Double experience weekend & Easter event

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  1. Tanthor Developer

    Hi all,

    Today starts a double experience weekend. It will begin when the servers come up after this morning’s maintenance until Monday night.

    We have also introduced a new event for everyone to enjoy with today’s update. It is an Easter themed event called Ostara Day. The event takes place in a location called “Heavenly Eyes”. There are NPCs in every village that will teleport you to an air ship which will take you to “Heavenly Eyes”.

    Once there seek out quest NPCs with red exclamation marks over their head. Hunt for eggs. It won’t be as easy as you might expect. The island is bigger than you might first think.

    After finding some eggs, or trading for them with Tina the Soul Artist, you can also play the mini-game ‘whack a Scourger” by interacting with Matthew Letterman twice; once to go to the event & the second time to give an egg and start the event. There are varying levels of difficulty. The difficulty is based upon the type of egg you have to offer. Matthew will explain it to you.

    Oh and last of all there are some cool rewards for all of this fun. You can get furniture, hatched egg companions, and a couple Easter versions of Skitter Dragon.

    Have fun! Cheers!

    Todd “Tanthor” Carson

    Senior Producer - SOE
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  2. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

  3. Dracogryph Active Member

    Oh my Google Translate, the things you say. We get naughty green eggs out of some of this? This sounds intriguing. I also admit to curiosity as to what 'rapidly riding syrup' might be...this is sounding like a rather...NSFW event...
  4. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Suspect a lot of that stuff is furniture, and the stuff that sounds consumable should be buffs.
  5. Dracogryph Active Member

    Oh, I think I've figured out what a lot of the things actually are by some consideration, but it's still funny to read some of it. And it really...does not enlighten me at all as to what is supposed to be going on as far as getting any of it goes on. I assume some sort of permanent ongoing PE involving an egg hunt, but the whole thing about dragon flutes at the top eludes me as to how it's supposed to work or whatnot.

    Still, should be interesting to see. And not just one, but TWO Skitters is a delightful thing to look forward to.
  6. REXER Active Member

  7. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    No, that is content intended for a future patch.
  8. REXER Active Member

    That tower makes me rich :oops:
  9. MoonCrescent New Member

    uhh it doesnt show anything in the google translate for me :(
    any1 wanna write it out? :3
  10. Zeur New Member

    double experience weekend? nice!
    and a seasonal event is always nice too, of course. but the double exp weekend is something i've been looking for in this game :p
  11. Captain Jack Sparrow Member

    What happened to our chambers?? D: They've gone blank T_T
  12. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Tanthor came on and said they are aware of the issue and it is likely a display error.
  13. Blau Well-Known Member

    So, is this just a new content thing or were there any bugfixes?
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

  15. Blau Well-Known Member

    edit: Nope, still broken. Dammit. Blood Moon works fine, but Starchaser is still broken. :mad:
  16. Twixler Well-Known Member

    anyone figure out this egg theif quest? o.o
  17. tojomi Member

    i have been stuck on level 91 for 2 weeks after doing all the quests,which their are a severe lack of.i do pe,s dailies and road quests and have only leveled 50% due to the low xp from them,even going back to alentia it takes 3 pe,s to level why cant pe,s dailies and rq,s be double xp to help level before i and and many others die of boredom.
  18. Anathama Active Member

    Why is the Easter part in the Marketplace empty?
  19. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Doing PE's has become a rather slow way to level with the advent of dungeon entry-quests and road quests. Each dungeon entry quest give around 1% on completion and doing a fast dungeon is far more efficient then PEs.

    It is empty because they are going to start deciding on prices and filling it up slowly.
  20. Anathama Active Member

    Okay ty Darth :>

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