[US PC] WTT gift of light collection (full)

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Jade Rebel, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Jade Rebel Committed Player

    Full collection includes: (thx Torikumu for list :))
    1. Light of Volthoom (grants a 25 point feat)
    2. Black Light of Nekron
    3. Red Light of The Butcher
    4. Orange Light of Ophidian
    5. Yellow Light of Parallax ( Grants a 50 point feat)
    6. Green Light of Ion
    7. Blue Light of Adara
    8. Indigo Light of Proselyte
    9. Violet Light of the Predator (Grants a 25 point feat)
    10. White Light of the Entity
    11. Light of the Phantom Lantern
    12. Light of Starheart
    Lastly 1 full sp granted when collection gets completed, (collection gives full 2 sp total)

    Willing to trade full gift of light collection for either below:
    * 1 Arctic aura
    * 1 Furious aura
    * 1 Mechanized aura

    Only have 3 sets, pm if interested, thanks!
  2. xxOLTRONxx Level 30

    I'll give you 6 billion dollars for it
  3. Jade Rebel Committed Player

    What lol, you dug up a old trade post :p

    As for Gift of Light collection, I still have 3 sets, still down to trade the full collection or even sell it, pm if interested/offer

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