Adventure Insignia

Discussion in 'Dragon's Prophet Wiki Discussion' started by ToxicCrow, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. ToxicCrow New Member

    anyone know what adventure insignias are used for yet? there easy to get by just doing events but i havent seen a use yet
  2. Faine New Member

    Wish I knew, I have boatloads of them.
  3. takabanana New Member

    You can trade them with a merchant located in Arteicia in Laedis
  4. Faine New Member

    Hrm, I must have missed him. Heading there now to see what he has for sale that i can't buy, don't need or won't use. ;)
  5. takabanana New Member

    oh, and apparently you can also use it to trade for dragon equipment when you summon a market place merchant (credit: fallingfromsky)

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