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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Dizzy, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Dizzy Active Member

    Dragon Eggs for the chaotic terror have been modified! Just today I went to trade an egg to my main character and was given the message below. This is complete garbage. I paid for this item at a higher price than current market dragons because, of the ability to farm for good attributes on it. The Egg was working as intended when purchased and was now modified? Is SOE serious? I PAID for an item and now it has been MODIFIED. Change the Eggs back to functioning as they were intended to upon sale. There is absolutely no excuse to change an Item that has been PAID for. This is complete disrespect for customers. This mistake better be fixed, I have never been so upset with SOE before this. I never wanted to leave before but seriously? This is tampering with a sold product. No business is allowed to say oh you bought a 1TB 8GB ram laptop oh wait now that it has been a few months let me just take out 500GB and 4GB ram. Oh you paid for unlimited voice and data, I changed my mind let me change your plan to have this many minutes and data. This is completely unacceptable. I did not purchase RW or Nagafen but to those of you that have check to see if you can still transfer them using a storage chest. I am almost positive those sales have been altered as well.

  2. Dizzy Active Member

    I have just been informed by guildies that this decision was made by Runewaker and not SOE. I would still hope SOE talks to Runewaker about this issue toget it corrected. It is okay to exclude current and future eggs from being able to trade between characters but it is not okay to modify an already completed transaction.
  3. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    This was done almost two weeks ago, and we can't be certain it was an intended feature of the eggs. The eggs were meant to be account-wide, which they still are and every character you make will have the dragon. There is no reason to move it from one to the other unless you are trying to make a overpowered dragon, which is what they are trying to avoid (GMs on eu spoke of this as if it was there doing, but they said they don't want to give players the opportunity to have such advantage over other players).
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  4. Dizzy Active Member

    Considering Chaotic Terror came with land, a house, and most importantly an Eerie Vanity Table (a 2 item storage device) it becomes very hard to argue that transferring the eggs was a "glitch" or "unintentional". Chaotic Terror was basically a complete dragon transferring package. It is true that this sale made Dragon's Prophet P2W however a sale is a sale and must be honored. As for new dragons in cash shop not having the ability to be farmed so be it. Modifying a completed transaction is what I am mad about.
  5. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    The fact that it came with housing items which can be transferred between players doesn't mean that they intended for the transfer of dragon eggs between characters.
  6. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Whether or not it was there intention for the eggs to be transferred is irrelevant to the contents of the pack, it was just some seasonal items themed around the dragon. Those chests can also be used to trade soul-bound items such as a armor, and I am sure that is not intended. A bug is a bug, they just took a long time to sort this one out, and they never mentioned that you should go sharing the egg between characters. People who decided that was a feature did that on empirical observations and nothing more.
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  7. Felwithell Active Member

    According to this excerpt from a past support ticket players transferring soul-bound armor to alternative characters is working as intended.

    "To whom it may concern,

    Before getting into the problem I would like to ask a question. Is transferring items through the housing displays to alternative characters considered an exploit?

    Greetings Felwithell!

    Thank you for contacting Dragon's Prophet Support. GM Karalius here!

    I would like to start out by stating that transferring items to your alternate characters through housing storage is not an exploit; in fact it is encouraged! If you would like more information regarding housing storage feel free to check out our official Knowledge base article on the subject:

    [DPT] Housing Storage Items
  8. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Wasn't referring to transferring soul-bound armor to alternate characters, I put emphasis on other players.
  9. Felwithell Active Member

    Missed the emphasis my mistake. *embarrasingly shuffles out of thread* :oops:
  10. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

  11. Foxy Member

    Lol hold On a minute here.. Darthdildo will you show me where it says.. only these soul bound items are acceptable to be transferred but not these.. Lol thats like saying oh here go ahead and transfer your shoes but not your pants. Come on now.. Its either all or none. At first I didn't agree with you Dizzy but you have made some very valid points.
  12. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    It doesn't really explicitly state it anywhere, except for the gms in europe stating the reason why it happened there, but people should be able to use some common sense. Clearly if you can create infinite dragons until one has either the best combinations of skills and stats and have the ability to freely transfer them, don't you think that is something they would want to restrict. Housing items can be exchanged between different players simply by moving them into a roommates storage, so that is irrelevant. Items you earn with dragon insignias can be moved because that counts as your personal storage. But if you want an answer to where it says only some can be moved, the developers of the game told you when they removed your ability to do it.
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  13. Dizzy Active Member

    I completely understand why they no longer sell dragons in this fashion but, the way I saw transferring is as a form of farming. It took me 18 tries to get a Chaotic Terror of maximum attributes and may I add useless dragon soul skills. The reason I see transferring eggs as farming is first of all it takes a LOT of time to do so. each character takes a while to delete and try again as well as creating new characters and getting them to my home takes time. The same arguement that Darth made about getting a perfect dragon can be said about every single dragon in the game. If you get a dragon with attributed or slots you are not happy with do you not try again? Is it an exploit to farm dragons repeatedly until one is caught that is perfect? I don't think so. I had told many guildies about the ability to farm these dragons and I wont use names but this was the response I got from some of them "We need to delete a character and remake in order to get more eggs? Nah too much work." So, why are my hours spent on farming a perfect Terror that I had to pay for be considered an exploit? Not like I plan on making a serious alt anytime soon but, if I decide to make one id like to be able to use a function that I paid for...

