How to Transfer Dragon Skill

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Paz, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Paz New Member

    Hi all do you all know how to transfer dragon skills to another dragon ... I've been finding lots of threads but no one wrote it . If anyone knows how to please let me know thanks
  2. Melite Well-Known Member

  3. El_Brujo Member

    only combat skill and elite skill can be transfer via field training and is random.......
  4. potato Member

    it is field training drag 2 dragons in and itll show you which are able to be transferred it is a low chance to transfer though, it will take awhile
  5. Rayearth Member

    sadly, luck has something to do with transferring skill so just be patient.
  6. Mimi New Member

    What happens when you try to transfer a skill which has been leveled up? Does the skill transfer as level 1 or as the level it has been leveled to? Does trying to transfer a skill that has been leveled reduce its chance of transferring?
  7. WWWilliam Active Member

    Go to the Dragon Lair, Go to tab "Field Training" Drag any two dragons (from lair or stable) and press "Tame". It should show the skills that can potentially transfer, I say potentially because it is random (Video in Sig has video walk though if text isn't enough)
  8. Omegalith Member

    field training is random.and forcing 85% far . and the purple..skills ..epic..cant transfer...why ..kinda ***** u since your are limited to slots for dragons..
  9. Cragarion Member


    To make sure the skill you want gets transferred,

    1/ capture a dragon you don't want but has the skill you do want,
    2/ delete all other skills from that dragon,

    now the dragon only has 1 skill it can teach, so when the dragon you are teaching does eventually learn the new skill its the one you want :).
  10. MarkRamza Member

  11. Rayearth Member

    you forgot to mention that insignia or SC is needed to delete a skill.

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