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  1. Tanthor Developer

    Hi All,

    Here today to talk about Dragon leveling. Why? Well two reasons. First, not everyone understands how you level up your Dragons in Dragon's Prophet. Second, we are introducing two new items to the marketplace that can optionally help you save time getting the needed materials to level up your Dragons.

    First topic; how do Dragons level up? After capturing a Dragon you need to bring it back to a Dragon 'Lair Manager'. 'Lair Manager' NPCs (Non Player Characters) can be found in most cities throughout Auratia. In the Lair Manager screens you will need to use the 'Dragon Process' (2nd tab down on Dragon Lair screen) to send your Dragon to gather resources, training points, and Dragon provisions. Dragon Provisions are used to increase your Dragon's 'Training Level'. Dragon Training is found on the 3rd tab down in the middle of the Dragon Lair screen.

    So, once you have gathered Dragon provisions and begun spending them you can spend points on your Dragons Attributes (Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, etc.). Now this process takes time but can all be done at your own pace.

    Once your Dragon reaches Training Level 25 you will need to use a different method to continue leveling your Dragon. The new method of Training your Dragon will now utilize "Laedis Academy provisions" (found in top right of Dragon Training tab). Laedis Academy provisions are obtained when you Dedicate Dragon to the Academy. Basically, at this point you are giving up a Dragon over level 10 to the academy. The Dragon you dedicate will no longer be yours or available to you. Yes, you must 'dedicate' many many Dragons to achieve a high Dragon level. The number of Laedis Academy provisions needed increases for each Dragon level.

    Confused yet? Don't worry, if you are new to this it is not as bad as it sounds.

    Ok, so what is the second part? Well that is a lot easier to explain. We are now offering both Dragon Provisions and Laedis Academy Provisions in the Marketplace. These are by no means anything that is required for a player to purchase in order to success in Dragon's Prophet. Rather this is just a way for players to save time.

    That's it. Hope you enjoyed this write up. Please let me know if I missed parts, could add detail, or (Dragod forbid) got something wrong.


    Todd "Tanthor" Carson
    Senior Producer
  2. Desertflower Active Member

    I have to say, I was hoping to get the dragon soul teaching potion like EU just got. Are there any plans on implementing this in NA as well? It seems like a great idea for people who want to run ancients but can't because they can't find them with the right skills. I've been stuck with 4 slot dragons for the longest time :(
  3. Anathama Active Member


    Please can we get soul skill things!! :(
  4. Killerhippie Member

    And here, by the title, I was hoping it would be some type of batch leveling thing for your sacrificial dragons...
  5. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    That system is still in development and these marketplace additions are meant to compliment it.
  6. Tanthor Developer

    Re: Potions mentioned above, called Dragon Soul Crystals in-game. We plan to add the crystals next week. The build with these features just came in from RW this morning. We prefer to give it a few days of testing time before publishing to our Live servers. Stay tuned.
  7. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the game not falling apart. :p
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  8. xMozart Member

    As my friend Chan said:

    "Coming soon: Level 100 DRAGON Gotchas!"
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  9. amixhia New Member

    Im here to talk a bit about how I feel. First of all im sorry for my english im actually spanish speaker.

    SOE its a company as we all know they need cash flow to keep on workingm despite this fact this game had become a PAY TO WIN game, idk if you guys agree with me but thats how i feel this, im from argentina and im not able to pay any SC at all sadly for me. I know player base decreesed a lot since servers opened, and i think this is one of the main reasons with others such as the EVENTS SCHEDULE, like... island war its way too late.

    I like this game im sorry i cannot help with some donations i have no paypal or credit card and here in argentina prepaid cards does not exists at all. Just hope SOE thinks a bit about it and let NO SC users a bit of game too i mean, 1 market place item each 5 lvl its not good. I dont wanna get SC but just want to make it easier for us to play because since I dont have the possibility to use SC i feel im stuck on the game quite a bit, or things are WAY TOO harder to get.

    Hope someone agrees with me I respect the one that has the chance to use SC, but we just need a little more balance over here, seems like mostly every move you wanna make you must pay.
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  10. Blau Well-Known Member

    I was gonna ask about that actually. Sweet!
  11. cealcf New Member

    Woo nice..:)
    n hope can add more Loot pet on marketplace too^^
  12. 1CrazyFoo Member

    As a new player here, there is a lot I need to learn, I did learn about the dragon levelling through asking players however, it would be nice to have quests that actually run you through the other parts of the game, I still don't understand crafting properly and there is probably a lot more, it would be great to see new quests introduced that actually run you through some of the more in depth aspects of the game, this would give more ways to level up your character AND give players a better understanding of some of the more advanced mechanics of the game.. please put this into consideration as a boost to new players and retaining them because the more they understand the game the more they can enjoy it to its full potential and play more!
  13. tojomi Member

    another rip off to get us to spend money,why cant we use aventurer or dragon insignias to buy them.its hard enough to level dragons as it is without having to spend money for extra provisions.good idea but not worth spending money on.
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  14. Piccalo New Member

