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  1. Jetu Member

    Here, I hope to fill with Dragons that the beta base can acquire in the game. Feel free to help me out,
    For any images that you acquire and post, make sure it's hosted in a private collection so "Google" search engine bots will not acquire the url.

    Please, Do not post these images outside the beta sections as these are meant only for those with access to Closed Beta.
    (You wouldn't want to ruin this page for everyone would you?)

    Also, regardless if there wasn't any infraction of the above: If a Developer requests the removal of all images of their wonderful dragons, It will happen. (Hope not!)

    Cobalt Lightning [Lv.38] (Found around: Laedis_Longra Mountain East, ? )
    Black Miasma [Lv.20] (Found around: Satuma_Avanah Forest, Satuma_Rykar Encampment, ?)
    (Size Comparison at the end) :D

    White Neck Hawk Dragon [Lv.34] (Found around: Laedis_Skywo Plains, ?)

    SYS11000211_NAME [Lv.23] (Found around: Satuma_Silia Shrine, ?)

    Sukelos Wyvern [Lv.19] (Found around: Satuma_Kanze Point, ?)

    Dancing Lotus Dragonkin [Lv.17] (Found around: Satuma_Rykar Encampment, ?)[IMG]

    Silver Blade [Lv.23] (Found around: Satuma_Kanze Point[Otherside of Water], ? )

    Thistle Horn Dragonkin [Lv.21] (Found around: Satuma_Kanze Point[Otherside of Water], ? )

    Avanah Recluse Dragonkin [Lv.14] (Found around: Satuma_Avanah Forest, Satuma_Rykar Encampment East, ? )[IMG]

    ??? (Found around: ?)

    Juvenile Thresher Dragonkin [Lv.09] (Found around: Satuma_Derutar Hollow, ?)

    ??? (Found around: ?)
    Mossy Ridgecrest Dragonkin [Lv.27] (Found around: Satuma_Oristan Woodlands, Satuma_Oristan Camp, ?) )

    Stalwart Scaleskin Dragonkin [Lv.09] (Found around: Satuma_, ?)


    ??? (Found around: ?)
    Kanze Raptor Dragonkin [Lv.24] (Found around: Satuma_Fisbone Conclave[South], ?)


    ??? (Found around: ?)
    Thorned Ironclaw Dragon [Lv.28] (Found around: Satuma_Oristan Woodlands, Satuma_Oristan Camp, ?) )

    1. COMMON FLYER, SYS11000211_NAME, Appears to have broken stats. As this is what it can deal as a combat companion:

    2. I was unsure what to call the last group of Dragonkin, so I went with "Crawler".

    3. How big do the dragons you can obtain get? (I got a nice pose here because he's bugged on the map)
    Cobalt Lightning is similar in size.
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  2. Jetu Member

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  3. Zumbaro Member

    If you would like to properly label your dragon classes there are 8 types in game.


    Mosasaur is the technical name for the amphibious dragons.
    Gliding, Flying, Raptor, and Tank are all pretty well understood.

    Perhaps we should start developing a list of subclasses for the dragon types. An example would be raptors, as we can see from your list here they fall under either the basic raptor type or swiftfoot type. By narrowing down the groups we can better analyze the differences if there are any.
  4. lLegion Member

    i've found a "secret area", where i could find some level 40 dragons, i dont know too much about it but it looks like an "in development" area, but there still are dragons such as an glinding hook horn and an black plume wyvern (my favorite one in the game), i dont remenber the name of the zone but its not satuma or bakra, it was an "sky portal" who i could get to by flying to there with a flying dragon.
  5. rex the sly New Member

    I found "spotted thorn" which is a level 34 rare dragon I guess (if we consider the 4 legged dragons rare). Its location on the map is basically right between the e&n in the Greenarm Village text on the laedis map.

    There seems to be a problem with it though, because when I attempt to capture I get "there is a problem with magic target" and nothing happens.
  6. SOE_Brasse Dwarven Overlord

    This is a terrific thread - we can hardly wait until the NDA lifts, so that we can ask you to post it all up on our official Wikia page! Great work, and thank you!
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  7. Jetu Member

    Thanks, but I've been noticing the forums has a little trouble keeping the "edit" button around. . . (Lost it again to my 2nd post)

    I'm actually still encountering all kinds of Dragonkin around the world, and I'm certainly missing some from previous areas I've travelled through. All in all, I think Bakra is cursed. I haven't seen a single rare in the territories during my travels compared to Satuma. So expect more reports here from me.

    If it allowed me to edit, I'd fix that, so I'll just do with my next reports.

    I've found him too this morning, and more (higher levels), you'll see them in my next report.

    I swear I must've skipped one though, because going from Lv.20 Black Miasma to Lv.34 Spotted Thorn has me suspicious that there must be one in between! :eek:
  8. Kourgath New Member

    [IMG][IMG]found midnight rare glider in satuma in the ruins sw of wayfarer lookout
  9. Kourgath New Member

    man midnight had a lot of health when I got him, 300 con to start
  10. Jetu Member

    Right, before I go making another add-on list. . .

    I'm stuck discerning the classes.
    My previous named: Crawlers are what now? "Grand" or "Tank"?

    I'm thinking that these are "Grand"?

