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    I seriously thought you guys logged off . . . permanently! Hope all's well and I promise to NOT take 3.5 months to get the next installment out. I'm aiming for end of January. Also looking forward to The Call of Darkness (featuring Lex maybe?) and without giving too much away, my next part will unveil why this episode is called "Blue Giant". Stay tuned! :cool:
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    “Are you okay?!?” yelled out Manny. “Can someone help him!?” Gallius stood up, looked over his shoulder and with eyes of literal fire told Manny, “I have to go!”


    Gallius took to the air instantly, creating a sonic boom in his wake causing the ground to shake as his teammates covered their ears. In a fraction of a second he could no longer be spotted with the naked eye.

    The crowd became agitated and started protesting loudly due to how long this was taking. The giant barbaric merchant yelled back at the crowd angrily with the key ring in his grasp. Finally he inserted it into the lock and opened the cage door to let Medussa out. He forcibly grabbed the tall woman by the wrist and digging his long fingernails into her skin pulled her out of the cage.


    Gallius dropped down from the sky landing between the mob and the big man. “Medussa! I’ll get you out of here!” Medussa looked up at Gallius and noticed Gallius had flaming eyes and black smoke around him with burning embers rising upwards within the smoke. ‘That’s Gallius’s voice!’ she thought to herself. “Gallius?? I thought you died!” Medussa shook her head and barely could get the words out through her strained and exhausted voice. Gallius ignored the comment. He neither could understand it, nor did he have time for questions. “Let’s go Medussa. I promise you’ll be okay!” As he was saying this his skin started to turn into a bluish metal. Finally his whole body burst into flames and he dropped to the ground motionless. Medussa screamed in horror as tears ran down her cheeks. The crowd of hundreds exploded in raucous laughter seeing the hero collapse and dying before the lady he promised to save. The barbarian merchant picked up his filled sack of coins and let go of Medussa’s wrist. “I don’t need to witness this misery. Good luck, lady!” and he clutched the sack tightly as he navigated past the edge of the crowd. Several dozen mutant Dredfahlians slowly paced towards Medussa.
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    Meanwhile, Marcos flew via jetpack while Zealotte, who had shapeshifted into an Amphiptere essentially a legless dragon from her homeworld Talok, flapped her wings in an effort to keep up. While Mina and Gorius used their power rings for flight as the squad headed in Gallius’s direction, hoping to find him.

    Medussa closed her eyes and wished for death. She felt a strange heat wash over her and dared to take a glimpse to see how close her assailants were, and caught sight of Gallius standing and no longer collapsed before her! His skin looked like bluish molten metal and was radiating quite a bit of heat from the orange glow around him. One of the Dredfahlians raised a scimitar to the sky while screaming and the entire crowd charged Gallius and Medussa.

    The heroes were converging upon Gallius’s area when they stopped and all witnessed a mushroom cloud ascending into the sky.


    Circling inward, the black plume rose high enough to reach the clouds. A shockwave was seen speeding on the ground towards the heroes. Mina quickly used her Sapphire ring to envelop the group in a large shield of violet light. Upon impact the shield shook violently and was pushed back hundreds of yards from the force but managed to stay intact. The deafening sound of the blast caused the ground to shake while the shockwave uprooted everything in it’s wake. Covering his ears and seemingly delirious Manny shouted, “An atomic bomb? Why??” Mina focused the group’s attention, “We have to see if Gallius’s body!! I’ll keep the shield up as we get closer!” Mina steered the giant violet orb towards the giant black plume of smoke ascending into the sky hoping to catch sight of any survivors.

    On the opposite side of the ascending black plume of smoke, a portal opened up and the Persuader carrying his Atomic Axe walked through. He stood at the top of a cliffside next to a 200′ tall transmission tower that managed to stay upright but was scorched from the heat blast.


    Looking down at his scanner he pondered, ‘Based on the coordinates, the Yakka-Mahor girl should be in the vicinity.’ He walked up to the very edge of a precipice and stared at the smoke rising. The stench of hot metal and smoke permeated the air, and the sound of roaring flames was heard from down below. The Persuader saw no living thing down below. If there were people . . . they were completely vaporized. He then noticed in the midst of the smoke and fire, a person going down on both knees. He was glowing bright orange. There was a second person standing alongside him and both appeared to be made of metal.


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    The Persuader was stunned, “Did they . . . do this??” he whispered to himself. A violet spherical shield touched down alongside the 2 figures and the Persuader now activated a 31st century telescope within his silver helm to take a better look. The Persuader saw the flying lizard among them shapeshift back into Zealotte, his intended target. He was going to collect his bounty soon enough he thought! But judging on the power level of the orange glowing one and possibly also his female cohort, he determined it might be prudent to take them all out and return the Yakka-Mahor girl dead or alive, as proof of reward.


    Gripping both hands on the Atomic Axe he takes a mighty swing and with almost no resistance severs the base of the tower sending it off the cliffside onto the heroes down below.


    Mina vanished the violet shield. “Medussa, Gallius . . . let’s get . . .” and that’s when she noticed that Medussa’s skin was metallic just like Gallius’s! The creaking sound of metal twisting above them got louder as it got closer and the group looked up through all the smoke and saw death bearing down on them. Gallius flew upwards almost instantly and caught the tower in mid-air which weighed a couple of hundred tons. The Persuader saw this and in an act of desperation pointed his axe skyward and flew down to the group below landing some 30 yards in front of the group. Zealotte pointed and shrieked at the sight of her bounty-hunter. Ready for a fight, Mina and Gorius powered up their rings. Gorius Karkum saw the enemy cut a portal through the air with his glowing orange axe. “Stop!!” Gorius fired a green energy blast but the Persuader vanished as he jumped into the portal. He appeared behind Gorius and swung the axe. Gorius noticed him and tried to dodge the attack but the bounty-hunter sliced through her right side just below the ribcage. A life-threatening wound, Gorius fell to the ground and was bleeding badly from her side. With surprisingly quick reflexes, the big bounty hunter had Zealotte Toreg by the throat. “Back away everyone or this one’s next!” Zealotte Toreg grimaced in discomfort as the warm orange axe was way too close to her face. “Reptile! You shouldn’t have fired at me. Last time you try that!!” boasted the brute. Manny sweating from anxiety, nervously put his hand on his plasma pistol and wondered if he could shoot the Atomic Axe out of his hand. “Let’s get out of here kid, you are wanted in the 31st century! I will be compensated handsomely for your return.”
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    As Gallius was dropping the tower onto the ground with a thunderous boom, the Persuader noticed Gallius disposing of the tower and he anxiously held out his axe with his right hand while Zealotte coughed while clutching his left forearm as he held her by the throat. He kept one eye on the group before him and Gallius up in the sky. Then he lost sight of Gallius and he tried to turn so he could head into the portal behind him but was met with resistance. The mighty axe in his hand started to heat up and the blade deformed as it seemingly melted. Gallius was right behind him and was also holding the axe unbeknownst to the bounty-hunter. The Persuader was stunned and stupefied by the axe bending and melting in his hand. He noticed Gallius was also holding the axe! But Gallius reached around with his left hand and grabbed the Persuader’s left wrist breaking it, pulling the arm away and freeing Zealotte. The bounty hunter screamed in pain and Zealotte jabbed him in the stomach with an elbow and she scampered away. “Don’t accept any bounties in connection with me again!” threatened Gallius. Gallius landed a haymaker sending the bounty hunter weaponless, flying into the downed mangled tower. Gallius picked up his axe and flew over to him in a blur and wrapped the metal around him until you could only see his head and feet sticking out. There was nothing the bounty hunter could do to fend off Gallius due to his immense strength. “I think you’re gonna like Dredfahl, you’ll fit right in.” quipped Gallius. Then he took the deformed axe and held it against the steel and using his now blue and white heat vision, welded the ruined axe onto the beams in seconds.