    I just want to point out that while I like this Laedis Academy Provisions in the Marketplace to help lvl up our dragons quicker id have to point out the price is way over priced. I mean it takes around 390 "give or take 10 more" Laedis Academy Provisions to get your dragon to lvl 100 and if you payed for the provisions from the market place your going to pay over 150$ just to get one dragon to lvl 100.
    Personally Id love to be able to lvl up my dragon to 100 with out having to take the month or even 2 months it will take just to get enough dragons to lvl 10 to give up to Laedis Academy. But at 150$ its not worth it this is way over priced and just not worth spend SC on... Please rethink the price or at less the amount of Provisions given out.
  15. Blau Well-Known Member

    Yeah, personally, I won't be using the MP provisions, they're entirely not worth the money. Kinda happy they're available / the MP is being updated and junk, but wowzers.
  16. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Personally, I rather them be overly expensive. That way there is less inclination to buy them and people will stick to using traditional methods to level their dragon. That way their won't be a huge impact on the amount of people with maxed dragons.
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  17. ArdRhi Member

    500 provisions is about 1 or 2 levels for the dragon, on average. That means to level to 25, when Laedis academy provisions are required, will take roughly 18-20 sets of 500 provisions, at 99sc each. That's somewhere in the vicinity of 20 bucks to get a dragon to 25, if you exclusively use purchased provisions. I don't see this as a system to use exclusively to level your dragon, but if you're at lvl 24 and want to bump it up one, it might be useful.

    It's far more economical to spend the SC on lair, stable, and chamber slots. With 6 dragons kept as busy as possible, it's fairly easy to amass a lot of provisions. If you belong to a guild, send them out to get flutes. If you have a crafting skill on the dragon that increases efficiency of gathering, you can get more per process. Don't stack processes in a single block -- use them individually. Instead of specifying "gather X for 5 hours" as one process, use 5 separate processes. That way, as you go through your leveling or questing over the course of hours, you can stop at the lair and "top off" your processes as they finish. Then top off your dragons before you log for the day, even splurging on the 15 sc or so it takes per dragon to fill them to 8 hours. It doesn't take more than a few days of doing this to get a lot of provisions. It's what I generally do.

    If you fill the dragon's processes with large, multi-hour blocks, you have to wait for the entire block to finish before you can "top off" the 5 process slots you can assign using gold rather than SC.

    As for "pay to win", it's only P2W if the ONLY way to win is to pay in-app cash. Otherwise, it's just "pay to go faster". You can still GET to the same place for free, just not as quickly. You don't HAVE to buy training whips, you can do your 3 field trainings per day for nothing. You don't HAVE to buy teleport runes, you can use the dragon knights, trains, and airships, or fly overland. You don't HAVE to buy a house. You don't HAVE to buy dragon eggs or gotchas. You CAN, but it isn't required, and many of the most desirable things, like dragon drive potions, costume elixirs, etc. can be gotten using dragon insignias, through completion of achievements, or using the kindred compass.

    I buy stuff because it's cool and I want it. I bought a few dragons because it's HARD and TIME-CONSUMING to flute them or cap them in the wild. I've gotten the vast bulk of my dragons through flutes in the guild sanctuary, including 90% of my ancients. I haven't capped an ancient in the wild, but that's largely due to my level -- I helped FIND an ancient for a guildie who had a much better chance of capping it, just last night. I heard the roar, my partner found him in an out of the way corner, and a third person who had the levels and the DI capped it.

    You can do just as much with patience, resourcefulness, and teamwork that you can get from shelling out SC. It's only your convenience level that makes SC preferable at any given moment.
  18. St8kout Member

    Well, there is a bright side to the whole Marketplace setup. Let the rich kids keep the money flowing to SOE so the rest of us can continue to play for free (or at least dirt cheap). As a capitalist I understand that money to pay expenses to keep a game like this up and running, has to come from somewhere. I like this game just like it is, without a monthly subscription fee and without having to pay for every new expansion that comes out.

    Having said that, I have put a fair amount of money into the game for extra slots in the Lair, Bank, and Backpack, but it was on my terms and as needed. It doesn't bother me in the least that someone else has a store-bought dragon when there are so many I can get for free from flutes, the pinwheel, or in the wild/dungeons. It made my day when a Primal Star spawned right in front of me while I was doing PEs. Finding and capping a dragon in the wild is a whole lot more fun than pulling out a credit card to buy SC.
  19. Dragon Protector Member

    wish i knew where to find it in the market place to know where it was for future
  20. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    They are under the "Hot new items" tab in the marketplace.
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