Costume and the +10%?

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Tronus, May 30, 2013.

  1. Tronus New Member

    What does the +10% do and when I go to my costume tab i see red numbers saying -127 -202 on all my costume items.... Can someone explain costumes?
  2. Ismelda Member

    I wish I knew too. there are even potion to make some equipment as costume in the MarketPlace for 4 to 7%... 7% or 10% of what?

    Are they stats improvements from the costume part that are effective to a certain degree only? Meaning that your costume can be a bit more than just fashion statement?
  3. Tronus New Member

    BUMP!!!! I need an answer!! I have red stats on the costume page and need to know what that means.
  4. Nadijeh New Member

    LF answer to this as well
  5. Tronus New Member

    Damn Sony doesn't Like to read forums.... Bump
  6. Hastur New Member

    The twitch stream explained it. Apparently you can slot gems into costume pieces. The percentage determines how much of the gems bonus you receive.

    Example: Costume Piece A with +5% with a Gem that adds 100 Charisma would give you +5 Charisma in total.

    That's how I understood it, at least.
  7. Tronus New Member

    ok cool I just added a gem to the costume now my next question is there a way to raise the Costumes Energy Value? most of my items say 19 or 23 or 22 or lower. Does that mean i can only add low gems into ever?
  8. Twostep Member

    The percentage of costume gear determines how much Energy you will have to spend on Dragon Shards. Essentially you take this percentage and match it with its counterpart of your actual gear. It will be a % of the energy your actual equipped counterpart gear has.

    You can see how much total energy you have to spend by hovering over the skinny bar next to where dragon shards are equipped on costume gear.

    Example: A costume weapon that is 10% and actual equipped weapon has 200 energy, i then have 20 energy to spend on dragon shards on my costume weapon.

    If you manage to equip a gem is over max but under x2 max, you can get a percentage of the Dragon Shard's stats, but i think this is simply a bug. Also, most of the basic low level Dragon Shares require at least 30 energy, so this is a service either more intended for higher levels with more energy on their gear, or something that still needs to be tweaked yet.
  9. Tronus New Member

    Thanks Twostep I get it now. Helped a lot
  10. Giovanni3 Active Member

    Thanks, Twostep ! This game has a lot of cool features, but getting info on them is sometimes rather difficult.
  11. Giovanni3 Active Member

  12. sheldowned New Member

    Well,the good thing about Costumes is that they are meant to be fashion only...when you use em as a secondary shard system...well,high level people using a lot of them.So,instead of having a clothing that looks nice,or fit your character and etc,you have simply battle gear.This kinda removes the RPG element about character deep customization...but MMOs are not full of those,I guess.

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