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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by DPTome, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. DPTome Active Member

    Thanks for all the support. Adena is providing us with better information for Umbral Glare, as soon as we get it the map will be updated.
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  2. RadarX Community Relations

    Extremely well done!
  3. DPTome Active Member

    Thank you so much for the support, we could really use a sticky if you do not mind.
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  4. Zeshin Active Member

    One quick thing, and I don't know if this was a one off event, but I know I have seen Whispering Wind up along the wall NE of Ilitar City. I don't know where he goes from there because that was where I saw him get tamed after a reset.
  5. DPTome Active Member

    We are currently working on maps of the Floating Islands, we should have them online in a few days.
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  6. Lelein Well-Known Member

    Your maps for ancients flight paths are not consistent with others that I have seen on youtube. How can this be?
  7. DPTome Active Member

    Converting maps from video to image can be tricky at best, but thank you for the input. It would be a major help if you had images showing where you think their flight paths are.
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  8. Chrillix New Member

    Great site! Mastery calculator is very nice! But like someone said above, a few of the ancient flight paths are off. I'm sure they will be corrected over time though. Congrats on the site!
  9. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Verrrrr nice
  10. Lelein Well-Known Member

    I just noticed that the paths for Pale Radiance and Primal Star don't fully match information provided by youtube user Nemonia. What I suspect is that the maps you have only show a portion of the flight path. That's not the end of the world, it just might be worth letting people know.
  11. DPTome Active Member

    Currently, we are working on:

    1. Ancient Dragon Flight Paths
    2. IE 10 Compatibility
    3. PvP/Housing Maps

    If anyone has images detailing an ancient dragons path you can save us some time by linking them here or emailing them to us, admin@dptome.com. If not we will continue to compile new paths based on Youtube Videos.

    Thanks so much everyone for your support.
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  12. LadyMint Active Member

    Congrats on getting it stickied!
  13. DPTome Active Member

    Thank you.
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  14. DPTome Active Member

    PvP Maps are online.
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  15. DragonMaster001 Active Member

    Thank you!
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  16. Sweet N Creamy Active Member

    I agree, some of the Ancient paths I watched on video aren't correct with the outline of the maps on the site. The maps on the site seem to reach further than what a few of them actually travel. Onyx Smoke is definitely and I'm not so sure about Cobalt either, seeing that I've only seen him on the East side of that map.

    EDIT: I only mentioned those two because I actively have been trying to find them and have watched the 100% path video that was posted awhile ago...although they may have changed by now.
  17. Garuda Active Member

    Whispering Wind's map is almost correct, but a large portion of its time spent out on the field is spend around quicksand dunes, and it doesn't go so past Boulder Crag
  18. DPTome Active Member

    We will have updated Dragon Paths later today, or tomorrow at the latest.
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  19. Sweet N Creamy Active Member

    Scratch my claim on Cobalt, I need to rewatch it xD
  20. Devoire Well-Known Member

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