Wow, People are greedy.

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  1. XODUIS Committed Player

    Seeing all these threads bout people talking about DLC9 already has me and probably the devs pulling their hair out. I mean Sons of Trigon isnt even a month old, even less for people who bought it 6 days ago. These people are sounding super selfish and greedy beyond the point of comprehension. Look ok we get it, you replayed Raven and the territories and got full Exalted and Corrupted gear. But seriously can we at lest have our Halloween prediction threads before DLC 9?
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  2. petvpets New Player

    Yes, this is how it works around here, even worse with Free to play.

    No one appreciates anything anymore. And most of those people that want more content spend replay badges till there is nothing left to do. Then we have to hear about it.

    Mind you, those people complaining about lack of content still haven't even finished Nexus and Wave - they are in the TOO HARD basket. And since DLC8 is short and very very easy, they are done and want more.

    that's the people you put on ignore.
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  3. Mr.Me New Player

    They make Micro content packs and call them DLC's and you guys are shocked that people burn threw the content in no time and get bored? LOL

    The fact that it keeps happening over and over and over again should tell you people aren't that happy about the way DLC's are done. Personally I have $500-750 in this game and I'm still waiting for a single DLC I actually like. The last 2 DLC's didn't do much for me enjoyment wise cause it was just more of the same old stuff with a higher CR and little bit better gear. IMO they need to hire someone to develop some content that breaks this model they seem to love on here cause I can't stand how casual this game is becoming. Putting out a $20 pack with random chance, then with in a couple weeks a DLC, and then 2 weeks later a "temporal weapons pack." Nah your not milking your customer base at all... How many weapon styles have been added to the market and how many have been added to the game that you can get just by playing? Sorry but those packs should be part of the DLC not extra, if they weren't breaking down the DLC's into micro parts to nickle and dime people then people might have more to do and wouldn't get bored of content so fast. Look I understand needing to make money, most of us work, but I can't milk it on the job or people will be pissed. As a patron of this game I don't appreciate the mentality that I should be OK with the Dev team milking it on my dime. I've already paid, they already collected my money, now I'm waiting for services to be rendered and they basically just keep recycling the same crap while juggling the rest around consistently and holding their hand out asking for more... :(

    Its like dating a girl you want to get serious with but she keeps telling you she just wants to be friends and fool around. Its all fine & fun at first but lets face it there's no real feature there if she isn't going to commit to the relationship. Cause eventually after she got everything she wanted out of you shes going to move on to the next guy and get him too.

    A lot of people like me have a good amount of money in the game already and lets be honest virtually everything that gets added comes with a price tag on it, while virtually nothing gets added to the game to expand the stuff already in the game. And don't tell me to just go play something else that's not a solution that's a Cop-out. Its completely healthy to wish for improvements in things especially when you pay for them, and its unhealthy to deny your feelings or to run from issues.

    This game just lacks a ton of ambiance and IMO doesn't take it self very serious. Also I hate all you people that played WOW and seem to love the way they try to make this game more like WOW, and less, and less original. WoW sucked, and everyone seems to forget they only had about a mil and a half subs and where losing players by the thousands then almost went out of business. Until WOW was in an episode of south park and then picked up 4.7 million subs over night. Please stop acting like the game did it all on its own merits, cleaver advertising had more to do with it than anything and the game was lame. Stop making this game worse trying to follow in its foot steps. Even the creators of WoW admit that they have had a vastly negative impact on the MMO market with the way they developed the game.

    Sigh... don't know why I even bother, no one cares. XD
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  4. StillCheckmate Committed Player

    So why do you play?
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  5. Buckley Loyal Player

    I care ..... not that it maters to the devs
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  6. ZeroAccess New Player

    The extra's they offer are just for style and I don't care if they charge additional funds for those as they don't alter the game content in any way. If you want to spend 5 dollars for a weapons pack then go ahead, no one is forcing you too. As for the last DLC it does appear to be a pretty small DLC but I'm fine with that. Hell SOE is pumping out new content pretty quickly I think and as long as new content continues to be released then I'll continue to play.

    Wow was a great game, they had some great successes and failures but overall they helped the MMORPG genre move forward. There wouldn't be half of the MMO games out there if it weren't for Wow. I was a huge Wow player and enjoyed it but had to stop playing due to the "hardcore" aspect of the game. For some reason I can login to DCUO play a bit and logoff without feeling like I have to be max in dps or the best player of the group. May just be that I'm older now and games don't affect me like they used to.
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  7. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    To Paraphrase P.T. Barnum.. You can please Some of the people all of the time, All of the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people All of the time. In the past few weeks since it became available I have seen threads on all sorts of complaints.

    1. It doesn't have a single Raid and only one dinky alert along with three duos. (Your absolutely right but then again not everyone playing this game belong to some HUGE league and its much easier and faster to fill a two or four man team than it is to fill an eight man)
    1a. The duos take too long, someone mentioned spending over 45 minutes completing one, and there are alerts that take less time. (And yet there are other players on these same forums that claim everything is too easy these days and new players should have to struggle like they did back when the game was in BETA. Yea the first time my partner and I did the duos it took a good deal of time ... last night we did Cathedral again for the second time and completed it in 22 minutes with only 1 knockout). Everything gets easier as you increase your CR and learn what to do and what NOT to do.

