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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by wanryokuakki, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. wanryokuakki New Member

    well so far i have liked the game and made it to level 25. now that i have reach this level i have no clue where to go i was giving no quest after reaching droan town. so im confused as where to go next.
  2. SuperTramp Active Member

    u may go to other starter map to do the quest too.. puretia/bakra/satuma..
  3. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    The NPC in Droan Town should have given you another quest. As Super said though, it's smart to do the other starter maps to get more lvl's or you'll fall behind. Droan Town is a lvl 30-40 map. Also, make sure you do the Public events you come across, they give a lot of xp. You can do them each, once a day for the huge bonus xp. The better your score, the more of a bonus. Your score is those bubbles about the Public Event quest in your quest tracker window. The more you participate (damage to mobs/mob kills/items gathered/etc.), the better your score. Finally, there's achievements. Hit the "i" key to view your achievements. Each map will reward xp on a daily basis for the number of Public Events you have completed in that map.
  4. Reaper Active Member

    I also found myself stuck at around level 25-29 with no quests left in my starting area. I did as suggested above and traveled from the second town airship to another starting area to finish up quests that were near my level.

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