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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Ghrex, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Ghrex New Member

    I don't understand how I am constantly failing to capture RARES when I am a fully maxed charisma build with the guild buff on and food buff. This just leads me to believe that it's impossible to capture anything without using pots that you have to buy. If that's the case, then why would anyone build full CHA? You give up so much when you do that. You can just buy a bunch of pots and capture whatever you want regardless of you stats.
  2. Shado Member

    well because being full charisma doesn't 100% guarantee your success and that's why its awesome. If full charisma would automatically give you the dragons then whats the point? at a certain lvl or point everyone can get every dragon without even trying.

    I like the system how it is. having full charisma gives you more energy to use in the mini game for dragon taming and thus is an advantage and not to mention that your charisma also effects your dragons when they are summoned and fighting with you.

    Just try and try and get better at that mini game. I've lost Onyx, Pale, and Midnight and I just decided to lvl up more and get better at the mini game by practicing on other dragons.
  3. Ghrex New Member

    That's not awesome at all. It barely gives you an advantage as it is and the stat itself is still garbage when using dragons. What's the point of going full charisma, giving up a ton of damage and defense, when it barely does anything? Buying a few pots would be the exact same.

    Get better at the mini game? Are you trolling? You keep the icon in the center and mash F,G, or H when it comes up. There's nothing to get better at. The fact that you can be max CHA with buffs up and still fail a majority of the time in just RARES is out of control stupid.
  4. Mysmae Active Member

    Rares of my level get me to between 40-70% of my DS depending on how many knocks I get(or whatever they are called, me and my friend calls this knock).. You've got to be doing something wrong if you can't catch a rare in a full cha build. As for losing damage, heh. When I was low level, it was kinda noticable, I guess, but difference between 2.9k and 3.3k isn't that much to me. I'd rather make my dragons stronger, so I don't always have to be attacking to maintain my dps and relax a little, plus them being alive means they will hit more and recover my ds. Though full cha builds doesn't change the fact my dragons still get 1 shot at certain bosses. If only they could dodge, lol.
  5. Ghrex New Member

    I'm doing nothing wrong, I have captured plenty of dragons. Unless the point of the mini game is to not keep the icon in the middle and mash the button when you get thrown. And the difference between 2.9k and 3.3k is highly noticeable on anything that takes you more than 1 bar to kill, or when you are AoEing.
    Bringing out my dragon is far more hindering than helping, as it messes me up when I try and gather 10+ MOBS to AoE down. The AI is just not very good. There is no passive mode or anything you can put your dragon into to have it chill out before you want it to attack. The point is, there just isn't any reason to spec into full CHA when you can just get a few pots and win the game. That's just bad design.
  6. Victoria New Member

    If you are talking about rares found naturally, I would agree with you. But, if it is an ancient dragon or if it is from a purple flute, I think you should be expected to use a dragon drive potion (which can be obtained with shells). These dragons are supposed to be rare and even having full chr build should not guarantee capture.
  7. Ghrex New Member

    Even a rare (not legendary) from a purple flute should have a much higher capture rate with a full CHA build. Unfortunately, it doesn't.
  8. Rave Well-Known Member

    Okay. First of all, I'm going to preface this with the statement that your (OP) attitude needs a slight adjustment. You are wrong on several things here, just plain dead wrong. Despite the rather nasty tone you take in your posts, I'm going to actually try and help you.

    First of all, being full Charisma does not guarantee a successful tame. It means that you have a much longer timer, and it means the dragon will be somewhat less unruly during the tame. This translates to it's movements being slightly less sporadic, and the letters they throw at you being less frequent and less diverse. F, G, and H aren't the only ones they can throw at you...if you haven't seen the others, you can thank your high Charisma.

    Now, the thing that usually gets people long before the timer is your Dragon Soul. This gets drained at various rates depending on a handful of variables. Charisma doesn't seem to impact this...at least not enough I've noticed. This drain speed seems a combined function of the dragon's type (normal, rare, ancient, etc), the level difference between you and it, and the location of the icon on the circle during the minigame. Purple flutes also seem to be more brutal on DS points than green or blue, regardless of the rarity of the dragon.

    Ancients in the wild or dungeon rares, or just about anything summoned from a purple flute, will usually take a DD potion to successfully tame unless you are really damn good and pretty lucky (ie. it doesn't decide to start throwing J, K, and L at you), or higher level than it. This is even with a maxed Charisma build.

    As for the "get better at the minigame" comment, he was trying to be helpful, and he's very right. There's always room for improvement. If you think its so easy, go jump on Whispering Wind or Shrouded Carnage and keep that icon in the circle. Fraps it and post it here. If you can't, then there's room for you to improve. Don't act like a **** just because you don't want to hear something. On that note, Fraps a few tames you fail and post them, someone might seee something your missing. After all, if you knew it all, you wouldn't be making this post here.

    And the stat bonus to your dragons helps balance out a lot of personal DPS loss when you spec full Charisma. If the dragon agros things your trying to round up for an AE, pop a heal as your doing it...they *will* come after you unless your dragon is using a taunt. And if that's the case...well, never mind.

    Now, this information I cannot guarantee to be 100% correct. I am not a Dev and don't know the coding of the game. These are my current theories based on carefully recorded observations while playing with different stat builds trying to tame various dragons. All of my playing around was done at 60, using dragons anywhere from level 35 to 65 as the test subjects. I would also say that no dragons were harmed in the gathering of this information, however this is unfortunately not the case.

    *Goes off to mourn the purple fluted Midnight I got on a 200 Charisma build*
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