Farming Balge

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Netsmage, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Netsmage Member

    Can you see him with max distance set, as soon as you enter Nyrol's Nest? Some have mentioned running to the middle of the hall because he patrols.
  2. Adena Well-Known Member

    Currently he does not move at all.

    Not sure if you've seen the screenshot I posted on wiki, but you should be able to see him right away when you hit the rats nest.

  3. Netsmage Member

    thanks for the info!
  4. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    he moved around for me.. he didn't just stand there doing nothing. He was moving before I got close enough to aggro him.


    he also aggro'd me when I got too close, or actually I think I summoned my dragon and made my dragon attack the frog, or I attacked the frog myself I forget which. but as soon as I attacked the frog, balge came charging in and attacked me even though I wasn't close enough to hit him.
  5. DragonSlayer Active Member

    Damn Cassandra, did you just found him ?
  6. Adena Well-Known Member

    Cassandra capped that a few weeks ago now.
  7. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    yeah it was a while ago now. I'm level 50 now lol.. and it took me forever to get to 50 it seems like.
  8. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Mine didn't move around much til I got close. He wandered around a bit, made clearing the mobs around him kind of difficult because of how squishy he currently is.


    He always appears in the same place in Nyrol's though :)
  9. DragonAce New Member

    Congrats to all player that have balge on their side wish mine will appear soon :)
  10. RageTheBerserker Well-Known Member

    Balge hardly seems worth the time it takes to find him...since he doesn't use skills and only comes with 6 slots...or so I've heard ;o
  11. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Slots are random like any other dragon. Mine is a 10 slot.
  12. Adena Well-Known Member

    They're only getting that impression because they probably saw my video. No matter the dragon, even Balge, the slots are always random.

    @Sonja, I love you reaction in the chat window, that is pretty much exactly what I wrote when I saw him. The feels I can't even.
  13. Sweet N Creamy Active Member

    Has anyone confirmed if he appears on normal mode? or has to be adventure?
  14. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he didn't move for me either until I got a little closer, like to that last puddle by the rat cave. Mine also came with 10 slots, it is random. He also does not come with any skills at all, all 10 slots were empty for me. Though I thought purple flutes were guaranteed to have 10 slots? As well as Runewake was guaranteed to have 10 slots, I believe.

    Balge will use passive skills, only most active skills don't work, I think they are probably the skills with their own animations he doesn't use, Healing wind being one of them for sure because mine has healing wind and does not use it. Someone said theirs uses the freezing skill though. There's a list of the skills he doesn't use on taiwan announcements but it was google translated so it was hard to tell which skills were what.

    when I found balge I was shaking so badly I couldn't even type xD I was just edhfkghkerhf to all my friends. I couldn't keep the mini game centered very well either, I'm glad he was so easy to catch lol.
  15. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Hahaha, yeah. I was soooo cautious to not screw it up. I'm happy I was able to get him before they fixed the water glitch and before they make him easier to find but harder to catch. ||D'
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