    2. The cost to replay the Raven bounty is too high (at 24 per replay on a mission that resets weekly (Okay and how many replays does it take to reset a raid which is the only other ting in game that resets once a week?)
    2a. The Raven bounty has allowed too many players to improve their gear way to fast by using REPLAYS . Some have gone from 85 to 95 in a single day! (Yeah I have heard that as well. I Also talked with some folks I was on a Raven farm with that had managed 1 piece of armor in 15 attempts. And for Part two of this reply.. and the exact same thing wasn't happening when Home Turf arrived? Not a single player used up tons and tons of replays so they could get through five daily missions and enter Ace or Stryker's and start grabbing better armor as fast as they could?) One player I talked to said he had a Real Life friend that had spent close to 180 dollars at the on line store just to get a plasma aura {which doesn't do a dang thing to make you better or stronger} and it suprises you in some way that players spend a small fortune to get better armor?)

    The list goes on and on and on as I am 100% certain for every player that loves the new DLC there is at least 1 that hates everything about it. Now one comment to what Mr. Me said about small DLCs. I came here from City of Heroes and yeah when they put out a new issue it was HUGE.. new powers, new content at several levels or at all levels, new costumes and just about anything else you could think of. BUT .. in 8 years COH put out a total of 23 issues with a 24th in prep when it shut down. That works out to three updates a year and in between we played what content was available.

    Sure SOE could do the same thing and instead of small updates or DLC we could get a nice BIG issue every 4 months. And you know what? The exact same thing would happen as happens with the small ones we seem to get here almost month. Players would burn through the content as fast as possible and then complain about not having anything new to do. I know because it happened on COH. I had friends that would show back up every time a new issue hit, play like maniacs for a few weeks until they accomplished every single thing possible and then ... they disappeared again playing other MMOs until the next issue hit.

    As long as there are players with Money and Time you are going to see them burn through content on any MMO as fast as possible. The solution is easy but I doubt those types of players would listen .. try PACING yourself and take days or weeks to complete stuff instead of hours or days.
  8. thirty six Loyal Player

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  9. Mr.Me New Player

    Atm the moment I don't because I find my self getting bored of the content to quickly. Like I said I have plenty of money invested in this game and 18 months sub paid for already, I'm still waiting for some content that I can sink my teeth into. All this micro content that I can play threw in 2-3 days then spend 3 months repeating the same stuff while I pay more on top of everything I have already put in, just doesn't give me any enjoyment. For the most part I"m a PvP only player but ever since map rotation + some of the other changes, it leaves me with the same feeling. I'm totally for replay badges, and think they great. What I'm against is developing shallow content full of loot chase scenario specifically to sell replay badges. The reduction in PvP maps was supposed to lead to new maps being added, but they have hardly added anything, and have neglected a lot of peoples legit concerns. Personally I got tired of running 5 maps then having to spend replays to get anything worth while other than, "Barging rights."

    Not to beat a dead horse but think about this, CoH character creator has more depth than anything in this game, possible more than the whole game it self. There just doesn't seem to be any intention of adding anything at all to this game that actually has depth to it. Their just gonna keep up-cyciling things slapping a new tier number on it, T6, T7, T8... The game clearly wants nothing to do with player generated content in any from unless that content is 100% meaningless and only for superficial purposes, I.E. bases, base items, and being able to design your lair. To me the game has steadily trended away from the direction I would like to see it go. Instead of getting deeper everything just more casual, more generalized, and more of the same.

    As far as I'm concerned I have put forth the effort, I've spent the $, kept my chin up, played the content hoping eventually it had to swing around my way, it hasn't. So it falls to the dev team if they want my money for the next 18 months then they have to make stuff I want to play. For me that means long term goals with out a money grab attached to it. If it doesn't happen no problem, I just wont charge any more or perches another 3 year sub when mine runs out.

    Its kind of like the concept of pricing your self out of the market. See they only develop content for P2P people but its a F2P game. Everyone in the game is F2P, a premium player is a F2P +1, and a Pay to play person is a F2P +2. So instead of developing stuff for the game as a whole they develop things for only the small amount of people that pay. Anything given to a F2P person benefits the game as a whole, anything given only to P2P people divides the game into social classes. Combine that with some other things that in effect let them handicap the in game economy and its not wonder people get so upset about things in this game. I mean conditions similar in real life have lead to revolutions and all out wars.

    X-box One recently showed overwhelmingly that above all else video gamers want to not be forced / told how to use the things they pay for. Also that we don't want to be saddled with burdens, and limitations just so companies can squeeze a few extra dollars out of us.

