Elemental Strike and Sweep

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Nava, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Nava New Member

    I'm currently working on an INT based PVP dragon. I have most of my skills picked out and trained but these 2 skills aren't very clear and I can't decide if I should take them.

    Simply put: Do these skills (Elemental Strike / Elemental Sweep) change from being based off your STR stat, to using your INT stat to determine their damage? Whats your opinion on if they're worth using?

    Link to skill in question: "http://www.dptome.com/view.php?combined=dskillsEleElemental Strike"

    Current Skill List : Current Strike, Glacier Strike, Obliterating Impact, Fiery Hunting, Dragon Spell Seed, Heal, Hot, Intelligence Enhancement

    Possible last slot abilities: Hunting Assault / Blood Lust Sweep / Cooling Impact / Elemental Strike~Sweep

    Along with the first question don't be afraid to post your build/suggestions or your opinion on STR vs INT dragons. (I've read INT can be stronger, hence this testing)

    Thanks in advance, Nava.
  2. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Elemental sweep will change the pets sweep damage, the aoe attack to be based off their int value. Might be worth doing in dragons like gliders or birds with naturally high int, but not so much in strength based dragons. Also might want to consider not having both glacier and current as one will cancel out the other, and just go with current for the after effect. Got with Blood-lust sweep, and why not add Mighty Impact to the list?
  3. Nava New Member

    I appreciate the quick reply, my dragon of choice is Dusktalon. I spent a while farming for her and found a great one with the highest of the high end stats +10slots. So far she has had the best INT (and everything else) values around.

    I will do a bit of testing concerning Glacial Strike and Current Strike. I would really like multiple CC's. Hence maybe another as Cooling Impact?

    So I will add both Elemental Strike/Sweep attacks on to her. But what about this Mighty Impact? Its STR based and has a STR modifier. Is it just THAT good where I shouldn't use that slot for a magical attack?

    Thanks again, that was exactly what I needed, Nava.
  4. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Current and Glacier aren't on the same cool down as my dragon has used them back to back but one instantly cancels out the other, so the slow after effect of current will be turned off by glacier, should they be used that way. Since you are looking for a int based attack, maybe Paralyzing current instead of mighty impact, its a fairly damaging semi-aoe attack. Never really seen cooling impact, so not so certain on it.

    Good luck!
  5. Ferdie Active Member

    I always have current and glacier together :p
  6. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    I did too, but decided it wasn't worth it, because I could replace it with another buff or dps skill.
  7. Arilith Member

    I haven't had success looking for Elemental Strike on many dragons. Sweep is quite common. Just as a heads up, Strike/ Sweeping Attack are both basic attacks used by dragons. Each of those abilities vary from dragon to dragon as far as how many hits they perform (Why do hits matter? Simple, for each hit your dragon performs, it restores Dragon Soul Points - ie: More hits = more DSP restoration). From testing, Fliers (such as Dusktalon) have a 2 hit Strike Attack and a one hit Sweep attack. From what it looks like, the Sweeping Attack of Fliers is a frontal cone.

    Other attacks of other dragons:
    Aquatic: 1 hit Strike, 5-7 hit Sweeping Attack (Frontal, but requires a small charge time)
    Ancient: 1 hit Strike, 360 degree Sweeping Attack.

    I haven't tested out many others as I've just stopped playing entirely (SOE just sorta ruined the game for me), otherwise I'd still be out there avidly testing/searching every dragon type and the hidden mechanics in the game.
  8. Trespiernas Active Member

    I've never seen elemental strike, yes the skill is listed on dptome but I've tamed lots of dragons and no luck, if anybody have seen it can you post a SS please?
  9. Newb Well-Known Member

    Best luck I had in finding it is by capping the iguana looking dragons in the housing zone on the first map by water.
  10. Nava New Member

    Great help, interesting findings there Arilith. I spent some time searching posts and gathering information on such things as how they differ from each other (type-wise). I also found that Gliders have a quicker Strike (cool down) attack than others, so that also means more DP and quicker Glacier Strike applying. While also having DA as their main stat would be great for cutting through armor in PVP. It is a close toss up between Gliders and Fliers for a PVP dragon.

    As for the skills, does anyone have suggestions or experience of where to find Elemental Strike? Iguanas in housing area, any other experiences?

    Also has anyone come across the skill Cooling Impact? If so where did you find such skill?

    Thanks again, Nava.
  11. Newb Well-Known Member

    I think ive seen some cooling strike on dragons lvl 60+ but its been awhile since I looked.

    As for the dragons the biggest gripe I have with gliders is their attack range. The ai hardly ever gets them close enough to actually hit the mobs if the mob backs up some or if the glider gets knocked back. Some good things about the glider is the fast attack speed and the fact that you only need to get the strike buffs since they do not use sweep attacks.

    For flyers they spend a bit of time up in the air doing fancy tricks and they attack fairly slow. Good things are the high int and they are a little more tanky and have a decent fero stat compared to some other dragons.
  12. Nava New Member

    Did some testing today. First Elemental Strike can be found on the gliders in north Wintertide (Just SW of IFF). Also, Elemental Sweep can be found on other gliders pretty easily.

    In regards to Current Strike and Glacier Strike overlapping, when the dragons first attacks, this is guaranteed to happen. but if the fight is longer than their cool downs they start to stun independently. And with all the interruptions in PVP I would suggest using both, if just for normal mob killing, one or the other is more than enough.
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  13. Newb Well-Known Member

    Hmm I might want to try it. I have yet to find any ele strike on the gliders in Wintertide. Maybe I am in the wrong patch of them. I normally farm the ones just north of that horse boss and south of the town. If that is the group I just have bad luck then since I farm those to feed my dragons and I have caught close to 200 of them by now.
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    In a long lasting battle, then there might be more of a chance for them to go off with greater time difference between them. But for some reason my dragon always uses glacier directly after current, as if he was programmed to do it, or at least in most cases. That's why I just decided to stick with one.
  15. Nava New Member

    They are right around the Cold Iron Siege Commander PE, just north of Torran Dominion. Frozen Windrider Dragon. I just tried again and farmed one with the skill in less than 10 minutes.

    Still no luck with Cooling Impact. I've asked a few in game if they've seen it but no luck. I bet if it exists it would be a great fix to the Glacier Strike/Current Strike problem.
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  16. Newb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info ill go see if I can farm it when i get home. Ill keep an eye out for the cooling impact for you as well. Reptar just hit lvl 87 so I need to go farming for food again!
  17. Rezial New Member

    Thanks Nava for the great information. I'll be back to farming them soon.
  18. Zisslayu New Member

    This is the place! Have been searchin for this skill for a long time. It wasn't quick, bout an 1 1/2 of farmin but eventually one had it.
  19. Felwithell Active Member

    3 hours of farming these trolls called dragons and I've yet to see elemental strike. I would greatly appreciate it if someone posted a screen shot of the skill so I don't feel like I'm wasting time.
  20. Shautru Well-Known Member

    Went through all my dragons in my lair and the only two that have it are my Runewake and Lord Nagafen.

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