XP scandal and the Price to be paid...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ghost27Xog, Dec 29, 2021.

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  1. Ghost27Xog Well-Known Player

    As the investigations by the Dev's continue...

    Judgements are around the corner.

    I'm wondering if there will be a big loss in returning players?

    Will there be a tier penalties depending on how much was exploited?

    Will there be "Bans" on wrongfully accused?

    Can they tell the difference?

    Seems a lot of things are being thrown at our community to derail this game, and its steering us towards just giving up and starting "New" with the Marvel MMO and leave this game as is... not sure.

    The broker has less valuable items noticeably also since the bans...
    Either that or people just wanna trade peer to peer for the "No Tax" fees...lol

    This seems like this is the worst its gotten in awhile as far as community numbers...

    Moving forward is this for the better or worse?

    Feels like "We" lost a lot of players.

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  2. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I'm sorry....


    The Marvel mmo is literal years away. This will have no ramifications for the current situation. People cheated. They got punished. Mepps already stated the amount of people that were impacted were a fraction of the total player count active.

    I don't always defend this game. But this post is a little over the top.
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  3. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Its always a plus when exploiters get caught
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  4. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    I’ve heard so many crazy theories about how the exploiters absence has a negative effect on the game.

    It’s funny because the reasons are always wildly different and always worth a good laugh.
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  5. Elijah Seed Well-Known Player

    What would be ideal since the bans are permanent with no chance of appeal is if the Devs were to loot those accounts of all "valuable items" and return them to the community so those of us that didn't partake in the exploit can benefit from them.
  6. Tolly Well-Known Player

    Losing so many players on it is a plus for you?
    the activity of some servers are already fragile, but with this won't help anything x). For now, the activity is pretty much normal, but wait until people get tired of DLC and it could be even more complicated if most of these players doomed to disappear were long time players on DCUO.

    the saddest thing is to ban people for using something that they are not even guaranteed to win 100% with, lul.

    There is nothing in single player content on this game, or very little, for them to get a clear advantage.

    Some time ago I used to see the chat unleashed at restart time on the UE server, but now it's almost empty and you can really feel that there are not as many people as before, you end up recognizing the channel users.
  7. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    I’ve been trying to win this game for 10+ years…but alas, victory seems to keep falling through my grasp. I’ll try again tomorrow, I’m sure winning is right around the corner ;)
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  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Big loss? No. Bans on wrongfully accused? No because there were no accusations. Everyone that is currently suspended had 'their hands caught in the cookie jar' so to speak. Yes they can tell the difference between who exploited a lot and who exploited by accident. The Marvel game hasn't been announced yet. We did not lose a lot of players, we lost a few cheaters.
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  9. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Yadda yadda yadda crybaby.

    Exploiers deserved the ban. What you want is a populated game with loads of hackers, which would be worse (see: Combat Arms Brazil).

    Just stop trying to justify cheating, it's pathetic.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    But it's not really a scandal... This was a bunch of people who chose to exploit something and if nothing was done, would result in a scandal.
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  11. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    We will be fine. I lost a few friends in 2012 with the original money hack but it didnt effect my play at all (just less people texting me to log on and make them mods at insane prices. Game will survive. For the record, when I profitted I had zero idea until they disappeared).
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  12. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    “The broker has less valuable stuff on it since people got banned.”

    So….most likely the people who got banned for using cheats recently probably had a monopoly on some of the more valuable items in the game which they likely acquired by using a previous cheat to duplicate money so we should want the recent cheaters back simply because “they had valuable stuff”?

    Pass. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the majority of those who exploited recently had probably exploited other bugs in the past. However since the devs let so many previous exploiters slide time and time again they probably figured the devs wouldn’t do anything and were down for whatever exploits since the game has been kinda a cheaters playground.

    The devs said before when they pardoned cheaters in the past that they were going to forgive everyone at that time but gave a firm warning that from then on out future cheating would be met with bans. The devs showed mercy and people mistook it for weakness and that they could keep cheating since the devs likely wouldn’t do anything. Funny how they then got suddenly surprised when the devs banned them like they said they would. Cheaters should honestly stay banned, or everyone will think the devs are weak.
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  13. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

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  14. Ultimus Primus Active Player

    Well it HAS been a week since the last "the game sucks without the cheaters playing" post, so ok, still NO LOSS from my perspective... CHEATERS still bad DCUO still good...
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  15. Tolly Well-Known Player

    If there is any scandal to be found in this, in my opinion, it is the banned players who have spent a fortune on the game and that their use of this bug is not even equal to what they have spent in real money on the game.

    That's where DCUO will lose. You'd keep the players, at least the ones who are loyal subscribers to the games, I think they'd have paid back that theft with their loyalty anyway, except for the ones who may have overexploited the glitch, and again, could any player really exploit that to any great extent?
  16. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You keep saying that but it's not true. If those people spent a fortune on the game as you say then why did they get busted for exploiting artifacts/allies? What were they spending this alleged fortune on? Sure as **** wasn't their artifacts. Making dummy accounts and using the exploit to build up characters to sell on the internet which is breaking a whole other rule.
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  17. C3alix Committed Player


    You're all over the place with questions already been answered. I remember when Marvel Heroes Omega was released and half of the community said it was gonna kill DCUO.
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Translation of what you just posted


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  19. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Did you seriously write that terrible joke??? "Oh hey, i've been loyal to this game..so it's ok if I exploit/cheat in this game right?"!!??!! People are seriously trying to defend cheaters with a straight face. Sad and pathetic.
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  20. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    Players that cheated? YES! 120%

    This is such a stretch.. elongated man would be proud.. at the end of the day if you cheated you cheated.. end of story.
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