[US PS] WTB Base Items For LH

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by SorrowReborn, May 14, 2018 at 10:50 AM.

  1. SorrowReborn New Player

    As of rn, I need the following base items and I'm offering the following prices for them (I can go higher for a select few of them):

    5 small rain's (Riddled With Crime): 500k each
    10 large rain's (^): 750k each
    1 stone wall gate (Age of Justice): 750k
    1 art deco column (Doomsday/Lex Luthor in KCT): 1.5mil
    11 romantic canopy: 1mil each
    4 art deco doorframe (Darkseid in Factory, Doomsday in KCT, Penguin in Lounge): 500k each
    5 isis: 6mil each
    5 teekl: 6mil each
    8 long arkham asylum fence: 2mil each

    I have 2 Superwoman Statue Large's that I bought from the broker. Torikumu nor the dcuo wiki say where this comes from, only the regular size. Where this drops and or if large version of Owlman/Ultraman also drop would be appreciated information.

    Amount of rain base items etc. will increase as I move into decorating more parts of the league hall.
    This list will update every few days as some of these I will find occassionally in the broker around the price I'm offering. Leave a message below or inbox me if you're selling or know someone who is.

  2. SorrowReborn New Player

    10+ small rains - 600k each
    10+ large rains - 850k each
    1 art deco column - 2mil
    6 teekl* (apparently isis can't be donated -_-) - 7mil each
  3. Jade Rebel Well-Known Player

    Do you still need the art deco column? I have one
  4. SorrowReborn New Player

    in game name?
  5. Jade Rebel Well-Known Player

    Jade rebel, what's yours? We can meet up somewhere
  6. SorrowReborn New Player

    Update 2:
    4 teekl totem - 7mil each
    1 long arkham gate - 3.5mil
    15 large rain's - 1mil
    13 small rain's - 750k each

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