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  1. HackFitHysteria New Member

    So im seeing all these threads about certain dragons having certain skills. I'm still indecisive about cashing on this game so I still only have two dragon slots on my char. My current dragons are a shade chaser and crimson cockatrice, don't plan on deleting shade but I want a dragon that can heal me. Ish it possible to get a healing skill on him or do I need to find another dragon that comes with a healing skill?

    And I have a second question. Does the level you caught your dragon on matter? When I caught shade, he was lvl 10 but as I progress through the game he seems like he's getting weaker and weaker in comparison to the newer dragons I catch. Atm my oracle ish lvl30 and he usually dies in a fell few hits. I have equipment on him and I understand that charisma has to do with dragon stats, I have around 97 in char.
  2. Adena Well-Known Member

    Dragons you cap get given statistic rolls on the basis of its dragon type and some other miniscule factors. Some can be captured with better stat rolls than other. Catch two dragons in the same area and just compare them.

    You'll want a healing skill on your dragons for sure. You've got two types of skills they can learn, Dragon Soul Skills, which are active skills YOU can use. These are defined by the purple border around the icon. The other type are the regular skills, that can be only used by the dragon. Some skills have certain unwritten conditions for your dragon using them. For instance, a dragon with Healing Light will only use it when either he or his Osirian master's HP has hit 50% or lower.

    Specifically, you should aim for the Lightwell, Angel's Embrace or Healing Light Soul Skills. The former two, in particular will pull you through 1-60 and can usually help you take on enemies in what seems like unsoloable conditions. They are also AOE heals that heal HP and AP (Only slightly) so they're a must for group parties.

    Non-Dragon Soul Skills I recommend are Healing Wind and Life Reflux. The former in this case was on my Runewake and it got me out of tight spots before I was lucky enough to capture a dragon with Lightwell. There are others I haven't used but I'm sure someone can recommend to you their usefulness.

    In response to your second question the level you captured the dragon doesn't matter. What matters is the skill rolls, slots (from 4-10) and dragon souls it has available. You'll want to work with a dragon that can carry your soul skills and a dragon with 10 slots for pure attacks and combat, preferably.

    Also to bear in mind is that your dragon absolutely needs to be trained in the dragon lair. Use the processes tab to raise his good skills up to level 10, and use provisions to increase his total stats.

    Hope this helps you some.
  3. Poisinivy Well-Known Member

    also something neglected to mention is skills like combat skills are level related for example a lvl 1 - 20 or so dragon will only have healing reflux if you want healing wind you have to tame a lvl 20+ dragon exact lvls for this i dont know ive never paid attention

    also Holy Light I believe it is and Lightwell stack with each other so you can use both whereas
    Other heals dont stack together so ur going to want to find two heals that stack
  4. elgen Active Member

    If you only have two slots you need to do the following.

    First tame a flying dragon with a healing soul skill and 10 slots. It's not a big deal if a few of the slots or taken up because you can always use dragon coins to remove the skills you don't want long term. The core stats of most flyers non-epic's are about the same within a few points so it does not matter outside of looks which you tame.

    Once you high enough to tame silent enmity a level 39 rare. Farm him till you get two healing skills you want to transfer over to the flyer prime picks would be healing wind and reflux. Silent has about a 5 min respawn and you can channel hop his spawn point to make things faster. It may take you some time to get the skills transferred over to the flyer but long term it's more then worth it. Another combat skill that is good for flyers is a taunt skill that triggers every time they do their flying swoop. This can be found on any level 40 plus tank dragon.

    As for training per taming level flyers have naturally high int. Increase int as your main stat and con for it's extra point. This will increase your pets combat healing skills that will help it and you much better.
  5. HackFitHysteria New Member

    So how could he "learn" these skills? Atm, he doesn't have any dragon soul skills and has only one combat technique. Should I try and re-farm him? I really don't want to just delete him because aesthetically he's one of my favorite dragons. >.<
  6. Lelein Well-Known Member

    It's not a bad idea to keep catching copies of your favorite looking dragon until you get a good one. Each dragon will have a randomized number or slots available and dragon souls. You can teach your dragon's each others skills using the training tab in the dragon lair.

    If I see a dragon, or even rare, that I really like, I almost always catch them over and over until I get one with a good soul and open slots.
  7. Newb Well-Known Member

    Farming for a good one might be what you want to do. I combat dragon is a Thornlash and it took me two days to get one that I was ok with having. If your main dragon is not a flying dragon what I would do is farm a flyer that is easy to farm. Try to find one with lightwell on it. This will really help with the game since now you have your flying dragon and a healing soul skill.

    For getting your battle dragon I would really recommend farming for one that will have 10 slots on it. I know rare dragons are harder to farm but having a 10 slot dragon is so worth it. Use field training like others had said to get the skills you want on it.
    I would recommend 2 healing skills the freeze and stun skills and maybe tough skin to make them more viable. Then add any other skill that you like depending on what you use them for.

    Whatever skills you do decide to use make sure you lvl them up! When you decide to log off for the day put your main dragon into the lair and have it train the skills. Also make sure you lvl your dragons taming skill up as well. You will be able to put in stat points just like you would yourself but a little different because it gives a % bonus to that stat as you put more into it.

    They really do mean that the dragons can be your partners in this game! :) I made my Thornlash well rounded but focused on combat. When I was lvl 42 and his training lvl was 39 he was able to solo Juno on normal without me helping at all and he did it at a decent rate. He was able to keep me and himself alive with the healing spells and having good CC skills. I didn't even need to help with the bosses. I just had to make sure I did not fall off the ledge. xD

    Note that you should help but I just wanted to see if he could do it. It took about 45 min for him to run it but its a long dungeon anyways so it wasn't too bad.

    Take care of your partner and they will take care of you =D
  8. HackFitHysteria New Member

    Thanks for the replies, guess this means im gonna farm him again.
  9. Newb Well-Known Member

    Its a pain but its worth it. ^^
  10. elgen Active Member

    Here is a screen of two I am training up at the moment to give you a basic idea. Every combat pet I use has at least 2 healing skill be it a tank or a dps dragon. And both dragons only started off with 2-3 skills.
  11. tumitoto999 Member

    I second the above, adding Life Recovery skill, all pretty big heals. Very useful even at level 60 atm. Train the skills up.
  12. RikoudoSennin New Member

    Question: Can i have four dragons in the stable and use four different dragon soul skills , one from every one of them?.
  13. elgen Active Member

    You can have a max of five skills on your bar so if you have more then one soul skill on a dragon you can use it so long as you do not go over the max of 5.
  14. Rave Well-Known Member

    You can "have" as many DS skills as your dragons in your stable have in total, as some dragons have more than one. However, of the skills available, you can only have 5 hot-keyed at one time (identifiable by the little claw border on the DS skill tab). For reference:

  15. RikoudoSennin New Member

    TY Elgen, Rave :)

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