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    Brought to you by Kronos' Guild [Tutorial]

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    Quest: Abandoned Altar (EXP + Gold)(Grant Atricus's Whisper after praying = + Movement Speed for 65sec)
    01.Avanah Forest (Near Avanah's Omen) (Behind a Satsuma Scaleskin Dragon on the ground)
    02.Avanah Forest (Full Zoom Out, On the Ground where Avanah For'e'st was)
    03.Takhar Valley (Full Zoom Out, On the Cliff where Takhar V'a'lley was)
    04.Takhar Valley (On Cliff)
    05.Kanze Valley (At Public Event 'Kanze Valley Residents' Behind the Big Hollow Tree)
    06.Silia Shrine (On the Bottom of a Cliff near water)
    07.Lake Oristan (On a Small Isle in the middle of the lake)
    [Click for Altar Location]

    Location: Shax Remnants (On Cliff)
    Hidden NPC: "Night Bee" Charlotte (Must be at Melee Range to appear)
    Quest: Collecting "Ingredients"
    Quest: Special Seasoning
    [Click for NPC Location]

    Location: Kanze Valley (Fishbone Envlave near few NPCs on the bridge)
    NPC: Dwain Howmond (Hidding leaning on a Boulder)
    Quest: Hunting 101 - Bears
    Quest: Hunting 101 - Wild Boars
    Quest: Bears: Hard Mode
    Quest: What a Pig!
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    Get 'Old and Battered Lockbox' & 'Slightly Rusted Key' from Quest NPC, 'Silver Key' is hidden in a mold beside the Jewelry Box location in the water.
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Open the Box, get and finish the quest from it, get the shard. Click the shard and finish the quest from it.
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Click the Grooved Monument and adjust the shard to get 'Florence's Skull'
    Click 'Florence's Skull' for quest.
    Quest: Dead Man Talking
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    Get 'Mirror-Like Fragment' and 'Glowing White Crystal Ball' to NPC Cid Silverclaw at Parsing Backwoods.
    Lost the 2 Items!? Get them again from NPC Old Tom and NPC Jamie Aliya.
    Will activate series of quests for Cid Silverclaw...
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
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    Kill Silent Hermit to drop 'Heart of the Hermit'
    Finish Quests from NPC Ichi Teater located at Skywo Plains (West inside a cavern of Near Public Event 'Furious Counterattack')
    Access to NPC Kanmon Teater's Quests.
    Quest: Heart of the Hermit
    Quest: Hero's Trial: Strength
    Quest: Hero's Trial: Wisdom (Answer at Southwest of 'Sea of the Lost', in a Cave) [Click to See Location]
    Quest: Hero's Trial: Challenge
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    - Southeast of Miers Farm, there is a waterfall that you can pass through to find 2 NPC Twin Enchantresses for series of quest.
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    [NOTE] Southwest in Lilia Harbor OR at Lilia City outside the restaurant, there will be a merchant that sell 'The Cards of Destiny', 'Fortune Crystal', 'Love Amulet' & 'Simple Astrology' at 1500g each.

    - South of the Plains of Rusttoe Stronghold, kill Flying-Fang Beast to drop ''Invitation?!?!" for Quest.

    - At Marcachi Town, near the Lair Manager, talk to NPC Tricia the Honeybee for quest series.
    Quest: Infiltration Level: Expert
    Quest: Debt and Taxes
    Quest: Hold On To Your Hat
    Quest: Nethergloom Interference

    - At Marcachi Town, around the Train Station near NPC Theon Bordland & Serenie Brunell. Click a stack of Books lying on the ground to get 'Shabby Notebook' for quest series.
    Quest: Traces of the Past
    Quest: Blast From the Past
    Take the 'Shabby Notebook' to Wynnadia Plains, find a tree trunk horizontal on the ground near the pond, search the ground where there are 2 opened crates to obtain 'Mina's Farewell Notes' for quest series.
    Quest: Love Long Gone
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    At Public Event'Clean Out the Skeleton Pit', Kill Gurba to drop 'A Copper Key of Unknown Purpose'
    Talk to NPC Zart Wolfmouth squatting on a Big Rock outside west of Wotark for the quest series.
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
    Quest: 。。。。。。
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    - At Serpent's Watch, go to the 2nd Floor of Little Tommy's House and talk to her Mother for quest series.
    Quest: Stew For You
    Quest: A Snowflake in a Snowman
    Quest: A Special Snowflake
    Quest: Get-Well Gift
    Quest: Best Friends Forever
    Quest: Dirty Little Secret

