Your best memory from DCUO

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  1. Ekart Committed Player

    When I started around 9 years ago I had zero clue about roles and joined a new league called "Die Allianz". Since I was Ice people thought I can tank and so we went into Batcave: Inner Sanctum. With no tank gear, I just pressed T and jumped right in. The result was ofcourse an utter failure but was still fun. :p:D

    Saddly only 3-4 people remain from our community on EUPC back then. :(
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    I read through everyone's memories, It's so awesome. I relate to some and some I do not because I haven't been around when some raids were tough to beat. But It still sounds like fun and definitely good memories. I'm happy to see people participate in the thread!
  3. Walvine Well-Known Player

    I don't believe Ultraman really has super-hearing, watch!....
  4. Brit Loyal Player

    I was the World First for the "Collections Agent" feat, completing all of the Collections in the launch version of the game.

    I played at off-hours, so I did a lot of Collections hunting while I would wait during those dead times in the early morning. I had picked up a Bruce Wayne watch back when it only dropped from the memorial rose spot in crime alley. With a later patch, they were fixing an exploration and they broke that node, so the collection stopped dropping.

    Also at launch holding us up was the Smallville collections. They were bugged so that they nodes would kick out a collection piece but it would vanish instead of pulling into our inventory.

    The day they fixed Smallville, I was waiting online the second the game went up. We went in and immediately started collection hunting; we didn't even run the zone for bosses. Me and a couple of my mates had all the Corn collections within fifteen minutes. Then my Collections Agent feat pops. Nobody else had that Wayne Watch, so they still had weeks to wait before it would happen to them.

    I came to the forums and showed off the screenshot. Nobody else was ever able to show one that was even on the same day, and Spytle congratulated me on the thread for "being the first", so I trust him in that.

    I had been pretty frustrated early on in the game with many of the issues of being an off-hours player. Queue times were terrible. Raids were literally impossible to assemble until I gave up and turned hero to join a handful of Oceanic players. There was little to do and I couldn't even earn the marks and get gear at the same rate as casual players. Very frustrating.

    But after spending hundreds of hours collection hunting. Not on the broker, but actually out in the wild. Seeing that feat pop and being told by the developers that I was the first, that made me feel pretty darn awesome, like all the flying around picking junk up was really worth it.
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  5. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    For me, it was the days of Origin Crisis. Walking into Nexus below level and literally cruising through the bosses while having a great amount or communication AND laughing the whole way through, was moments I'll never forget (I was 15-16 at the time, and 23 now) so I was still young but knowledgable about how to play to optimize. Mechanics in elite raids today are nothing compared to what the regular raids were back in the day. We didnt need elite raids back then. Paradox, Nexus, Prime, ect. Those, alone, were our elite raids. Good times.
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  6. Berza Committed Player

    You made me remind something from 2012-13. We were a league named Alianza, Spanish for allianz. Then we came into a raid with some random and, after finishing it fast, zero wipes and a few feats (it was a great group), the random guy asked us very politely why do we have a league that hated us so much to put in their name "Die Allianz". We laughed a lot as we were pretty sure your league name had nothing to do with us, and more with "Die" being German for English "The".
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  7. KiaserX Level 30

    I rarely use the forum. But I had to comment on this, my favorite memory from DCUO has been and will be my league/mates. I came to this game after I had a stroke to help rebuild my eye/hand coordination back in 2011. They aided me and while I am far from good or a beastmode player, they still accept me even when I am overly opinionated at times very stubborn. I made some real friends that if not for them I would have left the game a long time ago. We've talked outside the game. Played other games, dealt with real life issues and because of them I altered my life's path with things I did and did not do. I had their back and they had mine. Even when my mother passed, two years ago, I got sympathy cards and a care package. These people mean so much and yet nothing I say will ever repay the gratitude I have in my heart for them. In my darkest hour they stepped up and were true super heroes. They are treasures and cherished memories for me and the best thing to come from the game.
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'm just going to say, you got some good friends. <3

    We had, over the years, players that had disabilities. Always welcomed with us and I'm glad you found your circle. :)
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  9. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Great thread and great read so far.
    On my original acct back in the day (day 1 player till T5 when i lost the acct and everything else in a bad identity theft) i have a bunch of top memories.
    1) nothing like a group of 20-30 of us going and locking down a police station. It was just a type of fun that cant be matched.
    LFG would explode into mass coordination and one of our league mates would fire up his other console an log into his Hero to troll their LFG an stir the pot. It was great, he would read what they were sayin to us an it always turned into massive (laggy) brawls. I’d take that lag anyday, it was crazy fun!!!
    2) FOS2 at relevant CR.......... need i say more?
    3) Prime at relevant CR.......... need i say more?
    4) Paradox at relevant CR...... need i say more?
    5) kicking the snot out of Super Patriot dang near daily and chasing him all over metro. His base in metro was where mine was so we’d “bump into each other often”.
    6) feat hunting with cosmic, trouble, and Funk Lantern (those were my bros!!!)

    Now i have new great memories as i have returned about 3.5-4 months ago on a new acct.
    1) Shades Unite League welcoming me when i was new baby toon an helping me catch up on changes.
    2) most of us since left and joined a new league thats been around since pretty much the beginning. Great group there and im very glad we came over (shout out to Furious 727)
    3) grinding 381 sp on the new acct in 3.5 months (feel like a beast for that)
    4) all the new friends i have met and helping them run content an feat hunting with the league and even random ppl i see shouting to help out the community.

