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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by Garuda, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Garuda Active Member

    Kk, so I have heard a rumor that Balge might be timed where he only spawns at a certain time every day. If this is true, I'm hopeing to create a map/outline of the times people have caught Balge, and see if there is a pattern, or if he only spawns once every 24 hours or something to help those who are hunting like crazy for him. If the gm's/dev's are willing to provide some info, that would be much appreciated ^^ but until then, let's try to work on it ourselves.

    So, if you know any info about balge, please post it here, and if you have caught Balge and remember what time you caught him, please post that info here also. PLEASE POST THE TIME IN SERVER TIME, so we all can work on the same time zone.
  2. ColdChimera New Member

    Its all RNG, just like any other dungeon rare. And to be honest, this is a pretty stupid thing to do. Balge is pretty much the the only "rare" dragon in the game so far that we know of. Why would you want to make it so there are more of them on the servers? It depreciates the rare factor.
  3. Garuda Active Member

    Dude, if people look hard enough, they will find enough info themselves. As far as the rare factor, 3 people have caught him in 3 days that I'm aware of, possibly even more. Even if this post hasn't been posted, considering that Balge is the only "endgame" for many people, he will no longer be rare anyways. I've seen many people already hunting for him and its only a matter of time, just like the ancients, unless if the devs insert more extremely rare dragons like this. All of us that are hunting for him have been sharing information to each other already, so this isn't the first thread.

    There is still a lot we don't know about this game. If there is some trick to Balge, then we can track it, and figure it out. IF it IS RNG, then what's the hurt of posting this information? This thread is also here so all those who have caught Balge already can chat it up. If you have already caught Balge, grats ^^ but for the rest of us, we are still hunting for it. Me personally, I don't mind if its rare or not, cause it looks so awesome. AND AGAIN, since there is very little endgame right now, its only a matter of time before more people catch it anyways. I've seen a level 30 have Balge, so this thread isn't gonna make it any less rare. If its random, this thread will have NO effect on its spawn rate ^^
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  4. Laethe Member

    There exists no reason for people to post what you are asking, think about it. Good Luck!
  5. Garuda Active Member

    Your right, there isn't a reason. It wouldn't surprise me if all the people who already have Big Blue are keeping some of the details to themselves, but majority of the people I have seen/met who have caught big blue are willing to share information. So instead of everyone having their own thread about big blue, why not just throw it all into one? And if people don't want to post info, the I don't mind. In the end, this thread is just there to try to help others who also want Balge, and see if we all can't put our differences aside and act like a decent community. But, if no one posts anything, then so be it, and I'll keep that in mind. But if you don't like this thread/post then just don't post anything. If you have information and willing to post it, then please do. Otherwise, come on people, lighten up, this is a game, no need for such hard feelings. I'm just trying to do something nice for the community, so why not help?

    And tbh Laethe, I agree. When I posted this, I don't expect anyone to post anything useful. The world is filled with many selfish people, and there's nothing I or anyone else can do about it besides hope that someone is different.
  6. SonjaArashi Active Member

    Someone else just caught him, so I'm assuming it's just total RNG and time of day is irrelevant. :)

    As for people not sharing information, that's kind of silly. 'I don't want anyone else to have this rare thing' is a silly attitude, especially when it's relatively easy to get in game. All Balge takes is a lot of persistence because of his low spawn rate!
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  7. Garuda Active Member

    Ty for answering this information ^^ I kept thinking it was a RNG situation. I've asked about in game, and thats basically what I have gotten from everyone I asked. But wanted to make sure it wasn't some sort of spawn time for it and such.

