ZERO LIMITS is Recruiting (US Hero League)

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  1. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Who we are?

    Zero Limits is the result of the merging of two Leagues with history on DCUO going back to the first years of the game, The original Zero Limits and Bad Intentions. Later on, we became Old Testament rolling with that name for a few years. Recently we switch the name back to Zero Limits trying to going back to our roots of "get the job done" and have a fun time in the process. The core members of our League are hardcore players with a good sense of humour. We hold team work and comunication as the principal pillars of our group.

    What we are looking for?

    We are looking for Team players, not the "Stars" of DCUO. We work as a unit and we will try to help you to get some feats and gear up if you need it, but we need commited people, open to comunicate with rest of the League members. Communication is a must in our League. If you are a lone wolf who only wants to join group when you need something and you like to hang on your own private chat, then this is not the League for you.

    This are some basic requirements to join our ranks:

    - Be Legendary (This month we can accept Premium members since there is no new content)
    - Have at least 120 sp
    - Better if you have 100 cr (We are flexible on this since we can help you if you are a returning player)
    - Be willing to use mic when required (Feat runs, organization stuff, and to chill on league chat aswell)
    - Be proactive. If you need an specific feat run try to get some people on the League to make that happen, be sure than more than one will be willing to help you, but donĀ“t expect that we are going to hold your hand if you are not willing to help yourself first.

    A Zero Limits feat run during the Antimonitor event.

    If you think that this League has what you always wanted on a DCUO League then send an in-game message to:
    - Goliath X
    - Dayspayre
    - Case65
    - Jedirobb
    - 00 Murdog
    - II II
    - AlaRebelde
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  2. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    We lowered the entry requeriments for people with low SP and CR, but willing to put the effort to gear up and raise their SP.
  3. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Sounds like a fun League. Here are my stats. I hope to hear from you Soon
    *In-game name. Belthazur
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Server USPC
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 192/304
    *Power. Mental
    *Role. DPS/Troller
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *Age. (For those leagues with age requirements). 45
    *About yourself. Dedicated to Helping others and Getting as many Skill Points and Making Everyone as Good as they can be.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a FRIENDLY, ACTIVE, SOCIAL, Feat Grinding League to Tackle Any & All Content. NO BS and DRAMA. NOT looking to be just another Number for your League Stats.
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  4. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

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