    Gallius looked up at the smoke and burning landscape with those radiating eyes, and seconds later the burning landscape caused from the atomic blast became overrun with ice.

    Medussa ran up to the dying Psion, Gorius. “Can we get some help? She’s fading fast!” Gallius flew over to the group stretched out his hand and grabbed Gorius by the wrist. “Try to get up.” Gallius requested. Somehow, Gorius Karkum found the enrgy to pick herself up off the ground and her wound closed up until not even a scar remained. Having no animosity between the two, Gorius demonstrated her appreciation, “Thank you for saving me. I was certainly going to die.” “It was the least I could do after my initial hostility,” explained Gallius. Gallius’s adrenaline from battle finally subsided and his orange glow began to diminish. His metallic skin returned to normal until he became painfully aware that his spiky battle armor had completely incinerated from his metamorphosis. Manny Marcos quickly got between Gallius and the four females. “Ok guys, anatomy class is dismissed. I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”


    Gorius suggested creating a garment out of green light construct for the time being. “Give the man some pants so we can head out.” suggested Manny. Mina then noticed that Medussa’s had also returned to normal and she was no longer metallic from head to toe. Mina now proceeded to create a duplicate Star Sapphire power ring using her own for Medussa.
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    Altin Ad’Ms and the Star Sapphire group dropped down from the sky before Gallius, Zealotte, Manny, Gorius and Medussa. “We saw an explosion on the horizon and tried to get here as fast as we could but we ran into a horde of Dredfahlians,” explained Altin.


    “It’s over Altin, we’ve found the Lost Sapphire.” explained Gorius Karkum. Manny had noticed that Gallius was looking at his hands and then squinted at the giant bluish sun through the hazy clouds.


    He walked over to Gallius. “What’s with you?” Where’s this power coming from? You caught that huge tower in mid-flight, you turn fire into ice, you closed up our scout’s wound. What else?? Oh! How did you guys survive that nuclear blast?” Gallius replied with some hesitation. “I . . . I shielded us both,” Manny sensed that Gallius was holding back but became distracted when Gorius, listening asked Gallius if he was of Kryptonian descent. “He’s not Kryptonian, he’s from Daxam. Well . . . his father was. Mother is Talokite just like Zealotte and Medussa here.” corrected Marcos. Gorius nodded, “I see. I’ve heard a story of a Kryptonian whose power was greatly amplified while in the presence of a blue giant, way beyond a yellow sun. It is postulated that even new powers can be acquired for such ones,” added Karkum. “Are you saying he’s way stronger than Superman??” asked Manny as he attempted to glance up at the bright blue sun. “He is in Dredfahl. But he’ll revert closer to normal when he leaves this solar system Earthling,” she explained.”Enough talking.” Gorius raised her green power ring and it shone brightly. “We’re headed back to Oa, Marcos needs to return the environment suit and I need to meet up with Tomar-Re.” “Star Sapphires please escort Medussa, the rest of us are heading to Oa,” commanded Altin. Medussa quickly walked over to Gallius, “No. I’m coming with you guys. I want to talk to Gallius.” Medussa raised her hand to show the other Zamarons her new power ring. “Don’t worry, I’ll meet up with you ladies soon.” Gorius enveloped her group in Green Lantern energy and they rocketed upwards until Dredfahl became a small orb in their wake as they made their interstellar journey to Oa in Sector 0.

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    Well done Nomad. I like where the story is going. And the new abilities are interesting. I like the inclusion of the planet DREDFAHL. Does that mean that the Omega Men will have a cameo? However, there were some minor issues with either spelling or grammar but it didn't take me away from the read. Still, now we must wait for the next installment of Gallius's journey ;)
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    This is one of my toons. Just a quick presentation on him. Will do more very soon!
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    Still need to think of something for my Xbox Lord character
    any ideas for an origin story? lol
    i was thinking of things like Xboxonian technology magic and biology he lives in his own Xboxonian Pocket Dimension
    Xboxonian means anything related to the Xbox that is of a powerful Xbox nature
    such as: Xboxonian biology,technology,magic,etc.


    he currently resides in his own pocket dimension building devices and machines that harvest Xboxonium a miracle mineral that gives power to his Xboxonian um....stuff
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    sorry, posted something in the wrong place here
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    And here's another one: the one and only Professor Alexander Xavier! (Don't forget to wear your tin foil hats just in case...)
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    I originally started playing DCUO to see a superhero I created(Class Warrior) and his bases given visual representation, with the intent to write stories about him and his continued adventures against such adversaries as The One-Percenter among others. Took a break from the game, only to come back a couple years with a slew of new heroes, starting with Dolphin Damsel and her support staff but also including the rest of the heroes of The Pod, the Balton setting and the semi-iconic Hellhound, again planning on writing stories about them eventually. After a while, I was lured to the Villain side of the game, and that gave birth to my last round of characters, Fish Fiend, Piranhic Pirate, Nuclear Fishion and The Shark Knight(hero); backstories possibly forthcoming. Pictures of many of the characters described below available via link at end of post.

    Never got around to writing their adventures or fully writing their origins, but I did write summaries of their concepts and some Balton landmarks(ie bases belonging to the characters). Note that this is the dcuo universe version of the characters and stories. If/when I write, the settings going to change slightly, to have a bit less to do with the dcuo universe and will be largely taking place in it's own city, a combination of Baltimore and Boston/Massachusetts and Maryland called Balton, Marrachusetts.

    The Story of The People of Dissidence, aka The Pod

    The story of The Pod starts with three working class friends from the Mencken Orphanage in the city of Balton, Marrachusetts: Tess Trueblue, a scrappy fighter with a keen sense of justice and interest in fighting for the working class, Annie Droid, a geek girl with a talent for computer hacking, and Brianna K. House, an African American girl built like an Amazon who is skilled at metalworking.

    After being sued for assault by someone she fought in the pursuit of justice, Tess decided to take inspiration from the superheroes already in existence and don a costume in her fight for the working class. Having always had an inexplicable fondness for dolphins, Tess designed a suit that resembled them, and the superheroine Dolphin Damsel was born. It would later turn out that her fondness for dolphins wasn't so inexplicable after all, she learned from the Queen of the Selkies--legendary irish creatures that can become seals when they don a piece of fabric-- that she was descended from a similar race of creatures, who can become dolphins. With the Selkie Queen's help, Tess unlocked some of the magic of her race, and gained some dolphin powers as well as the ability to transform all or part of her into that creature.

    Using the businesses they owned: Tess's Crime City Craichouse, a whimsical irish pub near Amusement Mile in Gotham and Marina Cantina, an ocean-themed seafood restaurant near Metropolis' marina, Annie's Hacktopia, an internet cafe in Gotham and the People's Paper, an underground newspaper near the Daily Planet, and Bri's Southie Smithy, a forge in South Gotham, as bases, Tess used her powers and fighting skill to aid the working class as Dolphin Damsel, with Annie and Brianna, now codenamed Software and Hardware, providing tech support ala Oracle for Batman, and armoring her.

