Zenith of the Zodiac

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    Because the great customer service people insist I ask the forums...did anyone have any issue with having this feat complete? I have all 12 of the feats completed (emblems) to get the larger 50 point feat, but it didn't go off when I completed the last emblem.

    I sent the esteemed customer service a detailed email on when the 12 emblem feats were completed (with dates). And of course I got a generic email back with this being step 2. So I am asking the forums.

    Has this happened to you? I did not see this on any other post.
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    Ok so I think I figured out this issue.

    On my main character I had all the emblems (Zodiac) except the Cancer one, which I had bought off an alt as he received that emblem in a box I had opened on him. This meant my Main character did not have the actual physical emblem of Cancer, just the feat paid for. This negated the ability to complete the 50 pt feat for all 12 until I purchased a cancer emblem.
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    Good that you figured it out. The thing that digs me is that level 1 support could have done the same research. Plus support is supposed to have more access to see things and if they handle enough cases should be better at figuring out for customers.

    Had a case last year where support said they couldn't reproduce an error. Then gave the canned response of ask on forum or search community's bug tracker. I did one search on the tracker and replied back with the link others having the issue. The steps that led to it. The bug was supposedly 'closed'. So one, they didn't follow their own advice or if they knew I rather they be honest and say it's a known issue but currently no fix for it.
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    I clearly asked in my response if there was something they could see that I was missing, and I was basically told to just come back to forums and post.

    Something like this was clearly not a bug, and could of been easily pointed out to me, and I would of "My Bad" it and moved along.

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    Customer service is not what happens when you contact "customer service". Almost 100% of the time, regardless of the issue, the primary response is 1) to repair a possibly corrupted database and 2) to post on the forum and bug tracker, no matter WHAT you initially tell them. I first knew there was a big problem when I reported a bug that affected many, many people, including league members, and that was their response: maybe I need to repair my database, check my connection etc. They obviously don't even bother to read your initial comments. What I can't figure out is why an investment firm, staffed by seemingly intelligent people, would want to pay people to offer up bland, "form letter" type responses, when the FAQ page probably says what "customer service" tells people.