Heroic Dragon Gotcha

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Overpowered, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Overpowered New Member

    I bought 4 of them hoping to get lucky as I already have Nagafen, Vibrant Thunder and Skitter. Look what I've got:

    Savage Shockwave

    Infernal Devourer

    Jagged Ice

    Immortal Torment
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  2. TFOBladewing Active Member

    What slots were all yours? My skitter, Jagged, and Immortal were 10 slots while my Vibrant was like 6 slots
  3. Overpowered New Member

    all of them are 10slots ;)
  4. TFOBladewing Active Member

    I'd REALLY like to get an Infernal but I know the chances of getting him are low and I don't have the SC or extra money to buy a 10pack to try.
  5. Jen8650 Active Member

    Added your four dragons onto my tally-mark sheet of results :) Eventually results will be posted onto the wikia. Thanks for sharing your results!
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  6. Gryphonclaw Member

    Jen8650: Go ahead and add my Umbral Glare to that list. I only bought 1 and I received my favorite dragon in the game! It was a Merry Christmas.
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  7. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Okay so after opening 40 Gotchas (the singular ones, the 10x didn't work) I got....

    • 3x Lord Nagafen
    • 2x Savage Shockwave
    • 6x Abyssal Champion
    • 5x Immortal Torment
    • 4x Ancient Prophecy
    • 7x Skitter
    • 4x Vibrant Thunder
    • 11x Umbral Glare
    • 1x Jagged Ice
    • 1x Infernal Devourer
    LOL i hate myself now.
  8. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    As expected skitter was ultimately the star of the show. The greatest dragon in game shines through, and leaves the rest in the dirt they came from.

    Sometimes I wonder why you spend so much on these things, but I guess someone has to. :p
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  9. Arlem Well-Known Member

    I like to imagine that as i fund the game, they will give me free things *cough*SOELIVE*cough*Hint*cough*hint*cough*

    If only they would.... *sigh*
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  10. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get tickets to the event the usual way?

    Unless you want them to give you the event, and hold it in your name; which I don't think is going to happen sadly.
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  11. Arlem Well-Known Member

    I just want an "Ask Arlem about his DP Theories and intuitions." boothe.
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  12. GreenBeanDemon Active Member

    Sweet congrats OP! you dragon nut you 8D.
  13. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Aw, well I would definitely visit it! Lets hope you get one and I get a free ride to it.
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  14. TFOBladewing Active Member

    Idk about that Darth, I think Umbral took the spotlight from Skitter from the looks of those numbers lol.
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  15. Jen8650 Active Member

    Thanks Arlem! Got this batch into my little notebook!
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  16. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Just realized it was 44. I thought I had bought an even number not in a multiple of 5....

    I would say any time, but that was expensive.
  17. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Oh, well I seem to have not seen one of those ones. QQ But in any case, the goofy looking umbral can never take the spotlight from the majestic skitter.
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  18. TFOBladewing Active Member

    I do have to agree with that, Skitter is one sexy beast lol.
  19. Officious New Member

    How I feel about pulling an ancient from a Gotcha
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  20. Ramtar Member

    22 Gotchas:
    • 3x Lord Nagafen
    • 2x Savage Shockwave
    • 4x Ancient Prophecy
    • 4x Skitter
    • 3x Vibrant Thunder
    • 4x Umbral Glare
    • 1x Immortal Torment
    • 1x Infernal Devourer
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