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  1. Vladtheimpaler Member

    I have read Blage only uses Passive skills. But during tranfer i got a active skill. So it wont work? if that true now i want a free skill removal to remove that active skill. I dont think i should have to pay for skill removal if it transfers and the skill wont work on balge.
  2. Arlem Well-Known Member

    He will only use passives. You can train actives onto him, but they will not be used.
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  3. Kinana Member

    Being honest you should have asked if it would have worked before even risking him learning said skill
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  4. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    If you had the background information the he can't use those skills why did you attempt to transfer one to him. Why should you receive a refund for a mistake you made even though you had all the information available to not make it. It is like a lactose-intolerant person order a coffee with regular milk and then asking for a refund because they can't drink milk.
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  5. Vladtheimpaler Member

    Dude if i can chose which skills tranfers that would be a good point but i cant chose. Should be given a free skill removal. If thats the case they shouldnt allow active skills to tranfer in the first place
  6. Vladtheimpaler Member

    Hello people i cant CHOSE skills to transfer. Its random. Should be given free skill removal because in the first place if Blage doesnt use active skills they shouldnt be able to transfer. You think i chose to transfer active skill No. If they dont work they shouldnt be able to transfer cause that causes people 45 sc to take off. Thats a problem SOE needs to fix. And your point about the coffee and milk stuff doesnt apply here. I can see you like to be a troll. Going to make a ticket for sure
  7. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    You can choose which skills they learn by not having those skills on the dragon your training him with. Otherwise our dragons would all be learning useless skills, a little care goes along way.
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  8. Arlem Well-Known Member

    That's like saying you transferred a gathering/ farming skill onto your combat dragon instead of a combat one, and due to the fact that that's not how you're going to use that dragon, you should get a free skill removal.

    It won't happen Vlad. If you really want to push it, my signature has a link to the support page where you can put in a ticket and ask for a skill reset potion thingy.

    But in all honesty, Balge isn't supposed to be in the game. He is a perk put in there for the players. Complaining about anything that happens with him due to the fact that he was a hastily replaced bug won't do you much good.

    Just open a ticket and cross your fingers. But I am telling you right now, I am 99% positive it will not happen.
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  9. Kinana Member

    You could just catch other dragons until you find 1 with just the skill you are after, thus removing all possibility of you having to remove skills or teaching skills you don't want
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  10. Vladtheimpaler Member

  11. Vladtheimpaler Member

  12. DarthDildor Well-Known Member

    It tells you what skills will transfer on his training side, there is no filter in place to account for his bugs.
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  13. Vladtheimpaler Member

    Again missing the point. I did not know that active skills would tranfer to balge since he only takes Passive skills. Thats a problem that SOE should fix. If he cant use active skills then they shouldnt be able to transfer. Whats so hard to understand.
  14. Vladtheimpaler Member

    again trolling it doesnt tell you what skills will transfer on his training side whatever that means. You make this stuff up as troll?
  15. Kinana Member

    Balge wasn't even supposed to be in the game so the aren't gonna bloke him from learning active skills, and they aren't gonna give refunds to people that taught their Balge active skills
  16. Vladtheimpaler Member

    If thats the case then they dont care at all about this game. just profits
  17. TFOBladewing Active Member

    Besides its not really SOE fault or problem that Blage is bugged, I believe that would fall on RW head and I doubt they'd give any kind of refund.
  18. TFOBladewing Active Member

    100% correct sir, they are just in this for the profits. Thats why they are just the publishers and not the developers of the game.
  19. Vladtheimpaler Member

    yes but SOE is the one running the game. If they care they should address this issue with rune.Whats it hurt to send me a skill removal for something i didnt know. If they said doesnt take active skills then you would assume they dont transfer. Logic
  20. Arlem Well-Known Member

    Let me make 4 things clear to you Vlad

    1. No one here is trolling you. We are being bluntly honest.

    2. SOE has NO control over Balge or any of his ****** as half ***** bugs due to the fact that the palyers wanted him back in the game. That is all RUNEWAKER. SOE can do NOTHING about it.

    3. SOE does not make money by giving you an item for free because you didn't research the issue. Save up some dragon insiginias and remove it yourself for free, since SOE has GRACIOUSLY placed those in your dragon insignia marketplace as items you can obtain for free.

    4. Anyone from SOE who ISNT a moderator, RARELY looks here at the forums. Stating your complaint here isn't something that will help you get it taken care of. Do as I had suggested earlier, and submit a support ticket.

    I am sorry for being so rude, but YOU are the one who is missing the point. We ALL want free things from SOE we ALL want bugs fixed. 90% of everyone else who has a balge wants him fixed or some skills to be removed. That doesn't mean a thing though.
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