Yellow crystals in Robinson Park

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by BigBabyGeezuz, May 17, 2013.

  1. Yallander Loyal Player

    Yeah I'm definitely NOT going to spend money on a SC filling trinket. Just means 1-2 minutes of beating on my sparring target in the lair between fights and then queue, so no big change other than Shaulim will have no place to jump people (poor guy--I actually have fun seeing him there.)
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  2. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    no! no! bad chill! *hits on nose with newspaper* don't encourage them!
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  3. ThunderGunExpress Well-Known Player

    Too late. :p

    But it won't be a perma-trinket for $10 (...which I probably would buy). If it's anything it'll be like the radar enhancers or the xp-boosters in singles or 2-packs for a buck or two (which I won't buy...but many of you will) but have made the company oodles since their introduction.

    Like hotcakes it'll sell.
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  4. Dreadwolf New Player

    @ Mepps: It makes no sense to make this change. Even if it was never intended to work like that in the first place.
    It was a reason for players to hang around in Robinson Park, especially since the Odyssey Tip of the Week brought it some attention. Was there any other reason than that it wasn't intended from the start? Thinking it's been this way for the past two years.
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  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    There are game-breaking bugs and there are game-endearing bugs. The crystals in Robinson Park are the latter. In other words, it ADDS a fun (and useful) little quirk to the game. Removing it removes a small part of the game's personality :(
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  6. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    No, it was when they saw it being used on the first Friday Night Legends that the light bulb went off. So far Friday Night Legends has accomplished two things, the rename of a veteran player and the end of these crystals recharging SC
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  7. Carthage New Player

    See, I understand the reasoning but I don't understand how it actually changes anything in game other than making it more time consuming and less enjoyable.

    Most premades I pvp with will not even Queue for arena without an available Supercharge. Heck, I won't even queue as a solo player without a supercharge. It's just too much of a disadvantage to NOT have a supercharge when entering a match. Before folks knew about the crystals, it meant sitting in the Watchtower and smacking the sparring dummies, or turning on /duel and hitting eachother without weapons equipped, or zoning into a low level instance or alert such as area 51 just to smack the barrels (I tended to avoid A51 unless I was already in a 4 man). Even now it's the same. The only difference is I have a lair near Diamond. If my base teleport is up, sometimes I'll go to the crystals. Other times I'll just smack the sparring dummies.

    Similarly, in any content that's difficult enough to need a supercharge, the Raid/Alert just stops and builds supercharge. I know that in the days of early FOS the raid would rebuild supercharge before every attempt. And in Nexus we see the same thing, raids stopping to build supercharge before every boss attempt. Even in older content raids stop for supercharge. In fact the vast majority of Prime raids stop right after the 3rd avatar is killed just to build supercharge.

    And this doesn't even get into the fact that Supercharge isn't persistent. I can spend a ton of time in an instance or the open world building supercharge normally, but then as soon as I DC on loading screen, or get disconnected because the server is laggy, or have to relog because the game audio/video is getting buggy I have zero Supercharge. Is there a legitimate reason why players log off with a full supercharge and come back empty?

    It's nice in theory that you want Supercharge built through fighting, but the fact of the game is that intentionally or not ALL your content is designed around the availability of full Supercharge. Healers and Controllers are expected to have full supercharges and the content and power consumption is designed around that. DPS is expected to have Supercharges available to push the last part of fights, and Tanks are expected to have their Supercharges available for when things get hairy.

    Unlike the original intention, the game isn't about organic building of supercharge and hasn't been since Beta, at least as far as the encounters that count. The players couldn't care less about their supercharge when clearing trash. However, they will Always have their supercharge at full for real encounters, all you've done is make it a little more painful and induce a little more Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

    That and made a significant portion of your playerbase a little more unhappy.

    As was said before, a solution in search of a problem. And for me all that it counts is that it will make DCUO just a little bit more tiresome and less enjoyable.
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  8. renzhe New Player

    Tap tap tap :(
    Tap tap tap o_O
    Tap tap tap :confused:
    Tap tap tap :mad:
    Tap tap tap :rolleyes:
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  9. Zypher New Player

    If that's what did it that is sad. Sounds like its an R&D opportunity on how fix things we find useful.

    Feels like all the players are on the same page and the official side could care less. The latter of which I'm starting to feel about the entire game.
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  10. Antala New Player

    I'm calling you out on this hülyeség. Theres a saying: "Nem hülyeség a nagyzoló." :rolleyes:
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  11. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Regardless of intentions, it is a well loved, long standing mechanic in the game that benefits everyone and disadvanatages precisely no one.

    Removing it serves no purpose except to annoy basically the entire player base.

    Why should anyone care if I got my supercharge from smashing crystals in Robinson park, or smashing low level mobs anywhere else?
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  12. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    Ok, then what are they for then? The yellow crystals match the yellow barrels in the watchtower alert. The red crystals act like red barrels. The orange crystals act like orange barrels. The blue crystals act like blue barrels. Each barrel has a intended effect. What on earth are the yellow barrels for if not filling supercharge?
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  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    Exactly. You can't tell me they accidentally made the yellow crystals fill SC. Saying it was never intended is malarkey.
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  14. renzhe New Player

    I remember watching that vid and going :eek:.

    Ok, not really liking this, same as most people.

    Perhaps, hopefully, there will possibly be another quick way to increase SC in the future? Or are we really going to be forced to tap tap tap each time we log in?

    For 1 person, its not a lot of taps. Multipled by all the people on PS3 and PC servers who use this wkaround, thats a lot of taps, a lot of hours of taps.
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  15. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    im sure the crystals were intended to fill super charge, but i would bet that they served a purpose for something that isn't in the game. kinda like the giant rock that can make you become pvp flagged.
  16. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Two points:

    1. What's the difference between using the crystals and using test dummies in WT/HoD? Aside from time (takes 2x-3x as long using dummies) there is no difference. Does this mean hitting test dummies will also stop recharging SC?

    2. As Carthage mentioned, many groups won't even queue up until/unless everyone has their SC charged up. Removing the crystals' unintended function means everyone goes to WT/HoD to re-charge, thus slowing the re-queueing for PVP. Is your intent to increase the frustration level of getting into a match, because that's what you will be accomplishing as removing the crystals does nothing but create a time-sink for PVP queueing.

    This isn't game-breaking, it's game-HELPING. This is an unintended feature that people like and greatly appreciate. Like using the /bow emote to signal an opponent in a duel or 1v1 that you concede the fight to them, the crystals aren't just part of what gives the game character, but it is also a type of mark of someone's knowledge of the game.
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  17. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I think the rock was intended for some other design that was moved away from as the game has evolved. Still, like the crystals it's a neat little something that gives the game character.
  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Having the crystals work this way in Robinson Park:
    • Concentrates players in one area of the game in an unintended way, resulting in performance/crash problems
    • Makes leveling in that content difficult since everyone is smashing/killing everything
    • Allows SC to be recharged near instantly in a way never intended (which leads to increased alpha strike capability everywhere)
    While the crystals are cool for those in the know, having them in the game creates an imbalance, in PvE and in PvP. This is not a single player game, and having "cheats" present in the game is not harmless. We are sorry we left them in so long.
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  19. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    So then are you removing all the yellow barrels that have the same effect in-game too? If not I and many others will just use those. :rolleyes:
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  20. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I would suggest that any alternate means of recharge should be kept private. If the devs find out, they will take it away too.

    These guys are not our friends; I think some have forgotten that.
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