Your Theory on the Tank Shortage

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  1. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    For me, I feel that the tanking meta has slowly shifted over recent years, but going back to older content has been a sharp return to the old meta and the newer tanks can't cope with it.

    There are pretty much two types of tank in this game. 'Turtle' tanks, who curl up into a ball and take everything that's thrown at them, and 'Kite' tanks who constantly move around the room, dragging all the enemies behind them. In the most recent episodes, the meta shifted towards 'Kite' tanking, (which I personally hated...) but now we're back playing older content, 'Kite' tanking doesn't work as well because you're forced to hold your ground and 'Turtle' a lot more. 'Kite' tanks are set up differently, so generally they can't hold that much aggro at once, and tend to die fairly quickly when they're suddenly required to hold their ground.

    Personally I've always hated 'Kite' tanking. It's always felt like a somewhat selfish and impatient playstyle, and it's really annoying trying to chase after a group of adds when you're a dps. I've always been a 'Turtle' tank, and I love it, purely because of the fact that I can walk into a room and just take control of the situation, take the heat off of my team and keep all the adds in one place for them to just light up.

    I think that's why there are less tanks around at the moment. Too many 'Kite' tanks who can't stand their ground.
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  2. zNot Dedicated Player

    Fully agreed with you.
  3. zNot Dedicated Player

    Yes i tanked in few other mmos in endgame level tanking dcuo is way easyier.
  4. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    I hate kite tanking because its not tanking, its running away which any role and does all the time. Kite tanking only became a thing because of fellows like z*** (name omitted because he might show up like Beetlejuice) complain and moan that content is too easy. So then the devs are left with over tuning bosses wherein the only way to survive is to run away. That why I've hated these last 2 SMs because you're left with no choice but to run away and taunt. Which isn't tanking.
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  5. zNot Dedicated Player

    content back then was difficult and there was no kiting. Kiting doesnt insantly mean that its difficult on the Tank,people kite wherever its a easy elite raid or not.

    Tanks shouldnt just stand at the same point either though,theres a difference between moving abit and kiting aka running away from the boss.
  6. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Exactly. I can't stand it. I've been in so many raids where we've had a kite tank in there with us, bouncing his way down the hallway, dragging all the adds with him, while everyone in the chat is screaming at him "STAND STILL!!!" and "WE CAN'T HIT THEM!!!"......then he'll get to a locked door and die in seconds because he's gathered up 10x the amount of adds he can actually hold, which leads to multiple team wipes as we try to whittle down the numbers so we can progress.

    These days, when I'm in with a kite tank, I'll just switch to my turtle tank build, steal all the adds off him and watch him lose his s**t in chat as he desperately tries (and fails) to regain control of them lol
  7. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I've been meaning to file a ticket for that. The plans say I already collected it yet it's not in my R&D vendor options. I would make a thread in the bug section but since most peopler don't even know it exists I doubt there'd be any upvotes on it.
  8. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Obvious question: Did you check your archive?
  9. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    What an unnecessary jab...

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  10. Shalayah Committed Player

    Lol yeah tanking is definitely a role that can really make or break a group. A good tank makes things extremely easy meanwhile a bad one could make things extremely difficult. I like tanking because I do have less room to make mistakes and it just provides a solid challenge. Tanks are usually supposed to be like the leader of the group but a lot of players aren’t equipped to take on that role due to lack of understanding what they’re supposed to do.

    On the flip side. You do have a bunch of players that like to (unknowingly) take all of the aggro from the tank by starting fights and then blame the tank because they end up dead. Then players who didn’t see what happened or don’t understand the mechanics of the game also join in on blaming the tank. Either resulting in the tank being kicked, or just players leaving the instance.
  11. Shalayah Committed Player

    Technically it is. Because the tank is doing it’s job of taking the aggro away from the group. It can be annoying in hallways when the tank doesn’t stand still, but it terms of boss fights. I honestly don’t think the tank should be any less accountable for poor positioning just as the rest of the group and that means avoiding huge boss hits or certain mechanics.
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  12. InvisibleInk Level 30

    I think the fact that we're 6 pages in and nobody has linked a tanking guide might have something to do with the tank shortage.

    Like is there a consensus on what a good tanking guide even is?
  13. Essential Exobyte Well-Known Player

    The only kite tanking that was a must was in Love and War last boss. Carol Ferris would drop 2 lantern batteries which empowered her oneshot skulls. If you drag her (kite) around the room (or back and forth) she will be too far away to be empowered and thus no oneshots. Otherwise, idk of any other bosses that need kiting besides sm, and that is a joke as running away to ‘not die’ is not kiting nor tanking.
  14. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Maybe the tanks that leave the game are fed up with the dps that play the race and hit a mob pack or a boss before them, or maybe also, because of the terrain sometimes more and more illegible because of some effects of spells and various farts of player who walks on the ground, which can sometimes disturb the tank in action, maybe only finally; they are looking for something more "classic"! ;)

    In any case on this game, the thing which is brilliant in tank is the aggro extremely well to think, compare with certain game, or sometimes, it practically does not exist or it is much more <<complicate>> a managed.
  15. myandria Item Storage

    Well, there is Oracle's Database that can give someone an idea on how to build a tank in this game. However, I dont think that anyone can provide a link to a good tanking guide in general, as there are different opinions just in this thread alone on how the tank role should perform. Perhaps that can be another topic for another thread; "Where can a player find a good guide for tanking in DCUO?"
  16. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    i'll vote for it,
  17. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    In the Oracle section there are tons of guides. If you want a specific thread with the title "Tanking" then no you won't find it. However there other threads such as Earth, Fire that have guides on how to tank. However, they might not be updated as Tanking has changed throughout the years. There's different ways to tank now so you won't find one how you expect. The glory of Tanking now is that you have many different ways to tank.
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  20. bruceleroy98 Active Player

    Been tanking since release. It's a learned skill but for me it actually forced me to understand the game better and get better as an individual player. For the toxic ones, they will be toxic good or bad so I just tell them to blank off and if they want smoke pvp me or shut up. Otherwise, it's a lot of responsibility but I wouldn't be any other role.