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  1. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    I just wanted to get this to you guys so you can keep it on record! GM Grumpy showed me his dragon and I think I almost had to change my pants!!! lol.

    Thank you Grumpy for showing me this :)

    Check it out!


    Also, I thought this was able to be caught but I guess not :S But I'm still posting it so that you can reference it if needed :) I found it after doing the public event underneath the Charmaza Falls.

  2. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    I went dragon hunting last night and found these which I didn't see listed here before:

    Dragon: Sinister Sleekscale Dragonkin lvl 38
    Located in the strip of land outside Gaesis Roost. Appears in Red and Yellow names.


    Dragon: Seething Impcrown Dragonkin
    Located in the strip of land outside Gaesis Roost. Appears in Red names.


    Dragon: Shady Scalebrand Dragonkin
    Located in the strip of land outside Gaesis Roost. Appears in Red names.


    Dragon: Bloodthirsty Rustwind Dragonkin
    Location North of the Misiting Fortress. Appears in Red and Yellow names.


    Dragon: Frilled Duststrider Dragonkin
    Located North East of the Misiting Fortress. Appears in Red names.


    I didn't see any of these listed before so hopefully these all help. I apologize for the large images if they take long to load... Just thought you might like to see the detail in them. :)

    Happy Dragon Hunter!
  3. Mesmarian New Member

    Those are nice pics, Dragonmaster :)

    I spotted this cutie wandering around lost near Arboran - so I adopted him :D
    I mean, really -how can anyone resist an elephant with Mickey Mouse ears? hehe
  4. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    Thanks Mesmarian! :) I think we need an auto-capture/send-to-forum macro from in game for this Poke-Dex-Like database we're forming! haha
  5. Abzu New Member

    Hunchback Deathsnapper dragonkin found in Siberna near Lake Charmaza.
    Around level 24ish
    Dragons are so cute when they're peaceful and sleeping.
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  6. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    Awwww what a cutie! lol. His father (Blackscale) is a black version of that located at around the same place, but lvl25
  7. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    I will be uploading more pics tonight, but in case you wanted more pictures of the awesome Epic-Legendary Dragon:

    Follow this thread: Need More Be Said
  8. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    So this is one I just captured... and he's a beauty! He's a rare spawn in the Dungeon: Arynas Lair. About halfway through the map, you will enter a forested area with a lot of land/ground dragons (the ones that look like half wolf/half dragon). Along the back-left of the area, there is a shallow cave and in there, this dragon spawns. He is not there every time. I ran the instance about 10 times and he was there 4. So I would say he's more rare than common, but not sure what his actual rarity is.

  9. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    Here are some others that I captured:




  10. Papa Member

    Kind of gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment when no one else has found your mount yet, even though he's under level 30. I guess he's extremely rare. I'll post a picture later... on my Chromebook at the moment.
  11. Papa Member

  12. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    Very awesome Papa! Congrats
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  13. Dagron Active Member

    I have been bragging about this beauty in game long enough time to add it to the forums the location is purusha or whatever that continent is called more details will not begiven because the hunt is part of the fun.


    Meet Pale Radiance the ancient for the third starter zone
  14. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    I saw someone else with this dragon in Droan. Nice catch.
  15. Shizumu Member


    I did find it a little weird that the dragon i tamed was talking. not that he said anything interesting.
  16. Papa Member

    He looks very similar to the mount I just posted, very cool colors though. :)
  17. Garick Member

    That is a real beauty
  18. Kardyn New Member

    Man do I ever want that Pale Radiance. That thing is fantastic
  19. Abzu New Member

    New dragon seen in the stream on mmorpg.com
    No known location or level yet.



    Clearer images


  20. Davion Member

    its magicarpdargon ^
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