Xbox Server Hotfix - February 11, 2021

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    Xbox Thank You Gift

    In our last update, the "blank screen" issue made playing on several Xbox consoles impossible for two days. This impacted those players and also their friends and league mates who could not play with them. We would like to apologize for the problem and thank you with this gift.

    Xbox players, log in between February 11 and February 25, 2021, to claim this appreciation gift which includes:
    • 1 Resurgence Mega Capsule - Unlocked
    • 100 Replay Badges
    • 50 Source Marks
    • 50 Hearts (Valentine's Event Currency)
    • 20 Solar Credits (Long Live The Legion Currency)
    • 150 Time Beacons (Long Live The Legion Currency)
    Xbox players missed about two days of play, so this gift is intended to compensate with missed currency, invite you to play what you missed with Replay Badges, and enjoy an unlocked Resurgence Mega Capsule as further thanks.
    Players must claim on a level 10+ character. Once per account.
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