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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion' started by MarkRamza, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. MarkRamza Member

    Let's post here our CONCRETE experiences on how long does an ancient dragon spawn after it was tamed/killed for giving the chance to those who can't find their luck in flute summoning.

    1. Cobalt Lightning
    3 hours from last tame. Checked this one out thrice in a row. So for every 3 hours I see him in two spawn spots. People are also saying 6 hours.
  2. badbrad Active Member

    cobalt is 2 and half to 3. all ancient drags in wild have variable spawn time to prevent full camping.
    Wispering wind is 1 week + or - a day for the variable.
  3. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    I'm just glad I managed to flute a cobalt today.

    Even with such a regular spawn rate, I've never seen it in the wild.
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  4. MarkRamza Member

    Cobalt really is the easiest in my opinion to hunt in the wild.
  5. MarkRamza Member

    Oh man. A week? Damn.
  6. Devoire Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for the ancient dragons, check out, there is a map under the tools section that has their flight paths.
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  7. Bugznmike Active Member

    you're so lucky i been trying my best to find him i think the info i find and what people say about his spawn is all false i need to go EU or TW to find out where he really spawns

    was it a blue flute or purple ?? and how many slots does your colby have o_O
  8. badbrad Active Member

    bugz laedis is the most popular area for overleveled people to go through that can solo and catch cobalt in a matter of a few minutes. You have to be dedicated camping to get him easily but he is by far the easiest to find nonflute. If you happen to see him die or get capped and folow up on his variable spawn time/place you can easily get him.
  9. Mystogan Well-Known Member

    Blue sadly, with 8 slots, but heck, im too lazy to do the camping=p

    And I use my Scarlet Flame and Runewake for fighting, so the colby is more meant for transport in Laedis=p

    I guess it just keep trying; cobalt will eventually show up during fluting. Just wish Whispering wind would be the same.
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  10. badbrad Active Member

    ww doesn't show from flutes atm and will not till after wintertide due to the fact that he is lev 65 and the drags you spawn from flutes mainly ancients are based off of your level. So until levelcap is raised ww can't be spawned from flutes.
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  11. Bugznmike Active Member

    i beem camping daily 5 hours + and trying to keep track of who "elegidly" caught him last

    i don't mind if i dont taim him or what ever but i think i should at least see him in the act of being tamed or killled by someone. Even when im like stalking the server for maintenence to end i never get a chance to even see him

    colbolt must not spawn near aryna lair or by the camp if he does, i think i should have at least seen him once. -_-
  12. badbrad Active Member

    They all pretty much spawn in nonreachable areas and fly down. If you are camping the camp or the dng then you are doing it wrong. The best bet for camping is to fly back in forth on his route on one side or the other of artecia.
  13. Bugznmike Active Member

    wouldn't that make it harder for me to find him when players are camping the spot he lands :/

    if you were me is that what you would do ? o_O

    And im gonna google EU or TW and see f i can find his real Spawn/Landing area i watched his entire route video but they conveniently never show the spawn :(
  14. badbrad Active Member

    Bugz you shouldn't be worried about campers the real problem is the lev 50-60 players flying around doing events everywhere. They are the ones that see and cap cobalt within minutes of seeing it. If i were you i would fly back and forth on it's route on one side of city or the other. 30-40 sec trips along that path will do wonders in finding cobalt before others do.
  15. Bugznmike Active Member

    i guess i'd do your method and make flutes as well

    me and my bro do every PE in laedis every morning together but i know its not during colbolts a lotted spawn time but yea I do the patrol method

    i can't ague when my method didnt bear fruit, haha thanks for the advice xD
  16. badbrad Active Member

    right about now is usually the best time to search because everyones going to bed because the did everything they needed to do before reset. Lot higher chance of cobalt roaming for a couple minutes
  17. MarkRamza Member

    I visited your site and saw the red circles in the map. What does these mean? Are they the spawn spots?
  18. MarkRamza Member

    Does anybody know the how long will Primal Star, Fungal Bloom, Pale Radiance, Midnight Shade and Umbral Glare spawn again after being tamed/killed?
  19. Zeshin Active Member

    Primal I believe to be about a day, Fungal 2 days...ish, last I heard about pale was I think 18hrs, and Umbral I heard 12hrs but that was back in CB. No clue about Midnight Shade atm. Also most of these are just what I have heard except for Fungal and Primal those are from personal experience but have not been tested out.
  20. MarkRamza Member

    And their spawn spots as well?

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