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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Dkombres, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Dkombres Active Member

    The new Dungeon Point System is great but it has a big flaw in it. There is no way to track/see how many points you have for running a dungeon. There really needs to be a tab or something up by the name once you enter a dungeon that tells you how many points you have gained so far.

    I know I have run the following Dungeons on Hard mode to many times to count:

    All in Inartia (Need to fix the end Boss in Arjak Cave on hard mode. goes from easy on easy mode to impossible on hard mode)
    The first 3 in Alentia
    All in Orlandra (even the last so I can build my gear)

    The Problems is, I can't tell you what my point are for any of them and when I ask all my friends, they can't either. I also know I should have seen a rare or Ancient in them by now and have not.

    So does the Dungeon Point System even work? Have they taken out the rares and Ancients?

    I'm also starting to believe that Recursive Nightmare is just that..a dream. I have only seen him once and was to low level to cap him so a friend got him and have never seen him since then. I'm not dumb, I know the days and I watch his path and check channels. Friends have watched for him and nothing. When Orlandra was added, did they take out Recursive?
  2. Dracogryph Active Member

    As per here: https://forums.station.sony.com/dragonsprophet/index.php?threads/my-new-dungeon-ancients.8690/

    The new system seems to be working just fine, considering the number of ancients obtained recently from farming in there alone. Rares, I couldn't say how they're doing. People don't talk about them.

    However, an in-game tracker would be a lovely thing. I'm apt to lose sheets of paper and can't really do fifty runs of a dungeon in a day usually, let alone several hundred, so it's all but impossible for me to keep track. And that's assuming I remember to note it down.

    Also, according to some things I've been told in the past about said ancient, Recursive Nightmare (and Dark Flame as well, actually) apparently only spawns shortly after SOE does maintenance, so since they haven't really been doing that at all lately...that's probably why people aren't seeing him if it's the case. And if they're not going to get back to keeping up on regular maintenance...they should work on his appearance schedule so it's a little less requiring of maintenance actually happening for him to appear more than once a blue moon.

    So hopefully you'll see him after the Tuesday maintenance and get your chance if that's accurate...
  3. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    from what I hear, points from different zones don't stack up, more like the points count towards each particular ancient.. so if you do 150 runs of any dungeons in inartia, you get 150 points towards Ember Spark, but then if you go do 200 runs in Alentia dungeons, then you only get 200 points towards, uh.. Fyonorr or whatever, is it? Then if you go do another 250 runs in olandra, then you get 250 points towards.. I forget what the dungeon ancient in olanda is, but yeah. even though with all that you would have done 600 runs total, you still never reached the amount of points you need to get the bonus on any ancient. I don't know if that's maybe what you did or not, or if you knew that already or not.

    A counter would be really nice to have, though, it seems to me that even if you put tallies on a sheet of paper it would be difficult to keep track of.

    And I caught a Recursive Nightmare after they put Olandra in, so he has spawned since then, but I think it was really soon after so it might have been that one time he spawned after maintenance, like is mentioned above.
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  4. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Points only get stacked up per zone you are running it in, and per dungeon that actually contain that ancient. You will have points building towards Dancing Rook lets say for the Korhala dungeons, once you start building Twilight Ocean points in wintertide, you get a whole new counter on your character.

    While we can't see the counters, the GMs should have a feature that does. I am hoping that they reverse the feature to let the players see it in their chat log the way they do. At least then you will know at the end of every run where you stand.
  5. Dkombres Active Member

    Yeah I know you Did Cassandra as I helped with it and that is the last time he has been seen, I didn't have all my DI with me and I had already tried several times. As the game rules state " if you miss, back off and let someone else have a chance..I just wanted to help and see him caught by someone instead of killed. I'm glad you got him :). My next meeting with him, I will win this time!

    As for how the system works, that I understand, just wish we had a way to track it other than trying to remember to write it down. Ty all for your replies and maybe something will be done to help keep track of this better.
  6. Adena Well-Known Member

    Some kind of visual aid would help us know if the points are borking out or not. I get reports of people running up 300+ on easy and not finding a thing whereas I find things like Twilight and Ember well below 300 at 207 and 248 respectively.
  7. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    oooooh it was you that helped me xD sorry I am terribly horribly bad at remembering names and stuff, I'm surprised I even remember my own half the time, haha.. Thanks so much for the help, also I think it was Kochma who even told me that Recursive was there, or someone told me they were helping a friend to try and get him but failed, so I was like OH LET ME TRY and I rushed over. Sorry if I took your one chance to cap him!! D= hopefully he'll spawn again soon and you can get him!
  8. SleetofCarim Member

    Well does the counter reset for all zones if you run a dungeon in another? Like if I was running Bloodstone 100 times and then ran Torran once does that mean that all those runs in Bloodstone reset or is there a separate counter?
  9. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    If the system is working as intended, then no it should not reset. I don't think it is malfunctioning and other zones are resetting the count when they shouldn't be; but I can't say for sure.
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