[US PC] WTT/WTS rare collections

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  1. Yvtq8K3n Well-Known Player

    If u want /need any or a combination of the following collection listed below let me know.
    • per degaton's memoirs (Devices of Perdegaton)
    • nabu's essence (Time Stealer's Stash)
    • duplicated time sphere (Time Stealer's Stash)
    • biografy of napoleon bonaparte (Signs of a Savage Mind)
    • futuristic laptop (Signs of a Savage Mind)
    • marked amusement mile map (2x) (Jokes vs Riddles)
    • emblem of the drift (War of the Ocean)
    • pamphlet: threat of the Dry-Landers (Undersea uprising)
    • Seal of the House of Rath (Undersea uprising)
    My in-game acc is: Imtheverybest
    Im looking for:
    • Enhanced/Hero of Kandor gear
    • Ultimate Aura
    • Time Torn Aura
    • Enhanced Man-Made style
    • Scar's Corrupted Power Ring
    • Robotic Arm Style

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