    Here is a fact for you; People donate millions of dollars every day to charities. They don't know where that money is going really, but they dish it out all the same, why? They do it because deep down most of us want to support good things, and the things that do right by us. So the notion that you need to develop content in a way that makes people want to spend more money is insulting, and plane old greedy. People don't have any problems paying for things when they feel their getting a good deal, and try to avoid paying if they feel their getting a bad deal. There's going to be outliers, cheap-o's ect sure but the fact remains if the price is right and the deal is fair most people would just pay and be on their marry way, because that's most convenient and the least trouble.

    In a game that focuses around Super Heroes with the entire genre being about, doing good, serving justice, saving the day, and standing up for the little guy. Sticking it to your player base every time they turn around then trying to convince them they should be happy about it, before handing them a bill. Probably makes a good bit of people see you as a bit tyrannical. And who wants to support tyranny?

    Damn, did it again. XD
  10. MadFacedKid Active Player

    I personally don't think it's greed just about people hoping something is released that they want. Problem is not everyone can get what they want, I'm not even sure if it matters if it's the majority or not.
  11. Mr.Me New Player

    The bottom line is things can't only be one way all the time or your just spinning in circles. If you only take left hand turns your never going to get anywhere but back where you started. To reach a destination you have to go the right direction at the right time. Things can't just be all flash & show all the time, not if you actually want to keep people interested. Once a person figure's out there's nothing more to be had why stick around for a bunch of Show with no substance? If people don't stick around then all the work you did to make the game more Multi player friendly is a waste of time and effort.

    Each person logs in alone on a single PC from their individual ISP connection, can only play / control 1 toon at a time. Not multiple toons simultaneously via their one account, but the fact that we can team up should totally over shadow all those other facts above, and your not just using the, "Its an MMO," excuse to justify the fact that your making the content shallow and stretching the rewards thin to lock people into chasing it, like that's so much fun.

    I've got no problem with working for things but I do have a problem when said work = mindlessly boring repeats of content that lacks depth and doesn't expand upon the mechanics present in the game. What I mean is I'd be ok with it if there was some actually degree of skill to it other than just repeating the same button combos at the right times over and over.

    And seriously forget tutorials how hard is it to add a little text that tells you what your powers are going to do, or what a boss is about to do, or what your objective actually is in a quest. Putting things in the game then expecting people to figure it out for them selves, then getting up set and nerfing it all because people found ways to cheat, while others haven't even found ways to finish, is stupid. I don't report bugs ever, you know why? Because the game doesn't bother to tell me the proper way things are supposed to be, so for all I know when something is glitched its supposed to be that way. If its not then maybe should let people know how its supposed to be, and posting it on the forums then expecting people to stop and what go fact check every time they aren't sure if something working right, or not, or expecting the players to do your job for you and search threw obscurity then inform each other constantly. Yeah that's great development there, not annoying as hell or anything...

    Crap twice in one night... XD
  12. Mr.Me New Player

    I've been at this a long time, have Alpha and beta tested a lot of games and am familiar with many tactics that are embraced.

    I beta tested: Nintindo 64, Play station, CoH, Champions online, DCUO, Tabula Rasa, Exteel, Guild Wars, LOTRO, Age of Conan, Age of Wushu, Rusty hearts, Jade dyansty, Blacklight: Retribution, and others I'm forgetting.

    The world we live in today = porfit is king, but profit just = resources being removed from the system as a whole and horded by an individual, you understand. The more profit generated the less pie there is to go around and the need for a new pie to be baked arises, or else there will be no pie for anyone. This has lead to "creative" ways to keep profit up, which leads us right back to, "What is profit," and the fact that if you generate more profit your also generating more need for profit and digging a deeper hole. The simple solution to the problem is to regulate the amount of profit that can be generated so that things don't get out of control, and the argument become how much regulation is to much or to little. I'm sorry but no one has the right to contort things to their favor so that they can in effect drain the system of resources. If you have to manipulate the situation to increase gains then its all artificial, your profit is bloated, and bloat kills.

    On a side note:

    We had a recession right, why? Because of deregulation that allowed banks to go nuts loaning out money they didn't have, to people who couldn't pay it back, and shouldn't have been able to get it. See for a bank to loan money they only had to keep a very small amount of money in reserve on hand to cover what they loaned, so it was easy from them to have $1 billion in reserve and write $10 billion in loans they couldn't cover. (dont get me started with how credit gets created or credit default swaps...) Then they rolled all those debts the couldn't cover into bloated securities and started swapping them allover town, hedging there bets with credit default swaps, and sticking people with the interest every chance they could. Until it all reached critical mass and couldn't sustain it self anymore, at that point the Gov. / fed had to step in and infuse some fresh new Pie into the system cause or it would collapse.

    How did the market come to be deregulated? It was regulated in the 80's and the 90's so what happened?

    What happened was Bill Clinton passed The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 which basically screwed the pooch, and people still act like the guy is the hottest **** to ever hit a plate. The guy sold our future and prosperity out from under us for 2 terms in the big seat and who knows what else.–Leach–Bliley_Act

    Most people don't either bother asking or thinking about who they should actually be upset with, its sad.

    Three times, one more and I might get stuck in an infinite rant loop... XD

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