    Just so much history with this game even tho i was away for years an years.
    Glad to be back, in spite of the issues an things needing changed/fixed, this really is a great game with some great ppl!!!!!
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  10. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Same here! Freedom Reborn vs. Who Cares!

    We had set ourselves up in the tubes in someone's base, we were so excited at how clever we were but then Jens and Mepps went with Who Cares first and they had done the same thing. lol! The best laid plans...
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  11. Unida Dedicated Player

    been here since the beginning but barely consider logging in anymore, amazed its still going tbh.

    it used to be amazing when PVP was fun.
  12. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    There's a few I can think of.

    1. Beating Nexus of Reality for the first time. Granted, I wasn't the best player back then, but Origin Crisis was one of those episodes where you had to learn your role, and learn mechanics fast to progress and succeed. It was the episode I started playing DCUO more seriously, and I got thrown in at the deep end (more so in hindsight). Heck, even getting my first Traces in Time gear piece felt great at the time, especially at a time where the whole group had to roll on loot for one focusing element drop or one gear drop.

    2. Getting An Epic Odyssey feat - sure it wasn't until just before Christmas that year, and Origin Crisis came out in May, but it still felt very fulfilling/challenging at the time.

    3. Making my bases, especially Black Castle, Aroma Temple and Snowy Cathedral, those three were my favourite bases to decorate personally and I had a lot of fun with those. Parts of LQ Spacestation were also fun to decorate too.

    4. Always enjoy running elite content, especially when its fairly new, reasonably challenging, and with your friends/leaguemates. False Idols (Elite) we were one of the first EU groups to finish that elite raid, was a really fun raid to do and sticks out in my mind in more recent times. Also enjoyed Fractured God Sphere (Elite) this episode, looked amazing and had interesting bosses (especially Grail). Had a lot of fun with Celestial in this raid during this episode, both heal and might DPS. I think thats important too, having fun with what power you use.

    I think besides difficulty (for me personally as a player who likes a bit of a challenge), you need to have fun with the game - and if that is with your friends/leaguemates then even better :)
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  13. inferno Loyal Player

    Going into Ace Chemicals on my own and finishing it.
    I remember the first time I went into Ace Chemicals. I was a Wee, young lad barely 30, exploring the Gotham Night life when I saw this entrance to Ace Chemicals. Well, I thought to me-self. "Self, If I can walk in then I must be welcome". I went in, I turned a corner, saw a dog, a clown and a big guy in a yellow suit; then I got killed.

    I Fled. After picking my jaw off the floor and gathering whatever remained of my dignity. I flew with super-speed at the direction I remember. Those guys were not very welcoming at ALL!! I burst in, turned the corner and let out all my power as I saw the dog, the clown and the big guy.

    Then I got killed.

    I asked around and learned. "Fool! That was an alert, you can't go in there alone. You need 3 other people."

    Fool, I was. I learned what an Alert was. I learned I was not so Super. I walked away with vengeance in my heart. One day I will return. I will conquer.

    Every time I went up a tier, I would go back to Ace Chemicals. I don't remember what CR it was when I finally finished it on my own. I know it took a long time. It must have been past CR80 maybe around CR100. At last, I was Victorious.

    Yet every time, I finish the newest gear I would come back to Ace Chemicals until one day. Everything Burned!! One look was all it took. One Blast for each Boss. Finally, i knew I was Super. This is my most memorable, most fun moment in the game.

    Then I remembered other instances: the 3 FOS raids. Is it possible to be so Super? That was the dream that fueled me. One day FoS will Burn. And it did. One Blast for Non, Ursa and Zod, the Brood-mother, then Brainiac and on.

    I kept getting stronger and more powerful and I said, one day. One day, Darkseid; you too, will Burn with One Blast.

    Then, Game update 73 came. When earlier content combat were adjusted to what they are today. I don't remember much from this time. Only the feeling of powerlessness as I struggled with FOS. A raid I once laughed at but now become a challenge once again.

    This is my second most memorable; worst moment in the game.
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  14. Controller Devoted Player

    Gates of Tartarus for the very first time...the layout, graphics, MUSICAL SCORE.........

    Earlier parts of leveling 1 through level 30, where you have actual COMIC BOOK screen shots. Wish they'd come back.

    Playing Brothers in Arms and Family Reunion for the 1st time. Two of the best Alerts in the game. Had never seen "Blue Heat Vision" until I saw Jor El use it as the Final Boss. Family Reunion is STILL a rather haunting alert even now.

    Splitting your raid party into two COMPETENT groups, 1-1-1-1, in order to beat FOS2. VERY intuitive raid.

    Loved the FOS1-2-3 raids....nicely set up and took some coordination at lower CRs to beat.

    Meeting Titanic Trenton for the VERY first time on some street corner in Metropolis...only to see some villain come through and wallop him.
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  15. L T Devoted Player

    Amazon Fury 2.

    We Crushed LOLs. HOH was easy once we figured out that we had to just control the adds in the forge. But Throne of the Dead was hard. I'll never forget figuring it out with my league mates at the time.
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  16. L T Devoted Player

    by the way, thanks. threads like this are great.
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  17. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    The first day back from the hack running Khandaq with my leaguemates
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  18. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Good times!
  19. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Ugh i hated khandaq
    To this day i hate it lol.
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  20. Zoe· YouTuber

    Trying to be a positive lightbulb around here :D I am amazed with how many positive responses this thread has got and still going strong!