    Along the way, they gained allies, who brought their own skillsets and bases to the mix: the Metropolis-based Class Warrior, a veteran superhero and latest in a long line of superheroes fighting for the working class, including such predecessors as Blue Collar, Foreman, Power Populist and Sabocat and his skilled chemist and scientist sidekick Labor Lad who will one day continue Class Warrior's legacy as Labor Leader, Hellhound, the aging estranged older brother of Wildcat Ted Grant, champion boxer, Hapkido black belt, and expert Irish stick fighter who made a deal with a devil to gain fire-based power and immortality but found a loophole to keep from having to serve the side of evil, Major Midnight, an ex-military angry militant black man with a distrust in the government and an expertise in guns and discipline, and his less-militant sidekick Coal Minor, a poor black Appalachian teen who came to Gotham and got involved with a bad crowd after losing both his parents to a mining disaster, and Ms. Medic, an ex-military field medic and current runner of 3 clinics and a Pharmaceutical research lab from the unit that Major Midnight commanded who gained healing powers from the White Lantern entity of Life.

    When the Exobyte Transformation happened, some of the heroes simply gained increases in strength and speed(Class Warrior, Dolphin Damsel, Hardware, Hellhound) while others gained new powers(Major Midnight's flight, Ms. Medic's strength, skill, and flight, Software's intellect and electricity powers) and still others underwent substantial transformations (Labor Lad, who can now labor with the fundamental matter of the universe but whose skin now has a silver sheen, Coal Minor, who gained power over the Earth his parents mined but became a being of living rock and lava, and Dolphin Damsel's newly-found sidekick, an angry streetkid codenamed Kid Crab, who gained powers powered by his rage).

    The group of heroes dedicated to fighting for the poor and disenfranchised now called themselves The Pod, after the name for a grouping of dolphins but also as an acronym for People of Dissidence and established a Gotham hall called The Pod Palace and, eventually, a base under the Atlantic gifted to them by the Selkie Queen called Unity Hall. Tess soon realized however that the powers that be were too strong and too organized, and that The Pod's only strength lay in numbers, so set out to recruit more superheroes and heroines into The Pod as she could.
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    Summaries of members of The Pod:

    Note that these are blurbs, and more in-storyline info about the characters can be found through their base descriptions in the base guide.

    Hellhound: Older ex-boxer, expert irish stick fighter, and black belt in Hapkido. Brock Bradach is the older brother of Ted Grant, aka Wildcat and has similar skills in boxing, though he adds expertise in irish stick fighting and martial arts skills to the mix. Due to insecurities with his lack of powers and the effects of time, he made a deal with a devil to stop aging, and gained fire-based powers in the process. Luckily, he outwitted the devil and discovered a loophole that allowed him to continue his heroic actions without having to serve the side of evil. However, this caused him to become estranged from his younger brother and his cohorts due to their disagreement with his decision to risk his soul for powers and lead him to change his last name from Grant to his mother's maiden name, Bradach. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, his strength and speed increased tenfold. He now acts as the league's hand-to-hand combat trainer in his three dojos/gyms: Balton Boxing, Southside Shillelagh, and Hubtown Hapkido as well as providing an outlet for aggression and exercise to both guards and inmates alike at his gym on Stryker's Island called Anatomical Correctness.

    Class Warrior: Much of Huey Strummer's, aka Class Warrior, past remains a mystery. What is known is that he is a veteran superhero and former sidekick and the latest in a long line of superheroes focused on fighting the enemies of the working class that included predecessors like Foreman, with his sidekick Basic Boy, in the early 1900s, Blue Collar, a grown up Basic boy and part of a crime-fighting trio, The Toiling Trio, that included his sidekick Green Apprentice and his wife and superheroine Red Rosie Riveter, in the Golden Age and The Emerald Avenger, the grownup sidekick Green Apprentice who himself had the future Class Warrior, known at that time as Class Whelp, as his sidekick, in the Silver Age. Throughout his superhero career, he has adopted various personas, costumes, powers and weapons to specifically match the situation he finds himself confronting and to keep his enemies guessing though the thread of his standard Class Warrior costume and persona has ran throughout this tapestry of different identities. Today, with primary use of dual weapons, staff, bow, and his bike, the Right Hook Road Hawg, a talent for gadgets, and decades of experience in how to be a superhero, he trains and guides the league, as well as his sidekick Labor Lad who would one day continue CW's legacy as Labor Leader, in all aspects of superheroing. Sadly, his years of superheroing have turned him a bit cynical and dark. The Exobyte Transformation left him with increased speed, skill, and intellect.

    Labor Lad: A child prodigy from working class parents, Liam McLugh came to the attention of Class Warrior through his teaching chemistry and general science to the children of Mencken Orphanage. Taking the lad under his wing as his sidekick, Labor Lad, the boy counterbalances Class Warriors cynicism with his own optimism and brighter, more hopeful worldview. He serves as the chemist and general scientist of The Pod, as well as maintaining the Metropolis branch of The Pod's sidekicks base, Sidekick Central and, with help from Software, the Science-themed cafe Science Shangri-la near the Science Spire, which gets The Pod critical intel on what Lexcorp's scientists are up to. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, Labor Lad was substantially changed: he gained a silvery covering to his skin, and was now able to labor with the fundamental matter of the universe through his connection to "The Labor Force" the universal combined pool of energy/power that both originates from and powers all of the labor/work/manipulation of matter by every sentient species in the universe somewhat akin to Flash's "Speed Force" and a secondary mentor in Superman, both because he was closer in his world outlook to the big blue boyscout and because the super-powered Man of Steel and the other superpowered members of the Justice League could train him in the use of his newly acquired powers in a way that the mostly non-super-powered Class Warrior couldn't. One day, he will grow up to continue Blue Collar, Foreman, and Class Warrior's legacy as a superhero in his own right, Labor Leader. Plays guitar for The Pod's band, The Salt of the Earth, composed mostly of sidekicks, that often plays at The Crime City Craichouse.

    Major Midnight(rarely played Superman-mentored controller): An African-American ex-military commander of a squad, that at one point included Ms. Medic, who grew disgruntled with the government and adopted a black militant philosophy. He resigned from the military and now leads a mostly spartan life as a superhero to aid the black race. Seeing a commonality between black struggle and working class struggle, however, he hasn't let his philosophy stop him from aiding the Pod, teaching them long-distance combat skills through his two shooting ranges: The Gotham City Shooting Range and Metropolis Target Practice in between mentoring his young ward, Coal Minor. The Exobyte Transformation gave him the power of Flight. Primarily fights crime in Metropolis.

    Coal Minor: Orphaned by a mining disaster caused by the mine-owner's greed and lack of attention to safety, the poor black youth from Appalachia and oldest of the Pod's sidekicks became disgruntled in a very similar way and towards the same things and people as Major Midnight. Traveling to Gotham City, and falling in with Venom's thugs, he was eventually found by Major Midnight, moved to Metropolis, and became both his sidekick, adopting the name Coal Minor in honor of his parents and in resonance with Major Midnight's codename, and, in a combined case of the Florence Nightingale effect and transference, boyfriend to Ms. Medic, who helped him recover from his former Venom addiction. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, he was given the power to shape and manipulate the Earth, his body was changed to living rock and a lava-like substance and, like Labor Lad, he acquired a secondary mentor in Steel, who could better teach him to harness his new powers, even to the point of refinement where he can now create artistic sculptures, many of which adorn the Pod Palace and various other Pod bases, with his powers as a side hobby. In between his time running Grodd's forces off of the Queensland Boardwalk and helping to rebuild it with the other sidekicks from the Metropolis Sidekick Central, he serves as the Pod's electrical work guru, through his tech lab Coalworks, creating the hardlight disguise cells that he and Labor Lad use to appear normal humans, Podbots that various of the Pod members use as a battle aid, the Podskimmers that he and Labor Lad use for travel and movement and various other league devices, with the help of the other Pod members in their areas of expertise. Plays bass for The Salt of the Earth.

