Hidden quest items?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Onuric, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Onuric Active Member

    Hi! I have a few apparent quest items that I haven't found what they are for yet (I already checked the one thread covering Hidden Quests). I'll put details on where I picked up as best as I can remember in "( )" (I had these things sitting in my bag for a while, so I don't remember some things for certain).

    Wizard's Manual - (Wynnadia)
    Baron Danick Braddon's Manuscript (Wynnadia, in Accused Tower, I believe).
    Sabrina Brass' Tattered Diary (three separate pages I've found so far, killing specific mobs in front of the Accused Tower in Wynnadia)
    Valuable Minerals (Korhala? Only one I have doesn't have 'quest item' in it's description. Could just be merchant fodder)
  2. Arlem Well-Known Member

    I'll check back in later, but i believe this one was for the Warthorne Riddle thing.
  3. Melite Well-Known Member

    The book for Warthorne's was called "Story of the Ancient Shadow Festival"
  4. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Ah... well, i have this random wizard's manual as well... where did this thing come from??? LOL
  5. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    I have all those things too and I was wondering where the heck I turn them in or what I do with them... I wondered if they're just there to read them?
  6. Onuric Active Member

    Hmm...I'm starting to wonder if some of these items were supposed to disappear after you finish the quest involving them. For instance, I just did a 'hidden' quest in WT outside of Messner and during the quest I got a item called 'Letter for Eysis'. I've just finished the questline...and I still have the letter in my inventory.
  7. Burningice New Member

    You get the manual after defeating the boss in the Well. Just got it a few minutes ago, so not sure what it's for yet.
  8. Mirakha New Member

    It's been a while since I finished the questline, but I think it just references the spell that allowed the crazed trolls to be manipulated (ex. The Kudzu Grass I think was one of the quest items gathered for the exiled troll leader to turn the spell against the crazed trolls). Basically some background, but my memory is foggy XD

    I'm inclined to agree with Cass in that they're more for reading/background purposes, and an old maintenance post here references them as plot items in addition to quest items (https://forums.station.sony.com/dra...erver-maintenance-06-06-2013.2955/#post-25743).

    One of the patch notes on the EU version (Open Beta Patch IV (1.1)Patch: 1.1.1131 I think but not sure since I couldn't access the site as of when this post was written) mentioned that not being able to sell "Valuable Minerals" was a bug, suggesting it's just fodder.

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