    Ancient type would be these guys:
    And are exclusively devoted to "Rare" species.

    If those aren't "Ancient" but "Grand" then I assume, there are bigger dragons out there for people to tame?
    (Don't want to make a new reply with a list, when I might not be able to fix a mistake!) :eek:
  11. Roccy Member

    There is NightWind Lvl 16 around Mount Ayaden in Bakra. A rare raptor type dragon. He is the boss of a public event.
    Dont have a picture of him unfortunately dont know how to post pics here nor do i think i am allowed to take screenies of the game.
  12. PhyrEagle New Member

    i have 2 dragons that was not mentioned here the "primitive dragonkin" event spawn in derutar hollow and the "avanah shadowchaser dragon" rare spawn in avanah omen please add me in game and you can take screen shots of them
    ign: Phyr
  13. Jetu Member

    Is he as Boss status or as a rare? Can you tame him? Normally boss (red semi-circle around the top right) aren't tameable.

    I'll see if I can, I traveled into a crash zone on my latest exploration. :oops:
  14. Zumbaro Member

    Jetu just an fyi posts are locked from being edited 30 minutes after their original submission, I've ran into this a couple times and had to reply in order to add info. Its definitely a bit of an inconvenience with the wiki threads especially. The following confirms the 4 legged ground dragons as Grand.

    More information on each type from another source translated...

    Ancient -

    Little is known about these mystic beings. They are the most
    rare, exotic and probably the most powerful kind of dragon.

    Skills: *unknown*

    Grand -

    This is the four-legged dragon. They usually
    live on the flat and open terrain. They have well balance between strength,
    stamina and speed, They will attack you with their very strong front feet and
    with their giant front teeth. It is a dragon that is located relatively high in
    the food chain.

    Skills: Outbreak and Fragmentation

    Gliding -

    The gliding dragon, even though it has wings,
    only has the ability to glide. When on the ground this dragon will crawl using
    his wings as an extra pair of legs. They live in the forest. They will glide
    from the towering old trees to the ground to reach their prey.

    Skills: Highly toxic and Cutting edge

    Masasaur/Mosasaur -

    These amphibious dragons are very slow on
    land, but even in a little amount of water no other dragon can compete with it.
    The mosasaur has four legs, shorter tails and huge jaws as their main source of
    attacks. Mosasaurs live in areas where there is an abundance of water, such as
    streams, lakes and seaside. There are a small number of dissimilar mosasaurs living
    in the desert or in magma.

    Skills: Elements and Corrupt

    Bug -

    This is a very mysterious dragon, also known
    in old folklore as the worm dragon. They usually have a very hard exoskeleton.
    The styling of this dragon is a natural act of God. The bug Dragon is seen by
    the people as an evil presence. (Players cannot crawl underground while

    Skills: *unknown*

    Flying -

    The flying dragon is unlike any other dragon,
    it can actually fly. This dragon mainly lives in mountain cliffs or caves, they
    have a very high IQ and are very powerful. The dragon will make use of its
    flying advantage while hunting. This is the highest symbol of power for the
    Dragon Knight.

    Skills: Long range Magic and Curse class skills.

    Raptor -

    The raptor is a very high speed bipedal
    dragon. Their IQ is slightly higher than the IQ of normal dragons. They are
    capable of hunting in small groups. This dragon has sharp claws and teeth; they
    belong to the high-level predators class in the food chain of Auratia. They
    usually inhabit the plains and forests along them.

    Skills: Cutting Edge and Outbreak

    Tank -

    The tank dragon, a heavy dragon, belong to
    the more docile than other dragons. Their huge body is the most obvious symbol
    of their power: it is used to deter and attack their enemies in the field. Tank
    dragons usually live in grasslands and. Although they are slower than most
    dragons, they are often used to carry heavy objects around.

    Skills: Heavy Blow and Life
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  15. Jetu Member

    I'll post my next batch tomorrow, and thanks Zumbaro! :D
    I was in the middle of writing everything in here, when I accidentally went back a page on backspace instead of removing some text. :mad:

    Here, have a highlight of the next group.

    :eek: [IMG]
  16. Roccy Member

    Ive tamed him ^-^ he only spawns after you progress the public quest but he is tameable. so Im assuming he is Rare as he is named and can be tamed
  17. DemiGoth Member

    Here you go ;)

  18. Roccy Member

    ah yes thank you demigoth =3
  19. Crow Member

    Class: Ancient / Rare
    Type: Flying Dragonkin

    Name: Umbral Glare ( Previously Evening Glow)
    Level: ~ 20 (Same as Black Miasma)
    Area: Around Ayron Ruin - Wyncrest Grove

  20. Jetu Member

    Back from work!
    (Not sure if my main got fixed in the process, first thing I'm going to look at when I get into the game.)

    Oh nice! Looks exactly like the level 32 raptors found on the island with Droan Town.

    A-ha! Nice find, I made a few huge long trips in Bakra and haven't found that one. I knew I was probably missing one of the lower leveled rare ancient flyers.

    And on to my next listing.

    I pretty much skipped a bunch of "tanks", but I'll get to them next time (Honest!)
    In fact, there was one (though not a valid target) that caught my eye.
    :eek: "MOTHER OF TANKS!"

    :( I had to rewrite all the stuff that got cut out. . .
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