    And I completely agree with you on the selfish attitude. ANYONE can get him, so having the mindset: "I want to be the only one with Balge!" is sorta not going to work... especially since there is no other end game atm... Now if SOE was nice enough and put in other dragons similar to Balge, like instead of big blue, big red? that would make it much more rare cause now people will be going after 2 different rare dragons. Sort of like Pokemon. They put a huge emphasis on legendary pokemon, like how Balge has gotten a huge emphasis recently. Everyone wants it, and if they are dedicated enough, they are going to get it, just a matter of time.
  8. Resurrection Active Member

    People have that elitist attitude where they think they should be the only ones who own something "rare" and that everyone else shouldn't. These tend to be the same people who as soon as they get their shiny new toy, rush to the forums and ask for nerfs on rates for things so that other people can't get the item / dragon as easily as they might have, and must jump through a ton of hoops to do so if they did. Thus making them capable of bragging and showing off even more because it's now harder to obtain.

    Personally I would love to see more of these dragon models in game for example but with less of a rarity factor, I love the wings and could care less how rare he is. It's a shame for people who can't invest hours / days upon end to get a Balge. I for example, have farmed 5 days but I also work at home so it's much easier for me to log in and try to get him. ( Although he has yet to make a grand entrance ) Two of my good friends ended up having to simply give up their hunt due to their jobs and 1 is just debating on quitting all together because they feel if the game will do this for dragons, who knows what armor might end up like. ( Their words )

    Anyways I do know that TW did actually change his spawn rate to be better because of the mass movement they had. I was actually reading up on their forums just a bit ago for their changelogs. Would be nice to see the change made here, however who knows how long that will take and if we even get it. Until then all I can do is keep farming, and hope people stop crying for nerfs on things like flutes and his spawn. ( I'm actually curious if he can be fluted out )
  9. Eureka Member

    don't forget the part where this is the first "rare dragon we know of" what if you are like one of those people who want to catch every dragon at least once to fill in your dragon book in the next patch? So if there are like a rare like this in every map you would have to spend weeks per dragon?
  10. SonjaArashi Active Member

    But that's fine by me. Not everything should be obtainable right away.

    The nice thing about Balge is that while he is a very rare spawn you do not have to rely on others not getting him so you can - open map dragons like Umbral and Onyx are theoretically harder since only one spawns a day, but Balge can theoretically spawn multiple times a day because his spawn is tied to an instance launching rather than a timer! This actually makes him a bit easier to get because there is no other competition for him.
  11. Eureka Member

    no one said anything about obtainable right away... im just saying making it this low is way too difficult, say they put in 10 super rare like this. so to complete the dragon book you have to spend weeks per dragon and that isn't a few hours a day it's more like 5+ hours daily for weeks on each dragon.
  12. Selluna Member

    Sorry if you want everyone to post it in server time and convert it and try to figure out what server time is, you're going to not get many answers :p
    I can tell you this however, mine was caught at 9:18pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
    I saw him as soon as I went around the corner and he was halfway down the hallway after the rats.
    He is exceedingly easy to tame and exceedingly squishy, so becareful when you're trying to kill mobs around him that you don't kill him by accident.
    I can confirm there is no 24 hour timer etc on him because someone else got him less than 12 hours after me.
    There is now at least 3 confirmed big blues on Lys...whatever the server starting with L is called.
    When tamed he has no skills. (Pendragon's didn't have skills either.) Mine had 8 slots.
    It's stats are about the same as any other ancient.
    He is kindof buggy right now, in that if you ride him, I think they tried to make it look like he grabs you in his claws, but it doesn't work out very well and looks really glitchy.
    He does the charging dive attack low lvl flying dragons do, but doesn't sweep like normal ancients do. (which is really sad, please give him a sweep mods :( )
    He is the same size mounted as unmounted. So basically he's the size of a mounted ancient, even when unmounted.
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  13. Datocus is Nice New Member

    I don't know if this is Balge, But he is pretty.
  14. TheCatslock New Member

    Nope thats the Shade Chaser(cool skin). Balge is a blue legendary dragon with four legs and two wings Datocus.
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  15. Datocus is Nice New Member

    This guy was a Rare, Elite, with a blue *(i think) fill in the rare elite bar. Still awesome though. Saw the guy fighting some Giant brutishGuys, so I helped him out. Then Gave him a option to be tamed, Or be shamed. He chose the first option :)

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