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    Ok, I got this thing reposted properly now with room to expand. Please feel free to add any suggestions or corrections below.


    [IMG]DCUO Terms & Acronyms (Alphabetized)


    Acro: Short for Acrobatics. One of the three movement modes available to characters in DCUO.

    Add(s): An enemy NPC or Non-Player Character. Refers to lesser enemies as opposed to a "boss."

    Afk: Away From Keyboard (In other words, afk means I'm still online in the game, but I'm away and won't be listening/responding to anyone until further notice.)

    Aggro: Generic term, short for aggression (?), used to denote the "direction" in which enemies are attacking. Typically it is the job of a tank to "draw aggro", meaning to draw their attention away from the "weaker" characters such as controllers or healers.

    AH: Auction House. Located in central locations in both the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. Commonly referred to as the "broker".

    Alt: Short for alternate. Refers to a player's lesser used and younger characters as opposed to a player's "main" character.

    AoE: Area of Effect. Refers to powers that have an effect over a certain amount of space around the caster, as opposed to other powers that specifically target enemies or allies.

    BC: Bat Caves. Usually referring to the three Bat Cave Tier 2 raids; Bat Cave: Sub Construct, Bat Cave: Outer Sanctum and Bat Cave: Inner Sanctum.

    Brb: Be Right Back

    Brt: Be Right There

    Buff: A temporary effect which boosts a character's given stats for a short period of time.

    Camp: To stay in one location for a duration of time. Usually with the intention of gathering certain items or upgrades, or harassing the opposing faction in open world PvP phase.

    CD: Cool Down. The time required before an identical power can be cast twice.

    Clip(ing): The ability to cancel the animation of a weapon combo or power move early while still gaining the full benefit of said power or weapon combo. An in-depth topic, essential to maximizing damage output, it is deserving of its own guide. Fortunately, Omaar has us covered here: https://forums.station.sony.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/omaars-weapon-clipping-guide.3403/

    Crit: A critical hit/heal. These are randomly given during the course of battle and either provide extra damage to enemies, or extra healing to allies. The chances of receiving a "crit" and the magnitude with which they strike opponents/allies can be increased by allotting skill points into these areas.

    CC: 1. Crowd Control. Refers to the abilities to stun, ground, encase nearby enemies. One of the main jobs of any character in the controller role.
    2. Central City

    CR: Combat Rating. Refers to an aggregate average of the Item Level of a character's armor and weapons both on their person and in their inventory. NOTE: Does NOT refer to the skill or acumen of a given character in combat.

    DD: Damage Dealer. Refers to a class of characters in DCUO whose main focus and job is to deal out maximum damage. Often referred to as DPS, which is a misnomer.

    DPS: Damage per Second. Refers to how much damage is/can be dealt over a second of time. Commonly refers to the Damage Dealing class in DCUO.

    Debuff: Any power or effect thereof which weakens/lessens certain stats of enemies/allies/self for a short time.

    DoT: Damage Over Time

    Farming: To gather currency or premium items in-game by repeating a set process over a duration of time.

    FOS: Fortress of Solitude

    Gank: To kill a single player with a medium to large sized group. A common practice that is, nonetheless, generally frowned upon by a large contingent of the DCUO playerbase.

    GLF: Group Looking For..

    Gtg: Watch for context. Means either "Good to go" meaning, "I'm ready." Or it can also mean "Got to Go", as in I've got to leave right now. Later.

    HL: Hard Light. One of the four controller powersets available to the DCUO playerbase.

    HoT: Heal Over Time

    IIRC: IF I Recall Correctly

    Inv: Invite

    Irl: In Real Life

    Khan: Short for Khandaq; a Tier 2 raid.

    Lfg: Looking For Group

    LoA: League of Assassins. A Tier 3 Alert.

    Loot Locked: A player is "loot locked" when he has already completed a particular instance and then runs the same instance again without waiting for it to reset or forcing a reset with replay badges. A loot locked player will not be able to see or roll on any items that drop during the instance, and will not gain any additional marks for its completion.

    LoS: Seldom used term, short for Line Of Sight. Bear in mind that healers and trolls cant give health or power around corners. LoS is important.

    LSOD: Loading Screen of Death. Colloquial term for going into a loading screen and getting stuck there. A common occurrence that is quite annoying, forcing a player to reload the game.