    Ms. Medic: Callie S. Thenic is a former military field medic who, at one point, was a trusted member of the squad lead by Major Midnight. Upon leaving the military, she gained her PHD, and later happened to come to the attention of the White Lantern Life entity and was granted mystical healing powers by a collaboration between The White Lantern entity and the various Parliaments of The Green, The Red, The Clear, The Grey, and The Black. With her medical training enhanced by these powers, she opened three clinics to serve people afflicted by various ailments caused by Gotham's supervillains: the Venom Rehab Clinic, the Joker Toxin Emergency Treatment Ward at Arkham Asylum, and the Fear Gas Dephobiation Center, as well as a pharmaceutical research lab to research antidotes and other neutralization methods to these and other supervillain related medical problems, like Poison Ivy's pheromones, Kryptonite poisoning, etc. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, Callie gained enhanced speed and strength and the power of flight. With these powers, and combat training by the Amazons as well as the other Pod members, she took a more active role in fighting crime, using the bow and the staff, the latter modeled after the Rod of Asceplius, a traditional healthcare symbol, as Ms. Medic, primarily in Gotham, as well as serves as The Pod's chief doctor. In a relationship with Coal Minor.

    Dolphin Damsel: Tess Trueblue was a scrappy streetkid from the Mencken Orphanage in the Balton neighborhood of Gotham. Due in large part to being left alone to develop her own sexuality, Tess is bisexual; she has the attitude "love the person, not the body" and this attitude flavors who she's sexually attracted to as well. Growing up among Gotham's punk tribe, she long had a compulsion to seek justice for the working class. One day, after the blue-haired flat cap-wearing brass-knuckle-donning lovable pretty young lady was sued by assault for fighting, and beating, someone in the pursuit of that justice, she decided to take inspiration from the superheroes already extant, and don a costume to mask her true identity and protect herself against the over-litigiousness common in today's America. Thus, in between running her irish pub/punk club, The Crime City Craichouse, she started a superhero career as Dolphin Damsel with the help of two friends from the orphanage. Soon after, she learned that she was the descendant of an ancient mythological race of were-dolphins called delphies(Ed.'s note: Unlike the selkies, no actual basis in Celtic mythology), and with the help of the Queen of the Selkies(mythological irish were-seals), unlocked certain dolphin-based powers that were a result of that ancestry. Around this time, she also opened a second business, the Marina Cantina, a seafood restaurant and dance club in Metropolis. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, Tess was given increased strength and speed. She eventually took on a sidekick, Kid Crab, and started a league she named The Pod after a grouping of dolphins and an acronym of People of Dissidence(or whatever D word you care to use).
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    Kid Crab: Casey Crust's story, though taking place nearly a decade after Tess's, mirrors hers, with subtle differences. An inherently angry streetkid orphan, albeit without the benefit of being raised by Mencken Orphanage's staff, who also was part of Gotham's punk scene, he learned hapkido at Brock Bradach, aka Hellhound's Hubtown Hapkido(which Kid Crab later tempered with the Polynesian martial art limalama), but even this could not quell the great rage he felt at his own neglected upbringing and the injustices of society. Hellhound, suspecting that it would do both some good, introduced the bitter youth to the more upbeat cheerful Tess. He was given a Red Tide of Rage ring(unrelated to the Red Lantern ring, just one of those odd coincidences), by the same Selkie Queen that helped Tess unlock her powers, which let him harness his anger into power, and became Kid Crab, sidekick to Dolphin Damsel, fighting crime alongside her in between using his automotive knowhow to fix vehicles at the auto shop, Greasemonkey's, that is nominally Tess's but that he mostly runs and which also is the go-to place for superhero vehicle maintenance, working on such cars as the Batmobile, the Arrowcar, and the Catcycle. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, he was given increased strength and speed. He also maintains the Gotham branch of Sidekick Central and is the drummer for The Salt of the Earth.

    Software and Hardware: Tess's two friends from Mencken Orphanage that have assisted her since the beginning of her superhero career. The inseparable lesbian duo of the petite white geek girl, Annie Droid aka Software and sports-loving urban statuesque African American with an appreciation for African art, Bri K. House aka Hardware, apart from being lifelong friends of Tess, also offer their specialized skills to Tess and the Pod in general. Software, after training by Oracle, provides all of the hacker and software needs to the league through her internet cafe Hacktopia, and league communication and public relations through her populist underground newspaper, The People's Paper, while Hardware, through her blacksmith's workshop, The Southie Smithy, provides armor, weapons, and, in combination with the special skills of the other members of the Pod, any other needed metalworking. When the Exobyte Transformation happened, Software's intellect was vastly enhanced, as was Hardware's strength and speed, allowing both, after pistol training by Major Midnight for Software, and combat training by the Amazons, Hellhound, and Class Warrior for Hardware to step out from the support role and actively fight crime as superheroes apart from Dolphin Damsel. Also of note is that Bri is the daughter of Green Lantern John Stewart and minor villain Rosie the Riveter. During a low period of his life immediately following Katma Tui's murder, Bri was conceived at Rosie's bar in New Orleans; John Stewart was drunk and unaware of Rosie's alter ego while Rosie planned it as part of a plot to gain control of Green Lantern and force him to become Battleplan, part of her Demolition Team. Though Stewart was informed of his daughter's existence by Batman after she was mentored by him, he kept it secret from her due to embarrassment over the one-night stand itself and shame at not being there for the early stages of her life. He does, however, keep an eye on her through his work with the sidekicks rebuilding Queensland Boardwalk(part of the reason he accepted the project so readily and devotes an unusual amount of time to it); a project Bri, with her metalworking skills, is intimately involved in.

    Frost Ferret: Class Warrior’s former pet ferret; mutated in the same accident that created Daredevil and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Frost Ferret is an anthropomorphic ferret that gained ice powers from The Exobyte Storm and now fights crime alongside the other members of The Pod, from his base, The Winter Warren.

    Avenging ArchDruid: The former leader of a tribe of Irish druids, he was exiled from his tribe for endorsing the extension of their grasp of natural magic into the utilization of the magic of civilization's urban pseudo-ecosystems and his advocacy for a hardline militant approach to Christian domination of spirituality in the modern world, often at the expense of the naturalistic and civil religions. Moving to Gotham and establishing his bases The Urban Oak Grove, a sacred grove and magic-user meeting place near Robinson Park in Gotham, and The Hatchery, where he grows pets for superhero use, he met up with the Pod and because of his dissident tendencies, fit right in.

    Boy Beacon: Member of a prism-skinned alien race that, because of their physiology, can utilize all of the lights of the emotional spectrum, he is the liasion to all of the lantern corps for the Pod. His base on Earth is called Lantern Liasions.

