here is the rare from Consus dungeon

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Poisinivy, May 30, 2013.

  1. Poisinivy Well-Known Member

    Raging Storm

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  2. Poisinivy Well-Known Member

    and here is the rare from Tagaroa Abandoned Mine


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  3. Technicality New Member

    Might need to take lockjaw to the dentist. That's a serious case of under-bite :/
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  4. HavoK_99 New Member

    Lockjaw seems a bit lazy on the devs part can get Crooked tooth outside the instance lvl like 20 elite/boss drag and he looks the same as the dungeon rare.
  5. Kazeitachi Active Member

    I checked Blood Fin on the level 30 area of Puretia and I was shocked and disappointed to see that Blood Fin looks like Lockjaw and Crooked Tooth. The Devs should have given all dungeon rare dragons a unique skin so its worth capturing. BTW Raging Storm looks like a normal Predator Dragonkin.
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  6. Technicality New Member

    I caught the emerald Purple Paragon not sure if that's rare or not though :/
  7. Technicality New Member

    can i erase that comment x.x^
  8. Niteshade Member

    Raging Storm looks nice. I was thinking about keeping an extra flyer alongside my Runewake and was finding myself debating between the Ash, verden and emerald purple until i got a lucky appearance for Raging Storm heh
  9. Aree Soothsayer Active Member

    What part of the dungeon does Raging Storm pop up? I keep scouring the out of the way spaces so I don't accidentally miss him.
  10. Flore New Member

    I'd love to know as well where Raging Storm is supposed to be spawning exactly in Consus Cave. I've been looking for a few days now and haven't come across him yet.
  11. Niteshade Member

    I'd also like to find out somewhere whether what someone mentioned the other day is true or not and the dungeon rares will only spawn on the hardmode versions, im quite curious
  12. Aree Soothsayer Active Member

    Egh, I hope not. I went in on the hard mode and found myself getting owned by the bats.
  13. Temasek New Member

    entirely false.

    caught lockjaw in explore mode.
  14. Niteshade Member

    Awesome! thanks Temasek :) that means my random exploration adventures in Avanah Omen and Consus arent in vane. Heh
  15. Aree Soothsayer Active Member

    Okay. I asked my guildies off and on the past couple days and finally got a reply.

    When you are halfway through you come to a junction. Right heads towards the boss. Ahead lies 2 seed plants and a broken bridge. Across the bridge you can see spiders and more plants. Jump across, follow the path. You will come to a pair of plants side by side. Kill them, behind them is a small den, 2 patches of hay or grass. If the rare is gonna spawn it will spawn when you approach, he won't show up when you look at that area across the way.
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  16. Flore New Member

    Wow, thanks a lot, Aree. No wonder I never found him. I figured he would spawn there but simply looked across and reset after. I will try again now that I know.
  17. Aree Soothsayer Active Member

    No problem. I thought he would be there when I ran across. Only sheer obsinance had me running over to look inside. HE then blindsided me from behind. XD So make sure to run into the room.
  18. Abzu New Member

    What part of the dungeon is lockjaw in?
  19. Aree Soothsayer Active Member

    Tangora Abandoned Quarry. Not sure where he spawned, I ran through to the end without stopping and he was mixed in with all the other mobs who proceeded to tear me a new one.
  20. HarmonyFlame New Member

    I found Raging Storm but couldn't catch him and now he's not there anymore D: do i have to wait a while? Ive gone into the dungeon 3 times

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