    MMORG: Massively-Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. DCUO is, of course, an MMORG.

    Mod: 1. A moderator. Usually referring to the moderators who enforce the SOE Terms of Service agreement here on this forum.
    2. Also refers to Research and Development tokens that can be slotted into a character's gear, granting extra stat-boosts or abilities.

    Nerf: Refers to a weakening of certain aspects of a powerset or weapon. The term carries a negative connotation which implies that the weakening of the weapon or power at issue was unnecessary or unwanted.

    NPC: Non-Player Character (aka computer controlled enemies)

    OP: 1.Over Powered. Refers to anything (weapons, consumables, powers, powersets..) in-game that is considered too strong and out of balance.
    2. Strictly used on the forums, OP is short for Original Poster or Original Post. It can refer to either the post that started a new thread, or the author of that post.

    OMW: On My Way

    OTW: On The Way
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  2. YodaDog Well-Known Member

    PBG: Short for Prime Battleground; Tier 4 raid and final chapter in the Brainiac storyline. Also commonly referred to as "Prime."

    PI: Power Interaction

    PoT: Power over Time

    Proc: Proc refers to the special bonus benefit of certain gear/mods/weapons/powers, such as the promethium lockbox necklaces, FoS3 necklaces, Home Turf mods or Central City weapons. Really any piece of gear that has a "random chance upon hit" process. When a controller wearing a FoS3 necklace gets hit by an attack, he has a chance to have power restored to himself or perhaps his whole party. When that happens, it's called a "proc".~Special thanks to AkikoTsunami.

    PST: Please Send Tell

    PuG: Pick Up Group. Can be used as a verb, meaning to que into an instance solo or join a random group, as opposed to joining a group of friends or leaguemates.

    PvE: Player versus Environment

    PvP: Player versus Player


    Que: The act of of using the On Duty tab to get into instances. Both a noun and a verb, one can "que" into an instance, whereby as one waits, they are considered to be "in a que."
    QQ: Though the origin of this symbol is disputable, I and others believe it derives from a likeness of two eyes crying. Regardless of the source of its usage, QQ is shorthand for "crying" or complaining in an obsessive or unwarranted manner.

    Regen: Short for regenerate or regeneration. Used as a verb, it refers to replenishing a depleted health or power bar.

    Respec: Refers to a reallocation of Skill Points. This can be done in the Pit in the Hall of Doom or in the Watchtower Arboretum.


    SF: Speed Feat

    SP: Skill Points. Skill Points are acquired through the achievement of feats. Feat points grant a certain number of feat points: either 10, 25 or 50. The acquisition of 100 feat points will grant a character one new Skill Point.

    SS: 1. Super Speed. One of the three movement modes available to characters in DCUO.
    2. Suicide Squad: An option given to players running PvP instances, wherein to decrease wait times, a player may be put with either faction, villians or heroes. This option may be turned off under your settings menu.

    T1, T2, T3, T4 (and T5!): T is short for Tier. The different tiers can refer to either different levels of armor/weaponry or the level of difficulty for particular instances.

    TGTG: Then Good To Go. A variation on GTG or Good to Go, it indicates that a group needs just one more a particular role and then the group is ready to go into their desired instance.

    Troll: 1.Short for a Controller. This is a type of character in DCUO that has the unique ability to control crowds, as well as feed power to the group. It does not refer to your PS3 remote control.
    2. A mythological creature that lives under a bridge and eats children. This term may be used as an analogy for someone who says or does things with the direct intention of eliciting an emotional response from someone else without provocation.


    Vit: Short for Vitalization. A character stat/trait pertaining mostly to the Controller class, indicating the amount of power out a character can give with the appropriate power moves.


    Walk-In: A walk-in occurs when one or more group members are unable to que up for the desired instance in their On Duty tab, due to failing to meet the CR requirement. Some instances have portals in the Hall of Doom, Watchtower and open world, allowing groups to "walk-in", bypassing any requirements for queing.

    Wipe: A wipe occurs when the entire group you are with is KO'ed. If the group leader asks the group to wipe, he is asking that you stop trying to win and just die as fast as possible, allowing the group to reset fully without wasting time unnecessarily.