    Bionic Bushido: A robot samurai created by Class Warrior who spends his off-time recharging at The Shoin Station.
  16. Balton hero Committed Player

    Bases/Balton landmarks, by character:


    The People's Paper(Metropolis): Perched on the rooftop of a building in the shadows of the more mainstream Daily Planet, The People's Paper is the twin city's most widely read populist underground newspaper. At least publicly, that is. It's hidden motives are providing a medium for communication for the Pod and positive public relations for it's vigilante actions, while also keeping a close eye on the happenings at LexCorp tower.

    Software Storage(Gotham): Software's private lair, and a backup in case her other lairs and/or secret identity get compromised, Software Storage is in a shack on the roof of an abandoned factory near Ace Chemicals(who could blame them?), where it also serves to monitor T.O. Morrow's chemical plant. The front room of the first floor houses a backup computer, a small living space and Software's armories while the rest of the shack houses the items Software came across fighting crime that she has no place for elsewhere.

    Hacktopia(Gotham): Alongside the Iceberg Lounge, the TickTock Wine Box near the Clocktower, and Drafts n' Donuts near GCPD HQ, Hacktopia, Software's internet cafe, is one of the premier gathering spots in Old Gotham's Relaxation District, where the professionals go for lunch or to unwind from a day at the office. Hacktopia, Software's internet cafe, occupies the top floors of a skyscraper in a now-bottled South Gotham. Prior to Brainiac's arrival, Hacktopia served a dual purpose in that, in addition to being a resource for hacker news, info, skills, and bodies, it also gathered intel on the yuppies that formed a large part of Gotham's 1% powers that be who many members of The Pod considered enemies, who tended to work in that part of the city and who were frequent patrons of her club during the daytime(lunch hour) and early evening(post-work) hours(in the nighttime, the cafe belonged to the hacker counterculture). The private top floor is Annie's living space, the middle floor is for individual computer use(first come, first served) and group meetings, while group computer use(group reservation required) is in the basement.

    Ms. Medic

    Venom Rehab Clinic(Gotham): The Venom Rehab Clinic is across the street from the Soder cola plant, which itself is handy for supplies, not always paid for(a little casual theft for the greater good never hurt anyone) in an office building halfway between the Cape Carmine Lighthouse and the Regal Hotel. It's in a prime location, as this area seems to be where Venom use is most prevalent in Gotham, and has a steady stream of patients, as even thugs wake up that that's no way to live. After the detox is over, many are referred to Brock Grant's Balton Boxing gym to gain strength the right way, with some of THEM then "graduating" to Hubtown Hapkido or, if they move to Metropolis to get away from the ever-present temptation of Venom in Gotham or simply are Irish and want to celebrate their cultural heritage, Southside Shillelagh.

    Joker Toxin Emergency Treatment(Gotham): The JTET is a medical ward on the rooftop of Arkham Asylum, so it's handy for helicopters rushing patients there from the city proper after citizens are exposed to the Joker's toxin. Not always able to save patients, in fact, the mortality rate is fairly high and some that are saved end up in the Asylum anyway, but there is enough of a success rate to keep it going, and treatment methods are improving, largely through the research done by Dr. Callie Hickey.

    Fear Gas Dephobiation Center(Gotham): The FGDC is located a few blocks away from, supporting, and being supported by the East End Free Clinic, in a repurposed factory in the Malone Improvement District. The FGDC is mainly about containing citizens in a safe, non-threatening environment until the effects of the Fear Gas work it's way out of their systems, though Dr. Hickey's Dephobiation Oxygenation process does speed things up a bit.

    Hospital Warehouse(Metropolis): Ms. Medic's non-public base off of the West River Quay, the Hospital Warehouse is where Ms. Medic stores her armories, extraneous items found while fighting crime, and sleeps when she's not fighting crime, treating patients, sleeping at her clinics because of the need for observing risky cases, researching and creating cures at her PharmLab or any of the other things the overworked doctor and clinic runner has to do. Located in an upward building extension mere blocks away from Metro General Hospital, above several businesses including a Pell Jewelry, The Liver Failure Tavern, and the Last Rites and Last Bites Grill(Food to die for).

    Kid Crab

    Gotham City Sidekick Central(Gotham): The GCSC is the more somber of the two sidekick bases. Here, the concentration is on the arts and education of the young sidekicks. In the mostly abandoned 15 Kane Street building, the youth center sits atop several useful businesses that have hung on in that building, including The Green Machine Arcade which has become a hangout for the sidekicks, The Still-life Art Gallery which has an ongoing deal with Coal Minor to feature his sculptures, a Pell Jewelry which provides a source of income for The Pod and it's members through the purchase of precious jewels and metals Coal Minor harvests with his powers, and Ms. Pacman's Night Club which is a video game themed night club the Salt of the Earth sometimes plays at. Combatting the somberness of the GCSC is the nearby Giordano Botanical Gardens and Park which, aside from it's educational purpose, acts as the GCSC's answer to the Metropolis Sidekick Central's Queensland beach and boardwalk; whether simply hanging out among the greenery or practicing and stunt/trick riding their Podskimmers at the diy Adams Skate Park the local kids crafted in and from the Giordano ruins, the Giordano Park has it's leisure purpose as well. The first floor of the GCSC holds an art room in the front room and a combined music room and Salt of the Earth practice space in the back room. Downstairs from this is the sleeping quarters and a small lounge while upstairs are two classrooms.

    Rage Reef(Gotham): The Reef is an apartment provided for Casey by Tess in the Little Samoa neighborhood of Gotham; the same neighborhood in which Casey augmented his Hapkido skills learned at Hellhound's dojang with study of Limalama, a Polynesian martial art. The studio apartment with a loft is across the street from the Luau Lush tiki bar in the landmark "Uneven Towers" apartment building on Gotham's North Shore. Casey's safe place when he needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of the GCSC and/or needs some solitude, the first floor houses his living quarters and armories, the top floor is setup as a meditation room to help him with his rage, and the apartment has access to part of the building's basement that, on the occasions that the GCSC practice space is unavailable, hosts a backup Salt of the Earth practice space.

    Greasemonkey's Garage(Gotham): Greasemonkey's Garage is an autoshop on the outskirts of South Gotham nominally run by Tess but in reality run by Casey. Prior to the arrival of Brainiac, the building was the home of the Riverside Fix-your-ride Automotive Repair but was quickly and cheaply sold to Tess when Brainiac's troops moved in. Now rebranded, Greasemonkey's, in addition to those citizens brave or stupid enough to risk encountering Brainiac's robots, caters to repairing superhero vehicles alike, and is in a prime location as the scrap metal from destroyed Brainiac troops is salvaged and repurposed into all sorts of different things by the Pod members including vehicle parts. Despite the loss of much of the civilian business that the Riverside Fix-your-ride enjoyed, Greasemonkey's still turns a decent profit for The Pod and it's members due to the influx of new heroes from the Exobyte Transformation, in addition to his ongoing business with the existing superheroes and a contract and grant money from the Justice League. Casey uses the basement of his garage as storage for various items he's come across during his sidekick adventures.