    - East outside Messher, click the Tombstone on the Snowy Hill to pop up a quest icon east side of Messher Town in the lumber mill site. [Click for Tombstone Location]
    Quest: Left Behind
    Quest: The Waiting Game (Give a Letter for Eysis, activate quest icon for Windelle outside Messhar)
    Quest: The Resonating Voice
    Quest: Echoes of Pain (Talk to Frostwalker Great Wolf near Windelle after handing quest)
    Quest: The Wolves of Winter
    Quest: Romance of Melting Snow

    - On the process of Public Event "Digilent Reconnoitring", you will see a Small Firewood Shed on the east side, search the snow mold under the tree behind the shed to get a 'Box of Old Items' for quest.
    Quest: Lock Away the Memories
    Quest: Clear Away the Road Hog

    - Talk to Krato Foster just outside Lynor's Weapon Shop, Joy Laker near The Verge will pop up a quest icon for quest series.
    Quest: Like a Prayer
    Quest: Hope Abides
    SideQuest: Bloody Revenge
    SideQuest: Purge the Poison
    SideQuest: The Spreading Chaos
    SideQuest: Frost on the Fingertips

    - Enter Lynor's Bank and find a opened vault, search for a 'Tattered Envelope' for quest series.
    Quest: Treasure in the Snow
    (The Treasure Location: ? Clue = 'They are hidden in the depths of the left eye that gazes at the lake')

    - At Northern gate of Torran Dominion, Enter the House nearby, speak to Delos Antse to pop up a quest on the 2nd Floor.
    Quest: Know Thy Enemy
    Quest: Silver-Tongued
    Quest: Born of Ice and Snow
    Quest: Light as a Feather
    Quest: Something for Posterity

    - Strange Key: Drop from Orsolo northeast of Bardeias Estate. Use to open the Gorgeous Chest behind Orsolo, receive 'Private Letter' and 'Beautiful Ring', click Private Letter at Level 66 to receive quest.
    Quest: Owner of the Ring
    Quest: Nobles On the Run...
    Quest: Find Aileen Ropin
    Quest: Stop the Recklessness

    - Blood-Stained Letter: Drop from Lucius northeast of Bardeias Estate. click Blood-Stained Letter to receive quest.
    Quest: Blood-Stained Letter

    - Blood-Stained Pendant: At the Frozen Expanse in the narrow pathway at Frozen Expanse, find a Ice-Sealed Stone Tablet, click for it and backtrack to find the pendant on the ground. [Click for Tablet Location]
    At Level 66, click the pendant for quest.
    Quest: Owner of the Pendant (Find the owner of the pendant and chat to her for another quest)
    Quest: Unexpected Attacker
    Quest: Survival Report
    EtcQuest: Secret Laboratory
    EtcQuest: Prince's Possessions
    EtcQuest: Shax-style Revenge

    Q&A Quest: Strange Treasure Chest
    (Fortress Key from Quest 'A Giant Investigation)
    (Frost Key from Quest: 'Heart of Mimoria)
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    Took awhile to Level Up enough to get/do the quests and translate the Walkthrough from Taiwan&Japan Wiki/Forums
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    There are some LOWER Level Hidden TRIGGERed Hidden QuestS I may not included because I have to backtrack from Wintertide Zones
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    Gd job.

    Will give some of us bored people with no dragon spawns something to do=)
  12. rimond New Member

    and where is the quest 'A Giant Investigation?
  13. Kaito Member

    Somewhere near Torran Dominion, if you don't find the "!" on the map for this quest, means you didn't reach the required Level yet. :D
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    What do you get from these quests? Just more gold and exp? Anything special? I wasn't even aware that there were secret quests.
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    :D UPDATE :D
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    Thank you for answering some questions for me Kaito

    Any idea what to do with the History of Auretia stone block, or the Chest of War Documents?
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    :D UPDATE :D
  18. RadarX Community Relations

    A ton of great info!
  19. Lelein Well-Known Member

    I'm 70 and I don't have this quest. U sure it's that simple?
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    You can get the quest 'A Giant Investigation' from Nicholas Tolir (he's at the Ironfang Highlands camp).
    To get the fortress key, there's an option to ask him, 'About the fortress....'. He'll say something about 'since you've helped me, I'll give you this key.'
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