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    The XIII Legion, a larger small sized league based on the USPS/PC servers is now recruiting. We currently have too many members looking to run our main raid nights for just one raid group but are far short of ever running two. Ideally, we’d get enough new recruits to fill out a second group. Once an ability to fill out a second group is achieved, I’ll likely pause recruitment while everyone settles in.

    What We’re Looking For

    We’re very interested in any endgame capable healer that can main heal for our Thursday (6pm pacific) raid nights. A willingness to heal for other raid nights (currently Monday and Tuesday) focused on older content is also preferred.

    For controllers, we’re largely set. With most groups having more than one playing out of position at DPS. However, if you feel like you’d be a good fit for us, we’ll never turn away good people.

    And while technically not a need, I’m personally looking for a tank that can also DPS at a high level. That’s not much to ask is it? Basically, I want someone that can rotate in and out with me at either position with minimal impact on group strength. I tend to get stuck at tank in most content and would enjoy the odd run as a DPS.

    For DPS, we’re in need of several solid endgame type players. The key here is actual performance. Throughout our history, fielding a raid group with every DPS spot filled by true DPS players has proved difficult. Many times we have support roles filling DPS spots even though that’s not their strength. That’s something I’m looking to change.

    Regardless of what you see your main role as, an ability to at least play your second role is preferred. But most importantly, be a good person that can take pride in effort and the journey, not just accomplishment.

    If you’re currently not at endgame but have a desire to get there and join us, that works too. While we will make an effort to help you progress, many of us are limited in playtime and have our own list of things to do each day, so you may have to take initiative and form your own groups.

    We are seeking members that intend to be active in our community, not just people looking for league buffs. Doing your own thing from time to time is perfectly fine, I do that myself every now and then. What we don’t want is someone that never joins for anything, never talks, never participates and then complains about being left out.

    About Us

    We’re a casual but focused group that puts life and the player behind the character first. Nobody deserves to be belittled for any perceived shortcomings. What comes naturally to some may require ten times the effort from others for a fractional result. Build up, don’t tear down. In XIII Legion, all members are equal.

    Discord is our primary communications hub. All content is set up through it, so a willingness to use Discord is an absolute must. Trial status will not be removed until a willingness to participate in the community is shown. With that said, you don’t have to live and breathe Discord either. If you'd rather not be in voice while you do your own thing or whatever, no worries. The main things is an ability to at least listen during raid nights. Talking is optional.

    We don’t care if you are PC or PS. But do require members to be over the age of 18. Many of us are now in our very late thirties, though it does seem like not so long ago we were in our late twenties. You play a game for ten years and all of the sudden you’re old(er) and stuff, who’d have thought?

    Full rules are posted on our Discord, but it comes down to one basic thing. Just be good to each other and treat others fairly and with respect.

    We’re not the type of people to spend hours upon hours trying to clear a specific piece of content. Many of us have very limited playtime. We tend to take what guaranteed progress we can in the time we have together. Sometimes that means not doing elite. So if elite is your absolute focus, we may not be the best fit for each other. We don’t replay content much either, but do have a decent amount of alts. So if grinding out the newest content in a matter of days is your preferred style, we may not be the best fit for each other. But if you like the long haul route and play a DLC from start to finish, we may be a very good fit.

    Our main raid nights for new content are Thursday and Friday. With Monday and Tuesday acting as older content focused nights (with an emphasis on feat chasing). All nights start at 6pm Pacific time. Any night other than those, we play it by ear. Though lately we’ve been very active most nights.

    Our prime activity hours during the week are from 4pm to 8pm (Pacific). Weekend activity varies heavily depending on what direction life takes. Some weekends are very active, others.... not so much. Anything outside the 4-8 window during the week, online members will be limited to just a few here and there. And many times it’s just someone sneaking something in while they have a small amount of free time. If you define "active" as droves of players at all hours, and that's what you're looking for, you won't find it with us. But if you have a busy life and can make it on during our prime activity hours, I think you'll be happy with what we can get done in limited time.


    If you have any questions, you can ask them here or send a private message to Canadian Justice, BumblingB, EconoKnight or Kewleo. Forum names are the same as in game names if you’d rather contact us there. We're open to discussions and look forward to (hopefully) meeting new people.
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    Feel free to message me here. I also can be reached at discord BumblingB#7905.
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    Bumping as we are still recruiting.