    Edit: Forgot to mention that the only difference between dragons in the market place now compared to how Terror was sold in respects to P2W is that now its pay again to try again instead of pay once and farm...
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Personally I can see where they are coming from by seeing this as exploitation of a system, but I don't have any opinion against people doing it. I am explaining it in terms that the people that are creating the game would use to provide an objective view on the situation.
    The key difference between generating dragons from a bought egg and catching them in the wild is one, every single on is guaranteed ten slots, and two, you bought it. The money is the factor that determines if it is exploitation of a set system or a feature of the game.
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  15. Dizzy Active Member

    In terms of time it took to farm for a perfect slot/attribute dragon I actually was able to farm both a perfect Frostfur Ironclaw Dragon and a Silver Bladeskin Dragon in much less time than my Terror due to the fact that it is not possible to get another Terror immediately. Also, by attack speed/patterns an ancient is actually weaker than most other types of dragons so why is it considered a necessity to "winning". Buying ancients in cash shop is almost strictly for cosmetics. Either way, regardless of any reason/excuse I already paid for my terror and like I've said over and over in this thread, my whole point is a purchase was modified. I paid for the dragon not only knowing what could be done with the egg but because of what could be done with the egg.

    Now if we want to talk P2W the attribute system on equipment and shard slots are a much higher offense. With a dragon we are talking less than a 5% difference in attributes from low end to high end, where on equipment the difference in damage output between a attribute modified and extra slotted gear is insane. Of course the point being that equipment requires SC to modify. Even if the argument is made that insignia can be used to modify gear just much slower than SC well, the same thing can be said about my dragon... Any ancient can be farmed for the same attributes/slots but since I paid cash I got him faster than anyone would by farming an ancient in the wild...
  16. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    It seems you are missing the point of the discussion. You are referring to the process of generating a dragon from an egg and transferring it to a character as farming, but that is not how the developers consider it. Did you purchase the dragon simply on the pretense of transferring it between characters? Because that was never stated as one of the features of the pack. The pack was account wide, and it still is, and that was not effected by them disabling the ability to transferring the egg in a account storage chest. The only thing that was "modified" was the fixing a formerly allowed exploit.
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  17. Dizzy Active Member

    Foxy already took care of that part of the discussion...

    The purpose of Storage devices in housing are both for sharing non soulbound items with other people whom you given permission to access the storage and for sharing soulbound items between characters. The housing storage devices were working as intended and allowing a soulbound egg to be transferred to another character within the account just like all other soulbound items.
  18. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    How can you know that it was an intended feature of the storage chest to exchange dragon eggs between characters? Or, how can you decide that at some point when the developers feel it is in fact an exploit or an unwanted feature that it should be reversed. I understand that you want the ability to continue generating dragons and freely exchanging them between characters, but that is not enough to claim that is what was intended. Especially since that was never stated as one of the features. All the packs stated was that the egg is account-wide, which it still is, and it said nothing about using them for character exchanges. As far as I see it, nothing was done to go against your purchase, and no wrong was committed.
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  19. Dizzy Active Member

    Darth you are simply playing the fine print game... My toaster didn't specifically say it can be used for sandwiches or bagels as well as my laptop did not specifically say it can be used to play Dragon's Prophet. The fact remains that both my toaster and my laptop were capable of doing such things upon purchase as well as my dragon egg. Everyone who noticed this ability simply saw the description of the chest and the description of the dragon and did the math to realize "oh, the egg is soulbound and this storage device allows for transfer of soulbound items. Sweeeet!" Any other logic to thwart the ability and deny a capability available to a product we purchased is just trying to find a loophole to satisfy the peanut gallery whom missed the opportunity to get these dragons before the feature was removed.
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  20. Scaleeth Well-Known Member

    Apologies for not reading every bit of this, I just sort of skimmed through, but I wanted to give my two cents anyhow.

    I don't believe that dragon eggs were ever meant to be transferable between characters. It was never the case with the Runewake or Monarch dragon packs, and I don't believe it was the case with the SOE Live Nagafen eggs either. The packs that came with the Runewake Dragon and the Monarch Dragon also came with housing items (they did not come with plots themselves, I believe, simply because housing wasn't even working at the time and was still under development) which is why I feel those packs are perfect examples.

    I totally see why it's frustrating for them to suddenly change it, but I'm sure they had their reasons, yeah? I mean, did the news article on the pack itself specifically say you could transfer the eggs to other characters for farming purposes, or was that something that was figured out by the playerbase?
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