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    Ah the Airships.
    Now, I realize that there's a Wiki and it's safe to post there.
    I, however, am unfamiliar with the rules and regulations there so I'll just post here for anyone to pick up with better illustrations and such.

    The following uses a format with Capital letters representing the Zone names while the lower cases represent the town names in that zone; these will be used for a mini-map of locations.
    The last-most tabulation is where that particular airship location goes to.
    The ones with exclamation points means the airship didn't come at all, and is assumed that these go to unfinished areas.

    Here's my mapping of where they go:
    A   Bakra
    b       Fatoia
                Paeon Farm(!)
    c       Nileo Highlands
                Droan Town
    B   Puresha
    d       Arboran
                Droan Town
    e       Paeon Farm
    C   Laedis
    f       Droan Town
                Koramos Pass
                Nileo Highlands
                Underworld Port
    g       Underworld Port
                Droan Town
                Lilia Harbor
    D   Satuma
    h       Koramo Pass
                Droan Town
    i       Shea
                Paeon Farm(!)
    E   Wynnadia
    j       Lilia Harbor
                Underworld Port
    This mini-map uses equal signs to denote Zone area connections and any other line as airship travel.
     /|     |
    | b=A=c-f=C=g-j=E=
     \|     |\_/
    If you notice, i-b-e is in a triangle while the rest of the world you must travel in either the D-A-B Zones to reach.
    The two starting Zones are A and D.
    This leaves with the implication that the rest of the world is for higher-up levels as the starting airships are at the i-b-e triangle.

    Zone E has got to be the most empty place I've ever looked at.
    It's a beautiful ghost city with only a few core 'populated' towns where the people are.
    There are random mobs, but nothing spectacular.

    Recommended to look at Zone E before Closed Beta shuts down.
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    That is really useful! Thanks so much!
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    use the link in my sig to get all the map info you need

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