Does any1 capped Road quest ancients lately?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Zylix, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Zylix New Member

    Does any1 capped Road quest ancients lately? lets say in 2 weeks time. Ask some friends and guildies if they did capped 1 and when?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Onuric Active Member

    A guilde capped Jadite yesterday morning (RL morning for me), don't remember what time however.
  3. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    They seemed to have made modifications to their mechanics. Now the tag can't be stolen from the person who discovers them, not sure if even party members can catch. Also, they can't be killed so its basically yours until server resets or you cap it.

    That has been there for almost a day now. If you get it to one health it goes back to 5k and can not be tagged and tamed by anyone but the person who discovered it.
    Now if only they were to make such efforts towards roaming dragons.
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  4. Onuric Active Member

    That's good to hear if only one of them would SPAWN for me XD.
  5. Algore Member

    I helped with a Jedite capture probably about a week and ago, and a guildie got Dayspring a few days ago. But alas, nothing seems to want to spawn for me.
  6. Mirage Active Member

    There's a Jadeite sitting on the path to Auretia right now (Probably the same one in the picture above). Wish the owner would go catch it. Seems like a waste if the server resets and it never gets caught.
  7. Onuric Active Member

    considering how often our servers get reset...I wouldn't be surprised if after a while...the roads will be loaded with Jadeite/Dayspring/Vesper/Night Mists due to the folks spawning them not being able to cap....
  8. Mirage Active Member

    Dx That would drive me nuts. Especially with extremely low chance of them spawning and they end up just sitting there. There should at least be a time limit of some sort and then it's free for all.
  9. Zylix New Member

    well thanx for the info. Im glad it still here :)
  10. Dkombres Active Member

    I've managed to cap Jadeite and looking for Night Mist...will take a while but I don't give up that easily. Good luck to all those out there hunting!
  11. Zylix New Member

    One more thing those new cap road quest ancient did you attain "capture" in ur compendium or is it like the old one who is not considered "captured"?
  12. cealcf New Member

    got This boy/Jadeite today morning ^^[IMG]
  13. Blau Well-Known Member

    I went off and found that guy, tried to kill/cap, got the same thing.

    While I like the whole "locked to the person who pops it" thing because I've seen people trying to poach I think they should despawn after, say, a few hours, rather than remaining indefinitely. This guy was up for, what, two days? Locked to the same guy who hadn't logged in / wasn't responding to any zonechats or worldchats. Lil nuts.

    edit: Zones can be rebooted individually without having to reboot the entire server, so if one of these guys gets stuck they can do that, but it's still a lil overkill that that's needed...
  14. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Might come from a sense of wanting, that I arbitrarily believe we all have I would prefer for that player lock to have a timer. So that after a set time passes the dragon becomes sort of first come first serve item and the first to try can obtain it. At least that way someone gets it and the spawn isn't lost.
  15. Onuric Active Member

    I agree, Darth. A timer of six minutes (like with flute summons) should be long enough for the owner to cap. After that point, it should either despawn or be 'free-for-all' like you suggest.
  16. Zylix New Member

    I'll go with 30 mins atleast. There room if get dc or game crashes. It won't be unfair for u if that happens after all your not there because it was an accident you where there for the reason.
  17. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    Originally I thought five minutes was fair, but when I was typing that comment I had a few hours in mind to leave room for error. I left out the time to see what people thought first. A thirty minute marker seems like a fair in between point to allow for capture and reduce the chance of possible catastrophe along the way.
  18. Zylix New Member

    Yes and leaving the road quest ancient to be free-for-all after 30 mins is a huge no. It should have vanish. If not people will abuse it.
  19. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    In what possible way can that be abused?
    One person per each one that spawns if the original person for some reason decides to neglect it.
    The abuse potential in that is astounding. Or do you just not want people to have the chance to get something they would otherwise have terrible luck in finding?
  20. Blau Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing it'd lead to folks trying to poach the roadspawn off of someone who got it to pop / camping near one when it pops in case the person leaves / DCs / otherwise loses tag.

    Iunno, whether they go open-tag after X times passes, the no-kill protection falls off, or if they just despawn, I really don't think they should just sit there infinitely locked to one person. :/

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