    WTT: Willing/Wanting to Trade

    WTS: Willing/Wanting to Sell

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    BG: Brick Golem

    CG: Crystal Golem

    DF: Debris Field

    DS: Damage Shift

    EG: Earthen Grip

    GS: Gemstone Shield

    LT: Localized Tremor

    MS: Meteor Shower

    PB: Pebble Blast

    RC: Rumble Crush

    SB: Sandblast

    SS: Striking Stones

    TB: Tectonic Break

    AL: Arc Lightning

    BC: Bio-capacitor. Commonly referred to as "bio-cap" or just "cap".

    EB: Electrostatic Bomb. Commonly referred to as "bomb".

    EG: Electrogenesis

    GT: Group Transducer

    ID: Ionic Drain

    MV: MegaVolt

    SB: Spark Barrage

    SP: Static Push

    Surge: Shortened term for Bioelectric Surge

    TB: Seldom used. Can refer to Tesla Blast or Tesla Ball, with the latter being far more common.

    VB: Voltaic Bolt

    AG: Asphixiation Gas

    BB: Bunker Buster

    Dart: Sleep Dart

    Decoy: Holographic Decoy

    Defib: Defibrilator

    Drone: Battle Drone

    FG: Fear Gas

    Field: Cryo-Field

    Foam: Cryo-Foam

    GG: Gauss Grenade

    NG: Napalm Grenade

    NN: Neural Neutralizer

    PB: Photon Blast, also commonly referred to as just "Photon"

    SF: Stasis Field

    Shield: Energy Shield

    TP: Taser Pull

    TM: Thermite Mine, also comonnly referred to as just "Mine"

    Turret: Suppressor Turret

    VC: Vortex Cannon


    HARD LIGHT (Special Thanks to Omaar. Please refer to his guide for further explanation of these acronyms...https://forums.station.sony.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/omaars-hl-dps-guide.69/ )

    C: Claw

    CS: Chain Saw

    FFF: Frankenstein Full Frontal (Combo)

    GH: Grasping Hand

    HC: Hold Claw

    LB: Light Barrier

    LW: Light Weight

    NCN: Nem Chupacabra's Nuke (Combo)

    PT: Phantom Triangle

    SR: Strafing Run

    ST: Snap Trap

    WCS: Warlan Cold Snap (Combo)

    WT: Whip Thrash


    ICE (Special Thanks to Radium)

    AG: Arctic Gust

    Boulder: Ice Boulder

    BW: Bitter Winds

    CS: Cold Snap

    DF: Deep Freeze

    FB: Frost Blast

    FR: Freeze Ray

    FS: Frost Snipe

    FW: Freeze Wave

    GF: Glacier Flash

    IB: Ice Bash

    IE: Ice Elemental

    II: Impaling Ice

    IS: Inescapable Storm

    RG: Resonating Gale

    SB: Snow Ball

    SD: Snow Devil

    SR: Shatter Restraints

    WT: Wintry Tempest

    WW: Winter Ward



    Nature (Special thanks to Sore)

    Bird: Pterosaur Form

    Bug: Insectoid Form

    CP: Cross Pollination

    Dog: Canine form.

    HM: Hive Mind

    Metab: Metabolism (more rarely Meta)

    Regen: Regeneration

    SG: Savage Growth

    SS: Swarm Shield (less commonly abbreviated due to the prolific usage of the acronym for Super Speed)

    VL: Vine Lash

    Wolf: Primal Wolf form
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  4. YodaDog Well-Known Member



    BB: Bolt Barrage

    HV: Horrific Visage

    MH: Mass Hysteria

    ML: Mass Levitation

    MT: Mass Terror

    PE: Psychic Empowerment

    PF: Phantom Flames

    PR: Psychic Resonance

    PS: Psychic Shock

    RP: Reflect Pain

    TB: Thought Bubble

    TK: Telekinesis

    TK Bolt: Telekinetic Bolt

    TK Push: Telkinetic Push

    TK Shield: Telekinetic Shield

    TT: Terror Tendrils
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  5. YodaDog Well-Known Member


