search?
  10. Adena Well-Known Member

    Yes I did in fact! I had it occur to me about 20 times throughout my runs through Nyrols, and it occurred more during US primetime hours when a lot of people were searching for him. This is merely a hunch, but I feel that there's a connection between the amount of people generating instances and the buggy instances that result. No mere fact, just a minor speculation of mine.
  11. Xiroku New Member

    Can I motorboat it for good luck?
  12. Resurrection Active Member

    Lucky it only took 28hrs, been searching for a lot longer then that. Grats
  13. SuperTramp Active Member

    gratzz heroine!! :D
  14. Adena Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was reading up on a committed guy on the EU forums that said he found it in 73 hours of searching, so that was my rough basis on how much time I would be preparing to spend to find the guy, if not more. I'm glad I hit the encounter just over 1,000 runs to meet with the 0.01% encounter rate.

    Thank you kind sir!
  15. Mysmae Active Member

  16. Shautru Well-Known Member

    Congrats! And yeah I was chuckling at how you were so eager to get him that you didn't clear adds first.
  17. MarkRamza Member

    Hi there! Is there a difference in getting Balge, maybe a higher percentage of getting him if you go for adventure mode instead of just normal mode? I am always running on normal mode. Level 43 ranger.
  18. LordofBones Active Member

    I haven't talked to anyone that said they got it from explore mode. Always Adventure.
  19. Mysmae Active Member

    I'm not sure if I should be excited about Balge anymore. I barely ever get blue/purple flutes, if I do, I always spawn Golden Shadow/Inferno(blue) or Blinktail(purple), while my friend gets a bunch and spawns an 1 or 2 ancients every 2 days or so. I just catch my first ancient, Shrouded Carnage, it was also my first attempt at taming one. But.. 4 skill slots(3 elites, 1 free). My reaction when I caught it? "Obviously, lol". Now, I'm pretty much expecting to get Balge with 0 slot if that's possible, if not whatever is the lowest amount possible. That would just be my luck in this game. For some reason, it's as if all the luck I had before is turning back on me ever since I joined DP. Q_Q
  20. LordofBones Active Member

    I'm just glad I had better luck going for Balge than I do with crafting. heh.

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