Flight Map Tracking

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  1. Hero Well-Known Member

    Here are the flight maps. At the end of whatever junk the NPC says is a number. This is a guide to where the numbers take you.

    Laedris Zone (level 30+)
    Flight 1 - Droan Town (only way to map 2, works)
    Flight 2 - Underworld (only way to map 7, works)

    Bakra Zone (level 1-30)
    Flight 3 -Fatoia
    Flight 4 -Nileo Highlands (take to get to map 1, didn't test this one)

    Satuma Zone (level 1-30)
    Flight 5 -Shea
    Flight 6-Koramos Pass (take to get to map 1, works)

    Wynnadia Zone (level 40+)
    Flight 7-Lilia Harbor
  2. potato Member

    And the train in Wynnadia will take you to level 50+ zones.
  3. Hero Well-Known Member

    nice thanks! hadn't went past Wynn yet!
  4. lungz New Member

    is there a way to travel from one starting area to the other?
  5. Hero Well-Known Member

    Yes, take flight 4 or 6. To flight 1. Then go to 4 or 6 again, whichever is not your normal starting area.
  6. lungz New Member

  7. Dagron Active Member

    flights 3 and 5 switch starting area at fatoia and shea
  8. potato Member

    Out of droan there is now an option for a flight 10 it takes you to Arboran.
  9. Dagron Active Member

    out of shea and fatoia there is now option 9 to take you to the third starting area
  10. Niteshade Member

    Handy, I managed to actually find my way around with just minor assistance from this . Once I saw which cities had the airship ports, I managed the rest of the way. I did a little adventure sightseeing this evening, tagged teleportation points at a few rare event spawn locations as well as making sure I had a point tagged in each of the 3 starter regions roughly.

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