    Labor Lad

    Metropolis Sidekick Central(Metropolis): The MSC is the lighter-hearted of the two sidekick bases. Geographically, the apartment is in an apartment complex a stone's throw from Queensland Boardwalk and surrounded by the North, South, East, and West branches of the Queensland Mall and the Queensland beach directly to the South. For adult supervision or help in an extreme emergency, Class Warrior's main base is only a couple blocks away. The MSC is where the sidekicks go to have fun, and this is reflected in the apartment itself; from the game room in the back of the first floor, to the lounge and bumper car rink in the front room of the first floor, to the type of furniture used in the sleeping quarters on the bottom floor, to the colors of the walls reflecting the sand and water outside. It's not all fun and games, however, for in between the fun in the sun at the beach, the hanging out at Pacifica Pizzeria or Caribbean Cafe at the Mall or renting videos from Shorebusters Video, the youths are tasked with driving Grodd's forces off of the beach permanently and protecting and assisting construction crews in rebuilding the Queensland area to a destination that both tourists and local citizens can go to without being turned into gorillas. This too is reflected in the apartment, by the sparring target off of the sleeping quarters, and the drafting room upstairs where, with the help of John Stewart, the architectural designs for the Queensland Revitalization are carefully mapped out.

    Labor Livery(Metropolis): A warehouse on the outskirts of Metropolis' condemned shipyards is where Labor Lad stores his stuff and goes when he requires alone time. Upstairs from his living quarters, including his armories, is a small chemlab, with the basement being used for storage.

    The ChemLab(Metropolis): A chemlab in the northern part of Metropolis University's campus that Metropolis U happily lets child prodigy Liam use whenever he wants in exchange for rights to his discoveries. Here, all of the Pod's chemical devices and devices chemical proponents are created, improved, and researched. The ChemLab is also usefully close to known supervillain meeting place Club L'Excellence, and much valuable intel has been gathered because of this proximity.

    Science Shangri-la(Metropolis): In many ways modeled after Software's Hacktopia, this cafe in the Pegasus Plaza building directly across from the Science Spire caters to the scientist crowd. It serves a dual purpose in both pooling and improving scientific knowledge and keeping an eye, and ear through the many bugs placed throughout the cafe by Class Warrior, on what the Lexcorp scientists are up to. The cafe has a mutually beneficial working arrangement with the Slice of Pi Pizzeria and the Bohr & Mill Bar & Grill(If Neils and John Stuart were alive today, they'd be eating here!) across the street wherein space to eat, drink, and gather and computer access is provided by Science Shangri-la but the food and drink themselves are provided by the restaurants.

    Coal Minor

    Abandoned Mine and Anthracite Attic: Two mines Coal Minor discovered by the CAO dam that he uses when he needs solitude, a storage space, an artspace, or to improve his skill in using his powers. The northern one contains his costumes, the southern one his artspace.

    Coalworks: An offshoot of Steelworks, this is the workshop where Coal Minor, often with the help of other Pod members with their specialities, particularly Kid Crab, creates and researches the tech that Pod members use and find. The Podbots, battle robots that most of the Pod members use, were created here, as well as the Podskimmers that Labor Lad and Coal Minor use for locomotion and the hardlight disguise devices that Labor Lad and Coal Minor use to pass for normal humans.

    Callie's PharmaLab: Though not belonging to Coal Minor, Callie's PharmaLab does belong to his girlfriend, Ms. Medic. This pharmaceutical research lab, located on the outskirts of the southern part of Met U's campus, is where villain toxin and drugs are researched and analyzed to devise antidotes and preventatives to them as well as devising, improving and making supplemental concoctions to improve Pod members' performance.
  17. Balton hero Committed Player

    Dolphin Damsel

    The Pod Palace(Gotham): A gift from Gotham University for services rendered, this hall, located on-campus, was the central base of The Pod, prior to them receiving Unity Hall from the Selkie Queen. Once they changed their central base of operations to Unity Hall, the Pod Palace was repurposed as The Populist Library, a free library open to the public. Both Pod Palace and The Populist Library contain many statues and other artwork created by Coal Minor with his powers.

    Crime City Craichouse(Gotham): Located near Gotham's amusement mile, the Craichouse, named after the irish word for fun craic(pronounced crack), is Tess's first business, an irish pub and club. The upper floor contains The Rainbow Room where patrons can go to hear live music, including a band started by various Pod members, The Salt of the Earth, and Tess's living quarters and guest rooms, including her non-superhero armories, are in the basement.

    Marina Cantina(Metropolis): Located on prime real estate in a center point a few blocks distance from Metropolis' Marina, Union Station, and the entertainment center of Metropolis, Glenmorgan Square, is Tess's 2nd business, the seafood restaurant The Marina Cantina. Profiting mightily from the tourists those three landmarks provide, as well as the local Metropolis residents has caused this restaurant to thrive. Like the Craichouse, upstairs is The Rainbow Room, only in the Cantina, it is a private dining room, and there is a dance floor in the basement.

    Mencken Orphanage(Gotham): The childhood home of Tess, Annie, and Bri, the Mencken Orphanage nestles in Cathedral Square in South Gotham. Seeing in Tess a great success story from the orphanage and knowing about her alter-ego, the head of the orphanage kindly lets Tess use the basement of one of the orphanage's buildings for storage, including her costume armories.


    The Armory(Gotham): Bri's storage space, the Armory houses her costumes and unused items she has come across during her adventures in the uppermost floor of a skyscraper adjacent to Robinson Park.

    Southy Smithy(Gotham): Bri's business, in which customers can be given a basic tutorial on how to use the forges spread around the first floor of the smithy, sign a waver, and proceed to create their own metal work or, as it might be, laminate their hand to the anvil. Upstairs is a drafting room in which customers can design what they want to make, and downstairs is storage and Bri's living space. Bri's workshop, in the southeast corner of Gotham, is also where the Pod's armor and metal hand-held weapons are made, often from scrap metal from Brainiac troops that the weapons' predecessors helped destroy and is where she stores her street clothes armories.


    Balton Boxing Gym(Gotham): This old school boxing gym run by Brock Bradach aka Hellhound sits near-hidden in a back alley in a cluster of sports bars a short walk from the Knightsdome Arena where Grant occasionally promotes boxing matches with some of his gym's fighters. In fact, one can often see members of the Gotham Knights football team, the Gotham Blades hockey team, the Gotham Shooters basketball team, the Gotham BaseStealers baseball team and other local athletes from "Crime City" working out at the gym. Inside the gym, a mixture of sports memorabilia and flatscreens showing games, matches, and fitness shows line the walls. The first floor is divided into male locker rooms, female locker rooms, and a boxing ring for amateur fights and sparring, the bottom floor into a weight room and a boxing training room with speedbags, heavybags and the like. Upstairs, however, is off limits to the public, as it is where Mr. Grant lives.

    Hubtown Hapkido(Gotham): In a mostly Korean part of Gotham's Chinatown, roughly halfway between the Museum of Natural History and the Chinese Cultural Center lies a handsome red-bricked building with green panelling and bright yellow stylized asian symbols on the walls across from two hotels and beside a gift shop. This is Hubtown Hapkido, the dojang run by Brock Bradach to teach Hapkido, but only to those boxing students of his he deems worthy. The exclusive dojang is only accessible by an underground sidewalk that comes out in front of one of the hotels across the train tracks from the building itself and can only be entered with a password that is changed weekly. The dojang's front foyer is designated the changing room, where students change into their doboks, or Hapkido uniforms. The back room of that same floor is where weapon training takes place, while downstairs general classes are held. There is a room upstairs for meditation and the occasional ceremony.

