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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Khaliel, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Khaliel New Player

    I just think is too hard for some players who doesn't have much time to play this game to get the Amenities and i want to give these people permission to use my bases in US PS3.
    So, i'm creating a "Three floor base" in Metropolis and Gotham (a base for each one of my 3 characters in the same spot in Metropolis and Gotham). These "Three floor bases" will have all Ammenities:

    Character / Ammenities i already have / Ammenities i'm working on
    Kheliel / Soder Vendor and Bank / Sparring Target and Respec Station
    Khael / Soder Vendor, Bank, Broker and Mailbox / None, i'm done with this base.
    Khaliel / Soder Vendor, Bank, R&D Vendor / R&D Station

    To conclude this, i still need the rare collections of Sparring Target, Respec Station and R&D Station.
    Each collection usually has 2 rare pieces that costs something like 20 Millions, so i would need 120 Millions.
    I could use some help with cash or the rare collections.

    I'm just tired of farming collections, i want to help people so they don't need to do this and I could use some help.
    I'm travelling, but tuesday i'll start to give permission to anyone who ask.
    Right now this "Three floor" base is only working in Metropolis, between Chinatown and Striker's island, because i can't buy a deed for some error on Marketplace. I'll buy deeds when it become avaliable in Loyalty Vendor in the next Update.

    I hope some people do the same as me, i want to help people, but i don't want my Lairs become the 2nd WachTower, lol. You should think about this like a temporary solution while you get at least the very basic Amenities, such as Soder Vendor and Bank.

  2. Mia Skye New Player

    20 million for a collection? 0.0

    Really nice idea! It may get complicated though having to add people to your permissions just to let them in especially if a lot of people want in.
  3. Khaliel New Player

    Yeah, I know, but i want to give it a try. Some people doesn't have much time to farm these collections and I don't think it was fair some people with a lot of cash game just buy the Amenities in Broker with very little effort. But as I said, i hope some people do the same as me and people see this like a temporary solution. Lol.

    Edit: Some rare collections costs 20 millions, but sometimes we get luck and we can buy it for a lot less. With time the prices will probably drop a lot, i hope, specially with some people doing the same as me, i think.
  4. Mia Skye New Player

    Is this on the ps3 or pc?
    On pc the rare collections are only a couple of mill, like four max.
  5. Khaliel New Player

    I forgot to mention: US PS3.
    I'll edit the first Post to include this. Thanks
  6. Stickydimes New Player

    Thats cool of you to offer up your amenities.The thing is that everyone can already use them in the HoD or watchtower. Its really only more convienent if it is in your own base.
  7. Khaliel New Player

    I'm in home. Who needs permission to my base in Metropolis (between Chinatown and Striker's Island)? It has Soder Vendor, Bank, Broker and Mailbox.

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