Cobalt Lightning and other Ancients spawn time

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by MarkRamza, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. MarkRamza Member

    1. My friend said that Cobalt Lightning spawns every 3 hours. Is this really true?

    2. For the other ancients, what are their spawn times?

    3. If an ancient is captured or killed in one channel, is it really possible to see another one on the same channel?

    I'm currently hunting for ancients aside from flutes. I want to feel the real dragon hunt!
  2. Keith Smith Well-Known Member

    Cobalt spawns every 6 hrs, I have timed it. At least when he's captured. If killed, I guess the timer could be different. I tamed him and than 6 hrs later helped my brother find him. Each Ancient is different. I've heard Onyx is 24 and Umbral is 6, but don't know from my own experience, just hearsay. No clue about the rest. There's supposed to be an ancient spawn for each channel, how those spawns work I don't know. I've heard a few things, but haven't seen any proof.
  3. MarkRamza Member

    I suppose checking each channel could be a good thing to do for checking?

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