    Anatomical Correctness(Metropolis): A sparsely furnished gym, Anatomical Correctness is a charity gym in a cave on Stryker's Island and the only gym where Hellhound appears in costume and never in his secret identity, for the fear/respect that it engenders in the prison population. The purpose of Anatomical Correctness is to provide inmates an alternative way to work out their agression and energy as well as get and/or keep the guards fit and strong. Hellhound uses the uppermost floor for storage, while the lower two floors are divided between boxing equipment, and weight equipment, with aerobic workouts being taken care of in the prison yard.

    Southside Shillelagh(Metropolis): Like Hubtown Hapkido, Southside Shillelagh is another gym exclusive only to Hellhound's better boxing students. Accessible only via a balcony, and even then only if you have the secret of getting up there and know the password at the door, Southside Shillelagh has been around nearly as long as the city has. Long ago, when the irish Bradach clan were temporarily exiled to Scotland, they formed an alliance with the Scottish Grant clan, even intermarrying with them. As part of this alliance, the Bradachs shared their style of Batareacht, or Irish stick-fighting, with the Scottish clan. Though the Bradachs eventually mostly abandoned their family's traditional martial art, the Grants kept the style alive, with father passing it to eldest son. When Brody Grant came to America and was part of the original group who bought Metropolis from the Indians, he established an official school for Batareacht on the South side of the burgeoning city. The school survived through the years, and today, as both the latest eldest son of a Grant, and the latest product of an intermarriage between the Bradachs and the Grants, Brock runs that school with both Irish and Scottish pride. Brock also, for the first time, opened the school's teachings to students outside of the Bradach and Grant clans, provided they were deemed worthy enough. Although from outside, the school's entrances looks like any other Metropolis building, inside it is decorated to resemble the inside of an ancient irish dun, or hillfort, with a few additional touches, like shamrocks and ogham letters and phrases decorating the walls and rare blue emeralds and celtic spirals decorating the amenities. Upstairs, there is a library mostly concerned with irish culture and folklore as well as the armory for Brock's St. Patrick's day/irish costume(Wolfhound), while the actual classroom is located in the basement, and the first floor houses antiquities and keepsakes from the Bradach-Grant family's history in particular and irish history in general.

    Major Midnight

    Metropolis Target Practice(Metropolis): The Pod's Metropolis shooting range is run by Major Midnight due to his military experience. Just outside Metropolis' Chinatown, Target Practice occupies a soundproofed floor of an office building on the Avenue of Tomorrow. Nearby is the Metropolis Science Police HQ, who also make use of the range, in exchange for offering their own knowledge to Pod members practicing their gunwork. The building is decorated as an ancient African lair, however, given the spartan nature of Major Midnight, there is little other decoration.

    Gotham City Shooting Range(Gotham): The GCSR is nearly the same as the MTP. Instead of being themed as an ancient African lair, the place is simply a soundproofed cave underneath Gotham River, and instead of the Science Police, the non-Pod frequenters and occasional trainers are the Diamond District Police from the nearby Diamond District police station.

    Dark Depot(Gotham): On the fourth floor of one of the many abandoned buildings in the Burnley Freight Yards is the Dark Depot, accessible only via a windown on the building's fire escape. As with the spartanness of the two shooting ranges, likewise, this base is barely decorated and only serves as a storage base for Major Midnight.

    Black Bunker(Metropolis): Major Midnight's main base, The Black Bunker houses a dining room that often doubles as a meeting room(front room, first floor), a bedroom with MM's armories(back room, first floor), a storage room for MM's ammo, guns, and munitions equipment(top room) and a gym(basement). The base occupies the top floor of the Elecron building, thanks to an old army buddy of MM's and current captain of the Elecron building's security looking the other way.

    Class Warrior

    All are in Metropolis.

    The Soulforge: Class Warrior's mystical/oriental/occult/spiritual base, The Soulforge's first floor and second floors are full of various meeting rooms and bedrooms, with a dojo in the basement. This base in a residential block in Metropolis' Chinatown is across the street from Bu Shi Sushi, a samurai-themed sushi bar, on the opposite corner from the Shaolin Supermart, and a few streets away from the Chinatown PD station. Whenever CW's superheroic activities are concerned with magic, this is where he operates from, and the base features armories storing costumes from his past magical adventures: The Leprechaunqueror(Leprechaun Warrior Sorceror), Blue Angel(Angelic Warrior), Shadow Collar(Stealth/Ninja), and EcoWarrior(Nature-based environmental activist). The base is also used whenever CW or any other member of The Pod needs a spiritual retreat or a meditation session, as well as being handy for intel purposes, with Triad Tower, the Metropolis HQ shared in an uneasy truce by various Asian organized crime syndicates including the Yakuza and the Triads, being across the street.

    The Workshop: The Workshop is CW's tech base in the Jerry White Eco Memorial Corridor, across the street from the Starlight Mall. Here, CW does all of his scientific research and work, from his hospital in the foyer to his upstairs general research room to his downstairs chem lab, often being assisted by and assisting nearby Star Labs. It is also where CW stores his tech-based costumes: Hacktivist(Hacker), Blue Cyber(Power suit), Sterile Collar(Hazmat suit) and Collarfly(Flight suit). Though CW still occasionally makes use of the base for some solo missions and still keeps the base clean, up-to-date, and maintained, the base has largely fallen by the wayside, with the other Pod members' bases providing larger specialized spaces to achieve the same purposes.

    The WorkYard: The Southbank Commercial District hosts CW's main base, the WorkYard, on the rooftop of a building directly northwest of Queensland Mall North.
    With a small workshop and hospice on the top floor, his living quarters and streetclothes armories on the middle floor and a private gym, bar, and his main costume armories on the bottom floor, this is the hub of CW's solo operations.

    The Warehouse: Last and probably least of CW's base is The Warehouse. Hidden underneath a Centennial Park aqueduct, The Warehouse is where CW stores furniture and other base items he doesn't have a use for, as well as his armories that either won't fit in his other bases or that are rarely used: Blue Ribbon(Riot Police gear), Collartacus(Gladiator armor), Street Lamp(Lantern deputy costume) and Le Blue Goon(undercover Joker clown disguise).

    And lastly, here's some pictures of what some of them looked like in game:
  18. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    justice league files from batman2099earthcold origen story
    batman2099earthcold :his real name is bruce wayne he come from alternative universe .his parents were thomas and martha wayne who were one of the most rich family in gotham unknow to the city thomas wayne increised his fortuned by the crime with the help of carmine falcone and the mayor when thomas and martha were going to give up the bussines they were killed by joe chills who was sent to kill them by the order of the mayor when bruce as 9 years old .bruce who did't unknow the fact that his family was corrupt bruce made a promise to honor his family's legacy to save the city which will end up becoming in batman eventually prior leaving gotham as a teenager he was in a going on of relationship with selina kyle until he decided to leave when alfred was gravile hurt againts bane after that he travelled arround the world to learn how to save gothan 1 years prior comeback to gotham he was found by ra's al gul who offer him trained him and join to the league of assasin during his year of training with him he developed a friendship with him after reliase that the league will destroy gotham and kill people bruce confront and fight then destroying their base and returned to the city to protect gotham from both side as a police offircer and also as the batman with the help his loyal butler alfred pennywoth,lucious fox and james gordon.during his time as batman he will create and join to the justice league fighting alongside with wonder woman aka bekka,green lantern alan scott,lia nelson aka the flash ,superman kal el , the second aquaman kaldur and hawkgirl aka kendra summers.during a fight against killerfrost and reversflash in star lab ended up creating a chemical explosing caused that bruce get superpowers as superspeed and icepowers testing his new super speed bruce ended up stuck up in this new arfter branian start his invasion thinking that maybe this new world will new help against braniac he will be fighting alongside the heroes from this earth against all the threat while he reseached how to comeback to home
  19. Dub T Well-Known Player

    Extreme Cupcake was a Terminator sent from the future by Skynet to destroy humanity. For some unknown reason the exobyte technology enchanced the Terminator’s metal exoskeleton with Atomic mayhem to further complete the goal of destroying humanity for Skynet.
  20. The Jeff Well-Known Player

    I took a long hiatus when my kids hit the toddler stage. It's been a few years but I picked up the game again and have been playing over a week. Figure it's time to catch up.