    AW: Alcubierre Wave

    Blast: Tachyon Blast

    Bomb: Time Bomb

    DW: Distortion Wave

    CL: Closed Loop

    EE: Energy Expulsion

    EH: Event Horizon

    ER: Einstien's Ray

    GB: Gravity Bomb

    GF: Gravitonic Field

    GW: Gravity Well

    IW: Inspiral Waves

    QT: Quantum Tunneling

    TB: Tachyon Burst, Time Bubble

    TE: Temporal Extortion

    TS: Time Shift

    TV: Temporal Vortex

    WB: Warp Barrage

    WR: Warped Reality
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  6. YodaDog Well-Known Member

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  7. Dephyre Well-Known Member

    Nice work, this is sure to help new players learn the lingo.
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  8. YodaDog Well-Known Member

    Thx! Power-specific Acronyms, sorted alphabetically and by powerset, Coming Soon! XD
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  9. Dephyre Well-Known Member

    sweet looking forward to finished list, and i'l link it to my league and alliance sites
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  10. Deviant Well-Known Member

    A couple of numbers I use and see...

    AH: Auction House; aka Broker
    GLF: Group Looking for...
    LSOD: Loading Screen of Death
    OMW: On My Way
    TGTG: alternative to GTG; Then Good To Go, informing prospective PUGs that their group is nearly completely formed and need just 1 or 2 more of requested roles

    Breaking group: Informing group members that they need to dissolve the group, usually for bug glitches of some sort.
    Inv/Invite: Asking for invite to the group
    Lead: Asking for group leader role, commonly to add a friend or league mate to the group; common courtesy is to give back lead to the initial player
    Loot Locked: Unable to roll on group loot
    Speed run: When forming groups and informing PUGs they're trying to achieve the speed feat for said instance
    Vit(?): Term used between Trollers asking what is their total amount of Vitalization, when considering who should throw out POT
    Walk in: Informing the group to walk into an instance that has a tele-porter
    Wipe: Stop, take damage so that the group can restart the battle with a fresh start
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  11. YodaDog Well-Known Member

    Excellent suggestions man. Im a little overwhelmed between work and t5 excitement, atm... But I will get back here and get this thing updated soon. Thx for the feedback!
  12. NoobishGuy Active Member

    dear frens what is Pi, Proc
  13. Katheryne Active Member

    PI means Power Interaction

    Not sure of Proc. Unless you mean Prec which means Precision.
  14. Xainexus Active Member

    Might want to add LoA (League of Assassins) to your list.
    Helpful list. +1
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  15. JustSome_Chick Well-Known Member

    Ok PI got answered - what is PP, and what is "clip" and "jump clip" please? I'm pretty new, been playing Quantuma nd have gotten to level 17 on my own, using CC heavy tactics but I need to start grouping. So I've been reading Quantum guides and I don't know half of what's being said for the terms lol. THANKS :) (SSpeedster - implying what that i should have super speed as my movement power? but what if i love flight.. lol)
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  16. Doctor Erevos Well-Known Member

    Clip is cancelling an animation with something else. For example activating a power into another power to make gameplay faster, or doing a weapon combo into a power, and then activating a trinket, or drinking a cola. Jump clip is doing the same but jumping instead. For example activating a power, then jumping immediately. Clipping is useful to save time. Every second counts when running content. Especially the hard ones. :)
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  17. JustSome_Chick Well-Known Member

    So you can activate a power then cancel the animation but still have the power go off? (i have one power that is annoyingly slow ont he animation, keeps messing up my timing lol)

  18. Doctor Erevos Well-Known Member

    Yup! For example with Sorcery, Soul Well takes painfully long to be up so I activate Boon of Souls right after. So I have my well, and my shields up fast. Or with Gadgets I can go Gauss Grenade > Napalm Grenade > Photon Blast > Jump Clip > Weapon combo and all my debuffs (status ailments) will be up. There are plenty of guides here that go into detail or you can experiment yourself to see what can be clipped.
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  19. AkikoTsunami Well-Known Member

    Proc refers to the special process of certain gear, such as the promethium lockbox necklaces, FoS3 necklaces, or Central City weapons. Really any piece of gear that has a "chance upon hit" process. When a controller wearing a FoS3 necklace gets hit by an attack, he has a chance to have power restored to himself or perhaps his whole party. When that happens, it's called a "proc".
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  20. NoobishGuy Active Member

    Thank you men..

    Hopefully these will be put in the original post list

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