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  1. jedi New Member

    For a game built so much around dragons... there is little to no help/explanation on how to properly play with them in game.

    Can someone please answer some questions on Dragon Skills ?

    1. Why is #1 (Wind...) the only skill on my dragon's bar when mounted?

    2. Can other skill be placed in slots (2-6) ?? ... If so.. how?

    3. Why do some identical dragons have different skills listed in the (p) menu? 3 of us have the same dragon and all 3 have different skills listed...

    4. The skills listed in the (p) menu appear to have stats... can these skills be moved, leveled, etc??? I cannot seem to do anything with them at all.

    5. An NPC in game advised I should send my dragon to retrieve materials.... Is this possible?... If so .. how?

    6. I read there are usable dragon soul skills.???? explanation?

    Thanks in advance to any who attempts to help with these questions. :) And please... elaborate any chance you can...
  2. WWWilliam Active Member

    1.They're mounted skills and currently Wing is the only mounted skill implemented in the game.
    2.No yet.
    3.The skills your dragon gets are random.
    4.In dragon lair you can train combat skills (grey border ones, My sig video will explain how to level up the Dragon/skills in detail)
    5.Put dragons into lair and get them to gather resources (Explained in detail in my sig)
    6.Dragon soul skills are purple skills that can't be trained and a soulbound to the dragon, It's random which dragon gets them but you drag them into your Hotbar to use them if you got lucky enough to get one.
  3. jedi New Member

    thank you very much for the detailed explanation and video. :)

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