    Born Bad - Time slip

    The sky grew darker as night approached. Gothena stood in the middle of Central City park. Bodies surrounded her. Anyone who stood in her path had died a violent death. A bright purple glow erupted from her skin as the next group of reapers appeared from their temporal vortexes. Time was unstable. Dangerously unstable. Moments bled into hours and hours flashed by in seconds as the temporal energy, heavily in flux, crackled around the park. Captain Cold and the other Rogues were planning a break in at the Flash Museum and offered her a tidy sum to provide a distraction. Instead of killing a few cops and having fun, she found herself in the middle of a temporal instability and a paradox reaper attack.

    "Paradox reapers. I f*cking hate paradox reapers. What the hell was I thinking agreeing to come to Central City? Snart is going to owe me big time for this," Gothena said to herself as the reapers surrounded her.

    Something was different about this group. The one in the center was larger and pulsed with so much temporal energy he literally hummed. As the reapers approached her, ready to fight, the larger one stopped them.

    "No," he ordered. "This creature is too strong. I will deal with it. It has caused us too many problems in the past and future. It has to be removed from the timeline."

    He held up his hands, quantum energy flowing from them. Gothena drew her swords and leaped, her own magic blasting forth. She hit the large reaper as his own energy exploded outwards and towards her. Then the park was empty. She looked around, confused but quickly brushed it off as another temporal shift. The tingling of her skin had gone, telling her the temporal energy had stabilized. She flew up and towards the museum. It was quiet and empty.

    "That spell was stronger than I thought it would be. Guess the job is done. I'll find Snart later," she told herself. "He always makes good on his deals."

    She teleported back to Metropolis and flew towards LexCorp Tower. As she approached, she noticed something wrong. The top of the tower was in shambles as if a bomb had gone off. Couldn't be, she told herself. No one is stupid enough to attack Lex. The closer she got, the more damage she noticed. Lex's office was destroyed. Stranger yet, the damage looked old. No signs of smoke or fire. Police 'Crime Scene' tape, old and brittle, lay in pieces on the floor.

    Gothena dropped down to her penthouse level and her confusion increased. The pool on the deck was empty and filled with debris. She walked in and it was as she left it, except a heavy layer of dust and cobwebs was everywhere.

    "What the hell is going on?" she asked herself.

    She flew down to the street and saw a cop. Looking around, she saw no witnesses so she knocked him out, grabbed him. and flew back up to her penthouse. After securing him to one her interrogation tables in the lower floor, she slapped him awake.

    "Who... who are your?" he asked. "What do you want me? I have a wife and kids. Please don't hurt me."

    "You don't know me?" she laughed. "First day on the job?"

    "I've walking the beat three years," he told her. "What do you want from me?"

    "Just some information," she replied calmly as she picked up one her favorite interrogation tools.

    She strapped a device to his head. "This little toy is one of my favorites. I'm going to ask you some questions. If you lie, it will tell me and I'll hurt you. A lot."

    "Please... please don't hurt me..." he begged.

    "Then don't lie," she told him with a smile. "But I prefer if you do. It's more fun that way. Well... more fun for me. Not so much for you."

    Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he stared at her.

    "Now, first question. What happened to LexCorp Tower?" she asked.

    "What? That was months ago. No one is quite sure. At lease, not that they're officially saying. Rumor has it Mr. Luthor was experimenting with something and blew it up," he told her.

    "Months? I was just here a few hours ago," she told him. "But you think you're telling the truth. Mind control? Memory alteration? Must be a new big bad in town."

    "What?" he asked, utterly confused. "Let me go. Please. I won't tell anyone about this. The Birds of Prey will never know."

    "Anyway," she told him. "Now, next question... wait. Birds of Prey? Who's that?"

    "Have you been in a cave, lady?" he asked. "That's Oracle's team. You know, Black Canary, Huntress, Harley Quinn, and the rest."

    "Harley working with Oracle? Hardly. Someone has seriously f*cked with your brain," she said with a smile and reached for a scalpel.

    "There are rumors about Lex being alive and some volcano base, but no one tells us anything concrete," he said. "This was back in the spring. They're still cleaning up damage from fallout when Calculator went to war with Lex."

    "I know you're full of sh*t now," she laughed. "I just saw Lex yesterday."

    "Who are you?" he asked. "They brief us on all the super villains but I've never seen your picture."

    "You don't know me?" she laughed. "You must be a rookie. I'm Gothena."

    "Gothena... It doesn't ring a bell," he said, starting to panic as she waved the scalpel above his face. "Wait, I remember you. You're listed as dead. You were killed by paradox reapers in Central City four years ago."

    "I was what?" she said as she withdrew the scalpel. "Four years? That reaper and the quantum energy..."

    "Yea. Lois Lane covered the story. I remember seeing it on the TV," he told her.

    "I'm obviously not dead," she told him. "I'll be right back."

    She jammed the scalpel into his hand, driving it into the table and pinning his hand down. The policeman screamed in pain as she left him, tied to the table and bleeding profusely.

    Gothena turned on the TV and tried the Internet but neither had service. Her cellphone was also down. She returned to the officer. She took his cell phone.

    "What is your password?" she asked.

    He was crying and looked like he was going into shock from blood loss.

    "Tell me and I'll stop the bleeding," she said to the helpless man.

    "It's... it's..." he struggled trying to remain awake. "It's supermanrocks with no spaces and all lowercase."

    She tried it and his phone unlocked. Gothena spent a minute searching the web and confirmed the year, as well as the incident with the tower. She outwardly remained stoic while internally, she wasn't sure how to proceed.

    "One last question," she said to him. "What precinct do you work out of?"

    "Downtown 42," he told her. "Why?"

    She yanked the scalpel from his hand and smiled. "So I'll know where to dump your body."
    Gothena flew away after dropping the officers body on the sidewalk in front of his precinct. The splat it made when it hit, after falling several hundred feet, gave her smile. She flew towards China Town, planning on finding her mother. A beam of magical energy hit her from behind, disorienting her. She hit the ground with a thud before regaining her senses.

    "You're under arrest for the murder of a police officer," a familiar voice said from behind her as she stood up. "Now, surrender peacefully and no one gets hurt."

    Gothena smiled broadly, still standing with her back to the other woman. "It's been a long time, Zatanna. How's John?"

    "You... you're dead," Zatanna said as Gothena turned around.

    "The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated," she laughed. "But tonight, we'll both live. I have some catching up to do before we dance again."

    Gothena activated her teleporter and vanished, leaving Zatanna standing in stunned silence.

    After a moment, Zatanna activated her communicator. "Oracle, we have a problem."