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  1. Nebula07 New Player

    I just seen a particular league hall item called orrery of the multiverse from 2015. I though that was a particular nice item. Will xbox ever see these types of items on the marketplace?
  2. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Not any more likely than PC or PS seeing the exclusive vapor aura that was introduced to XB1
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  3. Backseid Devoted Player

    They seem to be pretty strict on exclusive/one time only items. Thankfully.

    So not likely.
  4. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Imo once the game went from disc to a download and you can't physically buy the bonus addition to get the bat drone or joker one wutever it's called and the 1 st legends batman they should be on the market place. All the other ones I understand but there's still bonus additions out the for ps to get the codes and they won't work. The fact they won't work is a reason I believe they should be on the market place and if you have a bonus addition code that don't work anymore should now and you get to redeem it for free.

    Also just because xbox started later that's not their fault on certain items.

    Sum things should stay promotional and some things shouldn't for those reasons.

    I bought a bonus addition yrs later and it wouldn't work and I called and they said srry you can't get them anymore.

    All those bonus additions should be recalled and no one should be selling them on Amazon or Ebay if all you're doing is buying a little batman figure for 79.99 and that isn't right.

    I think the drones and legends characters should be put on the market place for those reasons. If it stayed on disc and we could still redeem them and they ran out then ok but it's not.

    Booster auras that we had if xbox doesn't they should get their own bundles. Drones and legends should be put on all platforms for wut I said above.

    Hack feat should only be for the ones here for that unless they wnna give me my 300 that was hacked out of my account. Also if you were here and you have the hack you should be able to purchase the feat on an alt that wasn't made yet. You were hacked not your character. Tsavor doesn't have a bank account I do and that pays for all my characters and any made in the future for that reason.This is the reason I don't play my alts.

    More or less even if its money not breaking certain promotions integrity then they should do it.
  5. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    They can not do that, those items were contracted deals with the retailers that sold them. As such they are not allowed to reissue the exact items in any way again, to do so would be a breach of contract and could result in lawsuits.

    Now one could say that after all this time none of those retailers would know or care about any infringement on the old contracts, which is possibly true but whether DGC did or did not get sued isn't really the issue. The true issue is corporate image, a company that does not hold true to their contracts looks poorly on them and would result in other companies not wanting to do or continue business with them.
  6. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    That specific item was an anniversary gift and those have always been a one time thing. They are also only for existing characters at the time the gifts were given, so new characters can't get them.

    So to answer your question, it is highly doubtful and most likely a flat out no.
  7. Gimpy Loyal Player

    If you can prove it is an original "UNOPENED" disc and not a bootleg or used disc that has been cleaned up and rewrapped you might have an argument, otherwise that code could very well have been used or it's totally a BS code added to the bootleg.

    Counterfeit goods make it into all areas of retail sales, including WalMart and other large companies like Amazon or E-Bay ( which offer stuff from other people).
  8. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    @ Tsavorentless

    If you mean the Joker/Batman drones, the items are still redeemable, but they can not be redeemed on PS4.

    I started at launch on PS3, but purchased a special edition copy of the game after I went to PS4. I couldn't redeem on my PS4 and made a ticket.

    CSR advised it could only be redeemed on PS3. I figured it was a BS line but gave it a shot anyway.

    I dusted off my PS3, updated the game for HOURS and entered the code. Item became available immediately in the redeem section of the Marketplace.

    No, these items should not be made available to the community at large.
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The codes could also have just expired. I know any time I've gotten a code for bonus DLC with game I've bought in the past they've always had an expiration date printed on them. Granted, the expiration dates are usually like two years away but they're still expiration dates.