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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Onuric, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Onuric Active Member

    So, I like the new dungeon ancient spawning system, I finally got Balge (before they removed him from it anyway) and Dancing Rook due to that system. However, there’s some conflicting information out there on how this system works and what causes the points to reset. I say conflicting, because players in our version of the game say one thing, while what the players say on EU say another: aren’t we supposed to have the same thing?

    Here’s how I understand the system to work from info I got on the EU side:

    - you need 300 points to get a spawn ‘buff’ for the dungeon ancient of the zone

    - 1 point per person in the dungeon at time of boss kill on easy, 2 points per person for hard (hard mode being bugged, only giving the same as easy. No idea if it’s been ‘fixed’ yet EU side)

    - each zone (by zone I mean the overworld like Korhala/Wintertide/etc) has their own ‘counter’ for their dungeon ancient and the counter is ‘shared’ for all ‘normal’ dungeons in the zone

    - Points only reset when the dungeon ancient they are for spawns

    Now, as I was farming for Rook, members in my guild/alliance were telling me this:

    - Points reset if you so much as even do one run in another dungeon, even in the same zone (e.g. if you ran 250 points worth in Aymori then do a run in Deyarka your counter would be reset to 0)

    - Points reset at weekly achievement reset time

    I’ve saw nothing like that mentioned on EU at all (though I did see mention of some dungeons not giving points at all), and my own experience with Rook seem to contradict the first bullet of the second list.

    I did about 15 or 20 runs of Deyarka hard mode (I wasn’t keeping track, should have) before joining a group in Aymori (easy mode) for 235 points last night. I went back this morning to get the rest of the points, starting solo, finishing duo, thinking I had at most 255 points due to my previous solo runs. From what my guildes/alliance told me, the points I had from Deyarka would not have counted, so I was really starting at 235 today.

    Thing is, Rook spawned when I had 284 points, following that advice. If I had counted my Deyarka runs, I would be at, at most, 304 points, which would mean I got the buff. So, either I got very lucky and Rook spawned for me at his unbuffed rate (I consider it unlikely, considering I only just started to get those dungeon ancients because of the point system), there is some serious misinformation about, or bugs going around (the latter wouldn’t surprise me in the least). I admit I would have a stronger case here if I actually kept track of my previous solo runs….

    So TL: DL questions:

    1: The 2 point per person for hard mode, will it be fixed? When?

    2: Points resetting doing a different dungeon: intentional or bug?

    3: Points resetting at the same time as weekly achievements? True or False?

    4: When will we be getting an in-game counter!?

    I'm just trying to find out what the real deal is here.
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  2. Cassandra Well-Known Member

    I think part of the problem is also that easy mode and hard mode have separate counters. If you do 250 runs in easy mode, then 50 runs in hard mode, you won't have 300 points, but you would have 250 points towards easy mode and 50 points towards hard mode.
  3. Onuric Active Member

    Yeah, I heard about that too from EU. AFAIK it should have been one counter....
  4. Imweihyun Member

    From what i was told, points wont reset if you leave the zone or doing a different dungeon, and if EU still didnt fix the hard mode x2 problem then it wont be here until the patch comes.
  5. RyeRye Member

    From my experience, points do reset if you do a dungeon in a different zone, not the dungeons in the same zone. In fact, all dungeons in the same zone share the counters for that dungeon ancient. You can do 100 runs in each dungeon if you want, but that rarely happens since usually one of the dungeons is found to be the fastest.

    I don't know about the weekly reset stuff, I know it won't reset on the daily reset, but I try and get all 300 points + spawn within a 24 hour period of time, I dislike trying to keep track of each dungeon and hoping the numbers don't reset.

    The HM bug will hopefully be fixed soon, but beats me what Runewaker wants to fix first. Any way for your numbers to reset without encountering the ancient is a bug, they are supposed to never reset until the ancient is found. And I doubt ever an in game counter.
  6. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    The counter is not intended to reset when you leave the zone and do dungeons in other zones. I was doing mat runs for Olandra dungeons while also trying to get fyonorr. Around the three hundred point mark, crimson thorn spawned and I still haven't finished my points for bloodstone strongehold. Also doesn't help that I was switching through difficulties without realizing it has separate counters. Friends of mine also did dungeons in other zones and still had the ancient spawn when the mark was reached. So the only thing that should and is intended to reset the counter is when you actually encounter the dragon.
  7. Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    I really hope doing a different dungeon in the same zone doesn't reset the counter, because sometimes I do a different dungeon when farming an ancient for a change of scenery. I also hope it doesn't reset on a weekly basis, because some days I don't feel like playing.. lately I haven't had the patience to do 300+ runs in one day, so I've been doing a little bit every other day.. so if any of that is actually true, I'll be quite upset for running in circles :(
  8. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    I know for a fact dungeons from the same zone and the weekly reset doesn't reset the counter.
  9. Anathama Active Member

    Do points reset after patches/maintenance?? If they don't, I have loads of points for Fyonnor.. enough I think. And it still isn't spawning. But, I'm guessing all my points reset? lol
  10. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Originally points were only meant to reset upon encountering the dragon. But in reality there seems to be many factors that can cause the points to reset.
  11. Anathama Active Member

    Well, if they don't reset during patches/maintenance and nothing else that has happened has reset them.. I have the worst luck in the world xD I grinded bloodstone and bloodstone alone from level 89-91 with help.. there is no way i shouldn't have my points if they haven't been reset.. no sign of him yet :c
  12. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    If my points didn't reset I should still have around 270 from grinding during the cap raise. Someday I will get him...
  13. Anathama Active Member

    If you have 270.. go and get him now xD 30 runs won't take you long at all.. then you can see if he spawns or let me know if points reset lol
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    It has been over a month and they have likely reset, and I am far to ridden with the lazy disease.
  15. Veltins New Member

    Hi, im Veltins from EU server.

    1. This wasnt a bug. When u run on hard u get 2 points. 1 for hard and 1 for easy mode. the modes arent the same.
    2. no. points reset passed through other actions
    3. False
    4. that lasts
  16. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    The fact is there was a bug causing you to get one point from hard mode for each party member, Kyarak himself confirmed that. It is also hard to ignore the slew of complaints of people losing their counters after they leave the zone or run another dungeon. Leading to believe the second point is also factual.

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